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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Sir Dallas Brookes Trophy


Now, for the history buffs.....the ASSA has officially retired the Sir Dallas Brookes Trophy after consulting all States and reaching a final decision. Is your name on that trophy???  You can read national secretary Chris Ablett's letter to the South Australian Maritime Museum below, then admire the photos of Tintara in the same museum. It looks in great nick and Chris has reported that the museum is delighted to put the two precious items together in their collection.

The decision required a change to the ASSA by-laws via a 51 per cent plus vote. National Title winners will continue to be awarded the Addison Bros Trophy.  Here’s the original letter to the museum below.

Neil Stanbury
Secretary (WA)

To: Lindl Lawton
Senior Curator
South Australian Maritime Museum

Dear Lindl,

Have attached photos of the Sir Dallas Brookes Trophy which was donated by Sir Dallas Brookes, the then Governor of Victoria, in 1951 for National Competition in the 12 Square Metre Sharpie Class.

As you can see Sir James Hardy won the Championship in 1959. The class raced in the 1956 Melbourne Olympics in which Rolly Tasker from Western Australia won the Silver Medal.

As you have Sir James Hardy’s "Tintara" in the Museum's collection I'm wondering whether you would like the Trophy to accompany the Boat.

The Trophy is still presented to the Australian Sharpie Champion alongside another Trophy donated by the Addison Brothers who designed the Lightweight Sharpie a modern version of the 12 Square Metre which we sail today. As we have run out of room on the Sir Dallas Brookes Trophy and it would require modifications to add more names we felt that its integrity would be compromised and that it may be better to preserve it in it's original state. The best place to do this would be in your Museum.

It should also be noted that the first 12 Square Metre Sharpie built in Australia was in Adelaide South Australia in 1934.

Our website is>

Chris Ablett
National Secretary
Australian Sharpie Sailing Association

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

GBYC Club heat 1

Friday saw a few hick ups as Will phoned in unable to sail a quick post to face book saw a few options put forward.
Brendon suggested Pete Ivanac but a view of his post at Yallingup made him not a starter. someone suggested Brownie so the call was made with him saying after being recruited then dropped in the same day by Snow he would take one in the "back tank" before sailing on a sharpie again and was on the Tasar with Merv. 8.30 Will rang back his problem had been averted and he was good to go whew!!
next day saw four sharpies rigging on the grass along with the regular three Tasars who were joined by four others lead by "the shepherd" who had them lined up in an orderly fashion.
Amber Dreams suffered the first set back when it was found that Lynn had packed the wrong sails!! Stern words on a phone call soon had the correct ones promptly delivered.
What else could go wrong??? NOTHING!!!
just before the start the breeze went from a ghosting 5k to 15+ woohoo!!
At the gun it was AD by two boats from SB and the race was on.
At the first mark it was AD after will fell out of SB in hi enthusiasm to get the lead on a port tack, sheethands.
the first reach was a cracker with perfect angles.
AD rounded first then Decker went for a Tasar set putting the pole on the similar coloured windward jib sheet.
this allowed SB to slip through and head for the mark.A crap drop allowed the ever present AD to regain the lead.
The next two laps saw many lead changes and a few more cracker spinnaker runs. When the boats rounded the last mark SB had gained a slight advantage and crossed 6 lengths ahead.
1ST Suicide blonde
2nd Amber dreams
3rd No regrets.
Everyone then retired to the tree of knowledge for a few beers and tales of greatness and bad luck before hitting the bar.
Brownie walked past holding his pants saying he was right to go on a sharpie if we needed him next week !!
Good day had by all
till next week

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Family get together

Hey Sharpie Sailors!!!!

Remember we were planning a family get-together?

Well, it's on Sunday 22 Nov, the day of the state selection heat at MBSC.

3pm start, bring the kids. BYO bbq or purchase Woodfired pizzas.

Sailors- tell your wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend/partner and book it in the calendar.

A great chance to come down, admire the boats, meet others, and make an afternoon of it.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

GBYC Opening day

A lot can change in a week unfortunately not the breeze. A light NW around 10 k saw the all in start of the patrons cup get under way with a tangle of boats at the gun, the tornado cleared out as did the large keel boats.

Amber dreams lead the sharpies in a fairly relaxed afternoon of sailing with the gaps between the sharpies staying the same for the race. In the end Amber dreams took out 4th overall in a yardstick event.

Next week is club heat one and sees the return of Mozz and maybe Craig dependent on family commitment

All hope for some breeze to stretch out the muscles and skills

See you there

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

GBYC first hit out prior to opening day

Saturday saw a light southerly greet the fleet of three sharpies for the warm up day. Sailing a windward leeward course the boats went up and back a few times before coming to the beach to drink beer.
Ok may be a bit more to it than that but not much, in trying conditions Amber dreams took out the win from Suicide blonde and No Regrets in third.
we welcome Jeff and his crew of Adam and Tim
also new to the fleet this season is Will sailing sheet on Suicide Blonde.
Looking forward to a good season with hopefully a tad more breeze than Saturday,
Opening day this week with formalities starting at 12.00
race kicks off at 2.00
Tree of knowledge open all day for the misguided
see you there


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

MBSC Heat One

Club Heat One at MBSC

For October, it was a hottie. The morning kicked off with 25 kids
training as part of Mounts' new junior development program, including
four Flying Ants on the water. Good to see future Sharpie sailors
getting on with the business of learning how to sail!

