The Australian Sharpie is a highly competitive yet social class with a long history of attracting and developing champion sailors

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

GBYC Club heat 1

Friday saw a few hick ups as Will phoned in unable to sail a quick post to face book saw a few options put forward.
Brendon suggested Pete Ivanac but a view of his post at Yallingup made him not a starter. someone suggested Brownie so the call was made with him saying after being recruited then dropped in the same day by Snow he would take one in the "back tank" before sailing on a sharpie again and was on the Tasar with Merv. 8.30 Will rang back his problem had been averted and he was good to go whew!!
next day saw four sharpies rigging on the grass along with the regular three Tasars who were joined by four others lead by "the shepherd" who had them lined up in an orderly fashion.
Amber Dreams suffered the first set back when it was found that Lynn had packed the wrong sails!! Stern words on a phone call soon had the correct ones promptly delivered.
What else could go wrong??? NOTHING!!!
just before the start the breeze went from a ghosting 5k to 15+ woohoo!!
At the gun it was AD by two boats from SB and the race was on.
At the first mark it was AD after will fell out of SB in hi enthusiasm to get the lead on a port tack, sheethands.
the first reach was a cracker with perfect angles.
AD rounded first then Decker went for a Tasar set putting the pole on the similar coloured windward jib sheet.
this allowed SB to slip through and head for the mark.A crap drop allowed the ever present AD to regain the lead.
The next two laps saw many lead changes and a few more cracker spinnaker runs. When the boats rounded the last mark SB had gained a slight advantage and crossed 6 lengths ahead.
1ST Suicide blonde
2nd Amber dreams
3rd No regrets.
Everyone then retired to the tree of knowledge for a few beers and tales of greatness and bad luck before hitting the bar.
Brownie walked past holding his pants saying he was right to go on a sharpie if we needed him next week !!
Good day had by all
till next week

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