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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

tequila sunrise finds a new home

'It's another tequila sunrise
Starin' slowly 'cross the sky.....'

After hanging around up in the sky (shed roof), WA680 Tequila Sunrise is going to wet her keel again at last!

Scott Glaskin bought the classy old stager from Brad Sheridan.

Apparently Scott is putting it back together for the States. It just goes to show that, deep down, skiff guys recognise a great hull when they see it!

Apparently it's going to be a family boat too. Good luck to Scott with fishing fittings out of crates and getting it into shape - maybe we will need a busy bee to get them on the water for the states!

If you've ever sailed on Tequila (not drunk tequila) you can confess here! Photos welcome too.

And lastly.....that's a sensational paint scheme!!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

GBYC Last sail of 2015

Saturday saw the fleet line up for the final sail for the year and what a day it looked like being, the forecast 20k SW was in at 12 o'clock and didn't look like dying any time soon!!

Four sharpies hit the water ready for action whilst the other fleets scuttled around looking not to go. On the way to the start which was 2k offshore the breeze filled in to a recorded 31kn in the gusts. At the gun it was No Regrets first away followed by Amber Dream with The Uninvited and Suicide Blonde a further 20 seconds back, on the second gun NR and AD returned to start properly (both broke) TU,AD and NR went left whilst SB set out to the right in extremely trying
conditions with a steady20kn gusting to 30kn we had to be like a midget at a urinal always on our toes!

SB rounded the top mark first with TU and AD just behind, being windward leeward course SB gybed and went out to the left whilst TU and AD went right. NR was struggling with a raw sheet hand but continued for as long as they could before retiring to the newly installed trailer observation deck annexe at the tree of knowledge for beers and to watch the race. At the bottom mark SB came in on
starboard 50 metres from the mark whilst TU was on port, at this point Brownie who was sheeting for TU after a few weeks in tasars fell back into his old habit and started to think independently, we all know what happens when everyone on board wants to think, disaster!! mozz threw the tiller to gybe whilst brownie decided to go behind SB resulting in a trip to the piss. AD went past encouraging the crew of TU and set of after SB.

At the top mark it was close between AD and SB with both splitting tacks but coming together at the mark with SB just in front up the next work place changed several times with AD rounding just ahead setting off out to sea for the final time, at this point SB had one of those unexplained mysteries of sailing where a kite that is tied on at all corners came down fine but went up tangled and took an eternity to unravel, with the breeze still gusting to 30kn the gap between the boats soon widened to an unassailable lead for AD and TU overtook SB to round out the final placings and the tree of knowledge and the bar were the scene for many tales of great rides and heartbreak all in all a good day to end the year.

Thanks to Greg, Will Snow, Rob, Ian, Mozz, Ed, Brownie, Jeff Mike, and
Dicko for making sharpie sailing the fun that it is at the club.

Good luck to Ash, Grinder and Lewie at the nationals

Hope everyone has a good xmas and sailing at GBYC resumes on the 9th Jan
Pete C
ps photos may not indicate the true conditions on the day

Sunday, December 13, 2015

GBYC Club heat 3

Saturday saw the sharpies hit the bay in the strangest breeze we have sailed in since the freo states two years ago.

At the gun one end was in 15k sw and the other in zero Amber dreams led up the first work with the breeze filling in to the west around the top mark everyone parked up in no wind. Mozz and Jeff headed to shore and looked to be doing better whilst AD and Suicide Blonde headed out to sea and picked up a bit more the fleet converged at the gybe mark and headed out to the bottom mark with some breeze. SB had a 95kg sheet for the day so when it was on there were smiles all round.

Unfortunately there were some very light patches and the extra weight was a burden.After a few position changes AD cleared out with the rest giving chase. At the end it was Amber Dreams from a fast finishing Uninvited, Suicide Blonde and No Regrets putting up a good show in a strong wind to be not far behind. The tree of knowledge was opened and copious quantities of beer consumed and whilst most retired to the bar Mozz could still be seen "tacking" across the lawn in the fading light telling all who would listen how good he was.

This weeks sailing is on Sunday and a short course series with a 13.30 start

Pete C

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Gourmet escape match race 21/11/2015

Jjust a few pics from the gourmet escape match race series. As can be seen from the photos not much to be said. Amber Dreams was the eventual winner from Suicide Blonde. The race was watched from the end of the jetty in a marquee where the patrons were served with sea food by some bloke called Ric Stein in between  watching the sharpies from the Kimberly Quest 11

Pictures courtesy of Jeff

Saturdays report will follow on receiving some more photos

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