The Australian Sharpie is a highly competitive yet social class with a long history of attracting and developing champion sailors

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

tequila sunrise finds a new home

'It's another tequila sunrise
Starin' slowly 'cross the sky.....'

After hanging around up in the sky (shed roof), WA680 Tequila Sunrise is going to wet her keel again at last!

Scott Glaskin bought the classy old stager from Brad Sheridan.

Apparently Scott is putting it back together for the States. It just goes to show that, deep down, skiff guys recognise a great hull when they see it!

Apparently it's going to be a family boat too. Good luck to Scott with fishing fittings out of crates and getting it into shape - maybe we will need a busy bee to get them on the water for the states!

If you've ever sailed on Tequila (not drunk tequila) you can confess here! Photos welcome too.

And lastly.....that's a sensational paint scheme!!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

GBYC Last sail of 2015

Saturday saw the fleet line up for the final sail for the year and what a day it looked like being, the forecast 20k SW was in at 12 o'clock and didn't look like dying any time soon!!

Four sharpies hit the water ready for action whilst the other fleets scuttled around looking not to go. On the way to the start which was 2k offshore the breeze filled in to a recorded 31kn in the gusts. At the gun it was No Regrets first away followed by Amber Dream with The Uninvited and Suicide Blonde a further 20 seconds back, on the second gun NR and AD returned to start properly (both broke) TU,AD and NR went left whilst SB set out to the right in extremely trying
conditions with a steady20kn gusting to 30kn we had to be like a midget at a urinal always on our toes!

SB rounded the top mark first with TU and AD just behind, being windward leeward course SB gybed and went out to the left whilst TU and AD went right. NR was struggling with a raw sheet hand but continued for as long as they could before retiring to the newly installed trailer observation deck annexe at the tree of knowledge for beers and to watch the race. At the bottom mark SB came in on
starboard 50 metres from the mark whilst TU was on port, at this point Brownie who was sheeting for TU after a few weeks in tasars fell back into his old habit and started to think independently, we all know what happens when everyone on board wants to think, disaster!! mozz threw the tiller to gybe whilst brownie decided to go behind SB resulting in a trip to the piss. AD went past encouraging the crew of TU and set of after SB.

At the top mark it was close between AD and SB with both splitting tacks but coming together at the mark with SB just in front up the next work place changed several times with AD rounding just ahead setting off out to sea for the final time, at this point SB had one of those unexplained mysteries of sailing where a kite that is tied on at all corners came down fine but went up tangled and took an eternity to unravel, with the breeze still gusting to 30kn the gap between the boats soon widened to an unassailable lead for AD and TU overtook SB to round out the final placings and the tree of knowledge and the bar were the scene for many tales of great rides and heartbreak all in all a good day to end the year.

Thanks to Greg, Will Snow, Rob, Ian, Mozz, Ed, Brownie, Jeff Mike, and
Dicko for making sharpie sailing the fun that it is at the club.

Good luck to Ash, Grinder and Lewie at the nationals

Hope everyone has a good xmas and sailing at GBYC resumes on the 9th Jan
Pete C
ps photos may not indicate the true conditions on the day

Sunday, December 13, 2015

GBYC Club heat 3

Saturday saw the sharpies hit the bay in the strangest breeze we have sailed in since the freo states two years ago.

At the gun one end was in 15k sw and the other in zero Amber dreams led up the first work with the breeze filling in to the west around the top mark everyone parked up in no wind. Mozz and Jeff headed to shore and looked to be doing better whilst AD and Suicide Blonde headed out to sea and picked up a bit more the fleet converged at the gybe mark and headed out to the bottom mark with some breeze. SB had a 95kg sheet for the day so when it was on there were smiles all round.

Unfortunately there were some very light patches and the extra weight was a burden.After a few position changes AD cleared out with the rest giving chase. At the end it was Amber Dreams from a fast finishing Uninvited, Suicide Blonde and No Regrets putting up a good show in a strong wind to be not far behind. The tree of knowledge was opened and copious quantities of beer consumed and whilst most retired to the bar Mozz could still be seen "tacking" across the lawn in the fading light telling all who would listen how good he was.

