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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

GBYC Club heat 2

Saturday saw the running of the club heat 2 in an uninspiring breeze of 10 k downwards, right as the start gun went the breeze clocked around to make the work a one tack procession with a soldiers course to follow. 
Amber Dreams won the start and lead from there on, with the breeze fading throughout the day not much changed with the chocolates going to amber dream from the uninvited and Suicide Blonde.
No Regrets put in a tidy effort with new sheethand ben getting a taste for the long boat, Ben is just out of pelicans and 12 years old looking forward to a bit of breeze. well done Ben!!
Congrats to Laurie and the crew of AD on the win next week sees heat two of the short course series and a bit of breeze is forecast, start time is 13.30 see you there Pete

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