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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Sir Dallas Brookes Trophy


Now, for the history buffs.....the ASSA has officially retired the Sir Dallas Brookes Trophy after consulting all States and reaching a final decision. Is your name on that trophy???  You can read national secretary Chris Ablett's letter to the South Australian Maritime Museum below, then admire the photos of Tintara in the same museum. It looks in great nick and Chris has reported that the museum is delighted to put the two precious items together in their collection.

The decision required a change to the ASSA by-laws via a 51 per cent plus vote. National Title winners will continue to be awarded the Addison Bros Trophy.  Here’s the original letter to the museum below.

Neil Stanbury
Secretary (WA)

To: Lindl Lawton
Senior Curator
South Australian Maritime Museum

Dear Lindl,

Have attached photos of the Sir Dallas Brookes Trophy which was donated by Sir Dallas Brookes, the then Governor of Victoria, in 1951 for National Competition in the 12 Square Metre Sharpie Class.

As you can see Sir James Hardy won the Championship in 1959. The class raced in the 1956 Melbourne Olympics in which Rolly Tasker from Western Australia won the Silver Medal.

As you have Sir James Hardy’s "Tintara" in the Museum's collection I'm wondering whether you would like the Trophy to accompany the Boat.

The Trophy is still presented to the Australian Sharpie Champion alongside another Trophy donated by the Addison Brothers who designed the Lightweight Sharpie a modern version of the 12 Square Metre which we sail today. As we have run out of room on the Sir Dallas Brookes Trophy and it would require modifications to add more names we felt that its integrity would be compromised and that it may be better to preserve it in it's original state. The best place to do this would be in your Museum.

It should also be noted that the first 12 Square Metre Sharpie built in Australia was in Adelaide South Australia in 1934.

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Chris Ablett
National Secretary
Australian Sharpie Sailing Association

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