This weeks sailing is on Sunday and a short course series with a 13.30 start

Pete C

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Gourmet escape match race 21/11/2015

Jjust a few pics from the gourmet escape match race series. As can be seen from the photos not much to be said. Amber Dreams was the eventual winner from Suicide Blonde. The race was watched from the end of the jetty in a marquee where the patrons were served with sea food by some bloke called Ric Stein in between  watching the sharpies from the Kimberly Quest 11

Pictures courtesy of Jeff

Saturdays report will follow on receiving some more photos

Monday, November 30, 2015

Fwd: WA Motion to National Sharpie Meeting


Below is the Motion that the WA Division is putting forward to the National meeting of the ASSA in Hobart at Xmas. It's provided for your information. It's been circulated today nationally for States to consider ahead of the Hobart nationals.


Neil Stanbury

WA Division, ASSA.




To benefit all Australian sailors, the Western Australia Division of the ASSA proposes a modification to the operating model for annual national titles, to introduce a 'Central Nationals' every six years, in the geographically central location of South Australia. South Australia would retain its SA Nationals event in the sequence.

While it is acknowledged that the rotating sequence of Nationals in States has served the class well for over 40 years, times have changed. Australia is a very large country geographically and it is possible to make it cheaper and easier for more Sharpie boats to compete at more National titles, more often.

WA considers there are significant benefits to all Sharpie sailors in making this adjustment and relatively few disadvantages to sailors or State associations. Most importantly, this is about making the class itself stronger nationally.

While the proposed arrangement may appear at first glance to favour South Australia, this is neither the intention nor the actual case: WA argues such a change would strengthen Sharpie fleets in all states, by making it more achievable for all to participate in Nationals more often. It would make for larger and more exciting national championship fleets in many cases, and assist in 'future-proofing' the class nationally. Over time (and over the full 7-year cycle of Nationals in particular), it would also deliver significant cost-savings to sailors competing in Nationals, no matter where they are from.

It is believed this model has been adopted successfully by at least one other Australian dinghy class.

As an example, due to sheer distance, just one WA boat is competing in Tasmania this year, out of a State fleet of about 20 regularly-sailed boats. That campaign is costing more than $8000 which is the sole reason for the lack of other competitors. For the Perth Nationals, only one Queensland boat was able to travel to Perth and that is very understandable. Other States regularly have similar stories to tell, when it comes to travelling across a very large country to compete and the creation of a Central Nationals is unlikely to make other States' national events weaker than they are now. One strength of Sharpies right now is a strong national fleet and that feature should be nurtured and built upon.


Under the model proposed by WA, every sixth year would be known as the 'Central Nationals', adding one year to the full rotation cycle around the States.

In effect, the South Australia Division would host a Nationals every three years, with the first of these in the order being called the 'Central Nationals' and the second being the SA Nationals.

It is proposed the change commence after the upcoming Victorian nationals, as planning has already commenced for these titles. Furthermore, to insert the new "Central Nationals' at this point in the sequence would result in the retention of a relatively-good randomised geographic distribution of nationals events going forward.

This is how the sequence would work, going forward from Victoria onwards:

Vic 2016-17, Centrals, Qld, WA, SA, NSW, Tas, Centrals, Victoria, Qld, SA, WA, NSW, Centrals, Tas, Victoria, SA, Qld, WA, Centrals, WA, NSW, SA, Tas, Vic, Centrals and so on...


There are some financial and administrative considerations that would come with a Central Nationals every six years in SA, however SA would effectively double its profit opportunity in return, taking 100% of all profits for both the Central Nationals and its own SA Nationals.

While there is an additional administrative burden to SA in running the Centrals, there are considerable profit opportunities for it, and it is more than likely the SA Division could use some of those funds to hire administrative or other assistance for the Nationals.

Though it is a separate issue not addressed here, the proposed model is well-suited to the ASSA exploring (in the future) synchronising the Central Nationals from time to time with other classes' Nationals (eg: 125s, Flying Ants or other classes). This would give economies of scale (eg: same facility, committee and safety boats, race office, etc) and make for a richer overall Nationals experience for families and, in fact, everyone.


  • South Australia doubles its revenue potential, in return for administering the additional carnival.

