The Australian Sharpie is a highly competitive yet social class with a long history of attracting and developing champion sailors

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Mounts Bay Sailing Club Opening 2016

With storm clouds on the horizon, the lawn at Mounts Bay slowly began to fill. A few brave Bics were out early and coping with the squalls that were beginning to become more frequent.

Nine Sharpies hit the water in anticipation of a 1430 start, however the formalities took a bit longer than expected and racing did not commence until 1500. Not a big deal except between 1430 and 1500 there was a series of squalls around 25 to 30 knots and plenty of rain.

The start was hotly contested, Dave Lightfoot and his Blacksun crew took the pin, with Wise Magic and Impact in the mix. With the wind a manageable 15 to 20 knots the fleet headed off from Addison in search of Matilda.  Guest skipper and recent competitor at the Rio Olympics Griselda Khng, was showing great skill to push Wisemagic into the lead by the top mark. With Craig (the human cleat) Mann in the middle and Peter (Shit this is Hard work) Ivanac in the bow the poor girl had been dealt a shocking hand. Impact, Blacksun and Keysie were in the mix with All scoobed out, The Black Boat keeping them all honest.

Placings moved around a little with the switchy Nor Wester, with Keysie getting SBD flying and into contention. Griselda managed to keep Wisemagic in the lead for 2.5 laps before it all fell apart on the final kite drop at Addison. Several swims later the exhausted team finally limped home.

As it turned out half of the fleet swam in this gust or the next one that came through so the lead changed several times. In the end Impact took fastest from Keysie, Blacksun third and a very wet Wisemagic fourth. Some great sailing by all in tough conditions.

What a challenging start to our season! I hope it gets easier!!!! See you next week!


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