Boats seemed to come out of the shed slower than usual in the heat and
the rigs went up even slower! Perhaps there might have been thoughts
about retreating to the bar instead, but Sharpie sailors have great
discipline and stuck to the plan (except for Kim and Chris Varti, who
at least had the excuse of not having a sheethand……)

The thermometer gradually bumped up to over 30 degrees, the breeze
came in slightly as the senior fleets hit the water and by the start,
was around five knots from the south-east.

Seven sharpies hit the line and Bullit was straight to front and soon
had a commanding lead at the top mark. The rest of the fleet played
snakes and ladders trying to play the puffs. The breeze had
progressively moved from north of east to the south east and the river
began to glass off. There was a game of chess to the top mark at
Addison, with Craig Mann going out to the left with the fleet going
right. Would it pay off? Not immediately…Keysie looked like he'd
sailed into a big hole, but tacked on to port and steamed to the mark
not far behind the leader, Bullit.

At this point Bullit paid for her success with the fleet closing the
gap by Robins. Origami, the Black Boat, Mainy and Gordo flopped around
in the doldrums between puffs, before Origami and Loaded Dice pulled
away from the tailenders as the wind struggled in from Fremantle. Luck
and the fickle sou-easter decided the race on the run to Bartlett.
Bullit was trapped in between the existing SE breeze and the
developing sea breeze. This allowed Keysie and Wise Magic to slip past
in the SE, link into the westerly and take the lead.

The three battled out the race with Wise Magic taking the win by 20
seconds from Bullit and Keysie a boat length behind.

Thanks to Keysie for providing a box of beer to assist in de-rigging,
thereby paying his debt to Grinder. It was a thankless day, but as one
wise skippers opined in the bar afterwards: 'We need to sail more in
this stuff, because it makes you a better sailor." Yeah, right!!!!
Stonking sea breeze has been ordered for next week.

Happy Sharpie sailing.

Monday, October 12, 2015

MBSC Heat 1 quick wrap

Well, it was what you'd call a challenging day yesterday at Mounts
Bay. Listless easterly, eventually replaced by an asthmatic sea
breeze. Fleet broke into two, with Wise Magic (Mann) and Bullit
(Gabrielson) tussling it out up front, while the remaining five boats
got caught in the doldrums mid-river.

Beside all this, there were some interesting moments, so I am
expecting to receive an entertaining race report in the next day or
so, so stay posted.

This photo shows Loaded Dice's spinnaker billowing in all its glory,
as Gordo urges his boat towards the mark.

Let's hope the wind kicks in for next weekend......

Saturday, October 10, 2015

MBSC 2015 season opener

They say old sharpie sailors never die.... 50 seasons down and Paul Main is back for more. That's gotta be some kind of sailing record.

Mainy missed Opening Day at MBSC last weekend but is gunning to go this Sunday. Go mate!

It's the first club championship heat at Mounts starting at 1400. Look for Keysie, Ash Gabrielson now the boat's serviced, Craig Mann back for more after a chequered outing last Sunday. And what about Kiss My Date??? It's been a long lonely winter on the lawn, guys.....

The Busso boys are out tomorrow. Three boats. No Regrets In the lineup on the Bay this season. Watch the grudge match unfold as Snow, Mozz and Cuthbert sledge each other under the Tree of Knowledge. And will Craig Francis get Norma hitched to the towbar tomorrow???

Not sure about East Freo....Swannie???? Matt??? Al?? Butch??!

For those wanting to know how Mounts went last weekend, here goes:

Wind W'ly 13-18knt

There were 7 boats on the start line dusting off sails and looking to leave the spiderwebs behind.

Chappell rolled the Lizard out on the lawn, ending the Blue Reptile's hibernation!

It was a start in front of the club with a short work up to Crawley, with tyro Matt Jahn first around crawley in Origami, with Gordo and Craig Mann hot on his heels. Chappell missed the day buoy and made a late dash back to the day buoy with Kite up.

The came a Long screaming downwind to Addison with Craig "over estimating" his abilities while gybing in his new boat sending the trio for a swim near the bottom mark. Honorable mention to his crew for not incriminating him. That 'new boat' excuse will only last so long, mate.

Snakes and ladders back to crawley with Pete Ivanac getting a nice shift off the club to take the lead. Jammy bugger.

Chappell chipped away at the fleet to recover into 2nd by the end of the race. Dogged and professional determination on show by Pete and crew.

Finish P.Ivanac 1st, Chappel 2nd, Loaded Dice Third.

Everyone enjoyed a beer and a slice or two of pizza after the race. Thanks to Larry for bringing Little Italy to SharpieTown.

Good sailing, all!

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