  • This will further strengthen the national fleet, by making it cheaper for Sharpie sailors from all states to compete, due to having less distance to travel. SA is one and a half day's travel from Qld, WA and Tas and close for NSW and Vic.

  • By having a Central Nationals every six years, skippers who come into sharpies for a National title in any state are far more likely to keep the boat and stay 'in' the class for another two seasons to compete at the 'Centrals' as well, thereby cementing them into sharpie sailing for longer.

  • Due to reduced cost and convenience, a geographically central location every three years will result in large fleets of perhaps 70 boats or more for those (and possibly other) Nationals instead of 45 boats. It's well known that big, exciting, Nationals fleets are major attractors for sailors.

  • South Australia is already a very strong and resilient sharpie community, so the ASSA would be building upon an existing strength, in terms of nurturing a national fleet. It would be easy to be parochial on this proposal, but the national benefits should be recognised first, rather than just what it might mean for SA.

  • South Australian venues are reliable and exciting sailing locations, guaranteed to deliver strong and consistent breezes, ideally suited to sharpies. While it is the obvious central geographical location, it is also ideal for what is proposed in terms of sailing conditions.

  • Adelaide is the preferred location in SA for Central Nationals due to infrastructure, but titles could also be held in Port Lincoln or even Ceduna, while still delivering the general travel and cost benefits.


  • A longer cycle: National titles State-by-State cycle will go to every 7 years instead of every six years (except in the case of South Australia). This means each State other than SA has to wait an additional year to hold a carnival. This is considered a small concession in return for a far greater opportunity to compete in a national fleet far more regularly.

  • More work for SA: South Australia would host a carnival every three years instead of every six years, which would require more work by SA. This is true, but it represents an opportunity too for SA. Bigger Nationals fleets at Central Nationals means bigger profits, so SA could use these funds to contract out many of the event-planning and management aspects.

  • People might not go to other Nationals: WA doesn't believe this would be the case. There will always be sailors who either want to chase titles every year, or go for the experience of sailing in a particular State.


This proposal will be well-ventilated during December so that there are no surprises and everyone across Australia has had time to think about the pros and cons.

The proposal has also been flagged informally with Yachting Australia which responded by saying it believed the concept had merit, based upon SA's central location and 'putting the class first'.

WA puts this model forward in the best national interests of our great class and asks that the National Meeting vote in favour of the motions below.

Submitted with respect.

WA Division of the ASSA.

December, 2015.

RECOMMENDATION 1: That the ASSA amend the sequence of National Titles to introduce Central Nationals in South Australia every sixth year, hosted and run by the South Australia Division, with all profits returning to the SA Division.

RECOMMENDATION 2: That the new sequence of National titles commence with the first Central Nationals, in the year immediately after the upcoming Victorian nationals in 2016-17.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

GBYC Club heat 2

Saturday saw the running of the club heat 2 in an uninspiring breeze of 10 k downwards, right as the start gun went the breeze clocked around to make the work a one tack procession with a soldiers course to follow. 
Amber Dreams won the start and lead from there on, with the breeze fading throughout the day not much changed with the chocolates going to amber dream from the uninvited and Suicide Blonde.
No Regrets put in a tidy effort with new sheethand ben getting a taste for the long boat, Ben is just out of pelicans and 12 years old looking forward to a bit of breeze. well done Ben!!
Congrats to Laurie and the crew of AD on the win next week sees heat two of the short course series and a bit of breeze is forecast, start time is 13.30 see you there Pete

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Amber Dreams dominates short course series

Thousands gather to see Amber Dreams dominate short course series
With the keel boats doing an off shore race and the tasars down to two boats it was left to the sharpies to entertain the tourists on board the Sea Princess anchored just of the start line.
I believe their program was to watch the sailing before going ashore to see the sights.
With 2500 cameras clicking and a hand picked forward hand for the conditions Amber Dreams was unstoppable
With the breeze sometimes around around 20k from the south close racing seemed the order of the day. Amber dreams was always in your sights to windward but with the lure of the cameras out to sea Snow cleared out off the breeze taking out both races and pin up boy on the Sea Princess. Well done boys
the minor placings were left to Suicide Blonde and no Regrets
beers on the lawn under the tree of knowledge followed and a Halloween party at the club
This week sees the second club heat so should be a good day,
Even Craigo turned up and was making noise about sailing and looking for a crew
till next week

Monday, November 9, 2015

The Yellow Boat returns.....

