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Saturday, October 10, 2015

MBSC 2015 season opener

They say old sharpie sailors never die.... 50 seasons down and Paul Main is back for more. That's gotta be some kind of sailing record.

Mainy missed Opening Day at MBSC last weekend but is gunning to go this Sunday. Go mate!

It's the first club championship heat at Mounts starting at 1400. Look for Keysie, Ash Gabrielson now the boat's serviced, Craig Mann back for more after a chequered outing last Sunday. And what about Kiss My Date??? It's been a long lonely winter on the lawn, guys.....

The Busso boys are out tomorrow. Three boats. No Regrets In the lineup on the Bay this season. Watch the grudge match unfold as Snow, Mozz and Cuthbert sledge each other under the Tree of Knowledge. And will Craig Francis get Norma hitched to the towbar tomorrow???

Not sure about East Freo....Swannie???? Matt??? Al?? Butch??!

For those wanting to know how Mounts went last weekend, here goes:

Wind W'ly 13-18knt

There were 7 boats on the start line dusting off sails and looking to leave the spiderwebs behind.

Chappell rolled the Lizard out on the lawn, ending the Blue Reptile's hibernation!

It was a start in front of the club with a short work up to Crawley, with tyro Matt Jahn first around crawley in Origami, with Gordo and Craig Mann hot on his heels. Chappell missed the day buoy and made a late dash back to the day buoy with Kite up.

The came a Long screaming downwind to Addison with Craig "over estimating" his abilities while gybing in his new boat sending the trio for a swim near the bottom mark. Honorable mention to his crew for not incriminating him. That 'new boat' excuse will only last so long, mate.

Snakes and ladders back to crawley with Pete Ivanac getting a nice shift off the club to take the lead. Jammy bugger.

Chappell chipped away at the fleet to recover into 2nd by the end of the race. Dogged and professional determination on show by Pete and crew.

Finish P.Ivanac 1st, Chappel 2nd, Loaded Dice Third.

Everyone enjoyed a beer and a slice or two of pizza after the race. Thanks to Larry for bringing Little Italy to SharpieTown.

Good sailing, all!

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