The Australian Sharpie is a highly competitive yet social class with a long history of attracting and developing champion sailors

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

MBSC Heat One

Club Heat One at MBSC

For October, it was a hottie. The morning kicked off with 25 kids
training as part of Mounts' new junior development program, including
four Flying Ants on the water. Good to see future Sharpie sailors
getting on with the business of learning how to sail!

Boats seemed to come out of the shed slower than usual in the heat and
the rigs went up even slower! Perhaps there might have been thoughts
about retreating to the bar instead, but Sharpie sailors have great
discipline and stuck to the plan (except for Kim and Chris Varti, who
at least had the excuse of not having a sheethand……)

The thermometer gradually bumped up to over 30 degrees, the breeze
came in slightly as the senior fleets hit the water and by the start,
was around five knots from the south-east.

Seven sharpies hit the line and Bullit was straight to front and soon
had a commanding lead at the top mark. The rest of the fleet played
snakes and ladders trying to play the puffs. The breeze had
progressively moved from north of east to the south east and the river
began to glass off. There was a game of chess to the top mark at
Addison, with Craig Mann going out to the left with the fleet going
right. Would it pay off? Not immediately…Keysie looked like he'd
sailed into a big hole, but tacked on to port and steamed to the mark
not far behind the leader, Bullit.

At this point Bullit paid for her success with the fleet closing the
gap by Robins. Origami, the Black Boat, Mainy and Gordo flopped around
in the doldrums between puffs, before Origami and Loaded Dice pulled
away from the tailenders as the wind struggled in from Fremantle. Luck
and the fickle sou-easter decided the race on the run to Bartlett.
Bullit was trapped in between the existing SE breeze and the
developing sea breeze. This allowed Keysie and Wise Magic to slip past
in the SE, link into the westerly and take the lead.

The three battled out the race with Wise Magic taking the win by 20
seconds from Bullit and Keysie a boat length behind.

Thanks to Keysie for providing a box of beer to assist in de-rigging,
thereby paying his debt to Grinder. It was a thankless day, but as one
wise skippers opined in the bar afterwards: 'We need to sail more in
this stuff, because it makes you a better sailor." Yeah, right!!!!
Stonking sea breeze has been ordered for next week.

Happy Sharpie sailing.

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