It's a journey learning to sail a sharpie....and you never stop learning.

Teens Jamie Bell and Loche Hopper both have what it takes to make it in long boats, but they've got a few skills to master yet. They're not the first....

Sunday's healthy sea breeze off Mounts tested them to the max. Doing ok to the top mark, about to burn off Mainiacts and chase down Kim Taylor, but then crashed and burned, damaging main in process.

Strong breezes, it's all about the boat handling guys, but top, top effort. See you out there soon!!
See Cut the Mustard's (AKA the YELLOW BOAT) race here:

The YELLOW BOAT returns for another inspirational "how to sail an Australian Sharpie" video. The following action occurred almost entirely during the first upwind leg. Sheet hand Loche was quite concerned about drowning, whilst Forward hand James felt differently and was concerned about how much flying time he was racking up for a possible career in aviation
Please watch closely, as this video contains many deliberate mistakes (including missing the start by a good 15 seconds...and also how to properly stow your spinnaker pole when not in use.)

Friday, November 6, 2015

GBYC Race report 1/11/15

Due to work load this is a very brief summary of last weeks race
Most of the race was sailed in 10 to 12 k WNW winds which faded in the last lap
Rigging was back to normal with the tasar fleet reduced to the regular
ex sharpie boats
Four sharpies faced the start with close racing throughout until the
breeze died out then Amber dreams crew choice paid off allowing them a
comfortable win from the uninvited , Suicide Blonde and No Regrets.
This weeks race starts at 1.30 and is forecast with 18 to 20 S
This is a short course series so should be a cracker
Tree of knowledge open as usual and the bar as well
See you there

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Migration to Squaddie

The Squadron Opening 15/16
The majestic sharpie fleet made its annual migration to the Perth Flying Yacht Squadron Opening yesterday. The only thing missing was David Attenborough…..
With a light westerly filling in over Melville Water, we began our sail around the corner from Mounts Bay. The Nedlands Yacht Club Hobies cut a great sight with the colourful sails filling out into river. I counted 20 boats so numbers are still strong for the cat racing.
As normal, the Squadron put on all the pomp and ceremony with a spectacular sail past. Notable was the Jane Brook spinnaker belting through the procession of power and sail. Needless to say this was the day's sponsor, so a bit of blatant self-promotion was forgiven.
Mainy was an early casualty of the strong 8 knot westerly and .000000001 meter swell heading home before the start. Apparently, the 20-minute sail around the corner had reduced the beer supplies so it was considered prudent to return home. The truth is he blew a shackle on the port shroud, so limped back to port, but not before turfing young tyro Loche Hopper overboard to join Chris and Suzie aboard Cut the Mustard, making them three-up. All that money getting the sails fixed Mainy……will have to wait til next week to see the benefit!
Young Loche then got a brief taste for the action, as the yellow boat put some more fancied competitors on notice with its speed to the top mark. Not many can claim to sail on two boats in one day!
With the wind clocking further west the SW course would be a precession, so picking the start and boat speed would be the order of the day. Origami Underwear took the start and led to the top with Wise Magic close behind. Keysie in SBD Drilling was close and Ash and the boys in Bullit were a bit off the pace.
Matt Jahn had read the course several times, however it is important to read the Sharpie course not the i14 course as they are quite different. With Matt sailing past Armstrong, Wise Magic took the lead and from that point was never headed.
There was, however, a great race between Keysie and Bullit with little more than a boat length separating them for most of the race. On the last leg Bullit slipped away opening up a 20 second gap. The real flyer was Origami Underwear sailing through the fleet at great speed to almost catch Keysie at the finish. 870, The Yellow Boat and 800 were slugging it out for the minor placings.
Thanks to The Squadron for the invitation and a well-run race. As always a few cold beers washed away the tactical errors of the day.
Craig Mann

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Sir Dallas Brookes Trophy


Now, for the history buffs.....the ASSA has officially retired the Sir Dallas Brookes Trophy after consulting all States and reaching a final decision. Is your name on that trophy???  You can read national secretary Chris Ablett's letter to the South Australian Maritime Museum below, then admire the photos of Tintara in the same museum. It looks in great nick and Chris has reported that the museum is delighted to put the two precious items together in their collection.

The decision required a change to the ASSA by-laws via a 51 per cent plus vote. National Title winners will continue to be awarded the Addison Bros Trophy.  Here’s the original letter to the museum below.

Neil Stanbury
Secretary (WA)

To: Lindl Lawton
Senior Curator
South Australian Maritime Museum

Dear Lindl,

Have attached photos of the Sir Dallas Brookes Trophy which was donated by Sir Dallas Brookes, the then Governor of Victoria, in 1951 for National Competition in the 12 Square Metre Sharpie Class.

As you can see Sir James Hardy won the Championship in 1959. The class raced in the 1956 Melbourne Olympics in which Rolly Tasker from Western Australia won the Silver Medal.

As you have Sir James Hardy’s "Tintara" in the Museum's collection I'm wondering whether you would like the Trophy to accompany the Boat.

The Trophy is still presented to the Australian Sharpie Champion alongside another Trophy donated by the Addison Brothers who designed the Lightweight Sharpie a modern version of the 12 Square Metre which we sail today. As we have run out of room on the Sir Dallas Brookes Trophy and it would require modifications to add more names we felt that its integrity would be compromised and that it may be better to preserve it in it's original state. The best place to do this would be in your Museum.

It should also be noted that the first 12 Square Metre Sharpie built in Australia was in Adelaide South Australia in 1934.

Our website is>

Chris Ablett
National Secretary
Australian Sharpie Sailing Association

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

GBYC Club heat 1

Friday saw a few hick ups as Will phoned in unable to sail a quick post to face book saw a few options put forward.
Brendon suggested Pete Ivanac but a view of his post at Yallingup made him not a starter. someone suggested Brownie so the call was made with him saying after being recruited then dropped in the same day by Snow he would take one in the "back tank" before sailing on a sharpie again and was on the Tasar with Merv. 8.30 Will rang back his problem had been averted and he was good to go whew!!
next day saw four sharpies rigging on the grass along with the regular three Tasars who were joined by four others lead by "the shepherd" who had them lined up in an orderly fashion.
Amber Dreams suffered the first set back when it was found that Lynn had packed the wrong sails!! Stern words on a phone call soon had the correct ones promptly delivered.
What else could go wrong??? NOTHING!!!
just before the start the breeze went from a ghosting 5k to 15+ woohoo!!
At the gun it was AD by two boats from SB and the race was on.
At the first mark it was AD after will fell out of SB in hi enthusiasm to get the lead on a port tack, sheethands.
the first reach was a cracker with perfect angles.
AD rounded first then Decker went for a Tasar set putting the pole on the similar coloured windward jib sheet.
this allowed SB to slip through and head for the mark.A crap drop allowed the ever present AD to regain the lead.
The next two laps saw many lead changes and a few more cracker spinnaker runs. When the boats rounded the last mark SB had gained a slight advantage and crossed 6 lengths ahead.
1ST Suicide blonde
2nd Amber dreams
3rd No regrets.
Everyone then retired to the tree of knowledge for a few beers and tales of greatness and bad luck before hitting the bar.
Brownie walked past holding his pants saying he was right to go on a sharpie if we needed him next week !!
Good day had by all
till next week

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Family get together

Hey Sharpie Sailors!!!!

Remember we were planning a family get-together?

Well, it's on Sunday 22 Nov, the day of the state selection heat at MBSC.

3pm start, bring the kids. BYO bbq or purchase Woodfired pizzas.

Sailors- tell your wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend/partner and book it in the calendar.

A great chance to come down, admire the boats, meet others, and make an afternoon of it.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

GBYC Opening day

A lot can change in a week unfortunately not the breeze. A light NW around 10 k saw the all in start of the patrons cup get under way with a tangle of boats at the gun, the tornado cleared out as did the large keel boats.

Amber dreams lead the sharpies in a fairly relaxed afternoon of sailing with the gaps between the sharpies staying the same for the race. In the end Amber dreams took out 4th overall in a yardstick event.

Next week is club heat one and sees the return of Mozz and maybe Craig dependent on family commitment

All hope for some breeze to stretch out the muscles and skills

See you there

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

GBYC first hit out prior to opening day

Saturday saw a light southerly greet the fleet of three sharpies for the warm up day. Sailing a windward leeward course the boats went up and back a few times before coming to the beach to drink beer.
Ok may be a bit more to it than that but not much, in trying conditions Amber dreams took out the win from Suicide blonde and No Regrets in third.
we welcome Jeff and his crew of Adam and Tim
also new to the fleet this season is Will sailing sheet on Suicide Blonde.
Looking forward to a good season with hopefully a tad more breeze than Saturday,
Opening day this week with formalities starting at 12.00
race kicks off at 2.00
Tree of knowledge open all day for the misguided
see you there


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

MBSC Heat One

Club Heat One at MBSC

For October, it was a hottie. The morning kicked off with 25 kids
training as part of Mounts' new junior development program, including
four Flying Ants on the water. Good to see future Sharpie sailors
getting on with the business of learning how to sail!

Boats seemed to come out of the shed slower than usual in the heat and
the rigs went up even slower! Perhaps there might have been thoughts
about retreating to the bar instead, but Sharpie sailors have great
discipline and stuck to the plan (except for Kim and Chris Varti, who
at least had the excuse of not having a sheethand……)

The thermometer gradually bumped up to over 30 degrees, the breeze
came in slightly as the senior fleets hit the water and by the start,
was around five knots from the south-east.

Seven sharpies hit the line and Bullit was straight to front and soon
had a commanding lead at the top mark. The rest of the fleet played
snakes and ladders trying to play the puffs. The breeze had
progressively moved from north of east to the south east and the river
began to glass off. There was a game of chess to the top mark at
Addison, with Craig Mann going out to the left with the fleet going
right. Would it pay off? Not immediately…Keysie looked like he'd
sailed into a big hole, but tacked on to port and steamed to the mark
not far behind the leader, Bullit.

At this point Bullit paid for her success with the fleet closing the
gap by Robins. Origami, the Black Boat, Mainy and Gordo flopped around
in the doldrums between puffs, before Origami and Loaded Dice pulled
away from the tailenders as the wind struggled in from Fremantle. Luck
and the fickle sou-easter decided the race on the run to Bartlett.
Bullit was trapped in between the existing SE breeze and the
developing sea breeze. This allowed Keysie and Wise Magic to slip past
in the SE, link into the westerly and take the lead.

The three battled out the race with Wise Magic taking the win by 20
seconds from Bullit and Keysie a boat length behind.

Thanks to Keysie for providing a box of beer to assist in de-rigging,
thereby paying his debt to Grinder. It was a thankless day, but as one
wise skippers opined in the bar afterwards: 'We need to sail more in
this stuff, because it makes you a better sailor." Yeah, right!!!!
Stonking sea breeze has been ordered for next week.

Happy Sharpie sailing.

Monday, October 12, 2015

MBSC Heat 1 quick wrap

Well, it was what you'd call a challenging day yesterday at Mounts
Bay. Listless easterly, eventually replaced by an asthmatic sea
breeze. Fleet broke into two, with Wise Magic (Mann) and Bullit
(Gabrielson) tussling it out up front, while the remaining five boats
got caught in the doldrums mid-river.

Beside all this, there were some interesting moments, so I am
expecting to receive an entertaining race report in the next day or
so, so stay posted.

This photo shows Loaded Dice's spinnaker billowing in all its glory,
as Gordo urges his boat towards the mark.

Let's hope the wind kicks in for next weekend......

Saturday, October 10, 2015

MBSC 2015 season opener

They say old sharpie sailors never die.... 50 seasons down and Paul Main is back for more. That's gotta be some kind of sailing record.

Mainy missed Opening Day at MBSC last weekend but is gunning to go this Sunday. Go mate!

It's the first club championship heat at Mounts starting at 1400. Look for Keysie, Ash Gabrielson now the boat's serviced, Craig Mann back for more after a chequered outing last Sunday. And what about Kiss My Date??? It's been a long lonely winter on the lawn, guys.....

The Busso boys are out tomorrow. Three boats. No Regrets In the lineup on the Bay this season. Watch the grudge match unfold as Snow, Mozz and Cuthbert sledge each other under the Tree of Knowledge. And will Craig Francis get Norma hitched to the towbar tomorrow???

Not sure about East Freo....Swannie???? Matt??? Al?? Butch??!

For those wanting to know how Mounts went last weekend, here goes:

Wind W'ly 13-18knt

There were 7 boats on the start line dusting off sails and looking to leave the spiderwebs behind.

Chappell rolled the Lizard out on the lawn, ending the Blue Reptile's hibernation!

It was a start in front of the club with a short work up to Crawley, with tyro Matt Jahn first around crawley in Origami, with Gordo and Craig Mann hot on his heels. Chappell missed the day buoy and made a late dash back to the day buoy with Kite up.

The came a Long screaming downwind to Addison with Craig "over estimating" his abilities while gybing in his new boat sending the trio for a swim near the bottom mark. Honorable mention to his crew for not incriminating him. That 'new boat' excuse will only last so long, mate.

Snakes and ladders back to crawley with Pete Ivanac getting a nice shift off the club to take the lead. Jammy bugger.

Chappell chipped away at the fleet to recover into 2nd by the end of the race. Dogged and professional determination on show by Pete and crew.

Finish P.Ivanac 1st, Chappel 2nd, Loaded Dice Third.

Everyone enjoyed a beer and a slice or two of pizza after the race. Thanks to Larry for bringing Little Italy to SharpieTown.

Good sailing, all!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Breaking News

News received from our new President, Swannie, that the States are now locked in for TCYC in Rockingham on the weekend of 13/14 February. Put it in your diaries, please!

The club has developed a reputation for welcoming classes down and turning on tremendous, professional race series. They really know how to do it well and provide all the support and boats needed.

The romantics among you would have noted that it’s also the Valentine’s Day weekend, so consider bringing your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, dog, etc, etc!

Why are the States being held at Rockingham? Well, initially the association had planned to hold the States at Mounts Bay SC over the long weekend in March, but it became clear quite a few boats from both the city and Busselton were not going to be sailing that weekend. It's really important to make sure our fleet is strong and all clubs well represented.

The committee is also talking about having some kind of ‘show’ during the States, on the Saturday night. We’ll let you know more about that in time, but feedback very welcome. The committee is meeting monthly, with the next meeting on October 1st.


Oct 24th is booked at EFYC for the first 2/3 state selection heats, start time 1400hrs
Nov 22nd is booked at MBSC for the second 2/3 state selection heats, start time 1400hrs

For those not familiar with TCYC, full details and pics at

Thanks everyone!
Neil Stanbury

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Changing of the Guard

Gary Swan from East Fremantle is the new President after today's AGM at EFYC. Well done Swanny!!!
Dave Lightfoot takes over as Vice President, with Mattie Jenkins also new on the association committee as assistant secretary. Neil Stanbury and Kim Taylor were re-elected as Secretary and Treasurer respectively.

Lyall Gerring and David Paris were re-elected as Patron and Vice-Patron, though neither was able to attend.
Outgoing President Craig Mann was thanked for his great efforts over a number of years as were Rhyss Edwards and Gordon McKercher and Dave Meehan for their contributions. Class captains at sharpie clubs are automatically on the committee so that's a valuable tie-in.

More than a dozen sailors attended and took the opportunity to talk about upcoming opportunities. There was a resounding agreement to take a run to Bunbury for a SW sail day, so watch this space and get your trailer licence renewed (or steal one!).
More news soon....season not far away

Friday, July 17, 2015

Travel Planning for Tassie

See below travel info for getting to Tassie for this years Nationals. The Tasmanian Sharpie sailors have done their best to assist. Contact Camel if you require further assistance

>>It is with pleasure we confirm arrangements for The 73rd Australian Sharpie Championships for travel >>aboard Spirit of Tasmania.
>> All details regarding this event including how to book are listed below:-
>> · An Exclusive Member?s Page has been created on our website and is ready for your participants use
>> · The URL address to your Exclusive Member?s Page is:
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AGM Set 30th August

Sharpie sailors! The WA Sharpie Association AGM is coming up at 4pm on Sunday August 30th at East Fremantle Yacht Club.We REALLY hope you can put it in your diaries and make the meeting as it's important we get good support for the association, the class, and all of us as sharpie sailors.
All positions are open for election and I encourage everyone to consider applying. The constitution requires those interested to nominate at least 7 days before the AGM by sending me an email as the secretary. If you want a copy of the constitution please contact me direct and I will happily email it out.
Here are the roles and a brief overview of what they do. The committee meets approximately quarterly or as required, so the demands aren't great:
President - this person chairs meetings, leads strategies and has a casting vote where necessary.
Secretary - this person takes minutes at meetings, writes the odd letter (not common in these email days) and does general admin tasks for the committee.
Treasurer - pays the accounts, updates the committee on financial position of association and is responsible for acting dues.
Vice President - chairs meetings when the president isn't there.
Publicity officer - updates Facebook page once or twice a week, on-shares photos and reports from clubs and generally takes the lead on any marketing work.
Committee members (general) - a couple of very important roles to give the committee more clout and provide advice and feedback from members.
Please note that the patron, vice patron and other positions the committee may determine are also elected at the AGM. For example, a State Measurer.
The AGM agenda will be circulated soon but will follow this order of proceedings as the Constitution requires:
Read notice of meeting
Confirmation of minutes of last AGM and any extraordinary meetings held (none this year)
President's report (incorporating financials)
Filling of vacancies (a returning officer will be appointed by the committee and have total discretion re any discrepancies.
As most of you know, the business gets dealt with fairly smoothly, no doubt there'll be general discussion at the end and I look forward to seeing you there!! Please consider giving a year's service to the committee as our strength as a class depends on many people's input.
Neil Stanbury

Monday, March 23, 2015

Perth sharpie fleet boosted by juniors

MANY yacht clubs find it hard to keep keen young sailors involved and in particular, get them to transition from junior classes into senior dinghies without drifting away from the sport.

It's not always easy and it's not as simple as just having a 'step-up' class sitting there for them to get into.

Some of Perth's junior sailors who gave sharpie sailing a go at. Photograph: WA Sharpies.

Mounts Bay Sailing Club on Perth's Swan River is one club that's recognised this issue and has turned its eyes back towards old-fashioned 'try-out' days to broaden junior perspectives on sailing.

On Sunday, the Western Australian division of the Australian Sharpie Sailing Association had six sharpies on the water, each skippered by juniors, including several not even in their teens.

"It was a fantastic experience, not just for the kids, but surprisingly for the older guys crewing for them," WA sharpie secretary Neil Stanbury said.

"I think we had as much fun as the kids steering."

Mr Stanbury said the event marketed well to the younger generation and the sharpie association did not have any issues convincing juniors to get involved.

"This year we identified some kids we wanted to get involved and tapped them on the shoulder about taking part.

"They didn't need much convincing to give the long boats a go.

"The model really seemed to work. They can already sail, so it was a case of running through the unique things about sharpies on the lawn first; like how they generally behave on the water, handling gybes, that they take a bit longer to spin around than a flying ant, and so on."

The format was three short races on a windward/leeward course, which made for close, competitive racing and plenty of excitement.

The tremendous thing was that not one of those skippers did badly, even though there were a couple of swims.

Mr Stanbury said having each boat with two seasoned sharpie sailors in the crewing positions increased the junior sailors confidence and made it a more enjoyable learning experience.

"It was a fairly light day at around 10 to 15 knots which was ideal, but it kicked in a little later on and there was a great moment when boats just took off with the kite up and a young bloke on the tiller was giggling and grinning from ear to ear," Mr Stanbury said.

"It was definitely that moment when I think he mentally thought 'yep, I could see myself in one of these later on'."

Sharpie sailors Ian Davidson and Craig Mann show the juniors the ropes. Photograph: Down Under Sail.

The WA sharpie association, which ran a very successful national championship at Mounts Bay two years ago, has already decided to run two try-out days next season; one early in summer and another later in the season, as well as cranking the promotion of these days up as a 'Dash for Cash' format and inviting young sailors from other classes and other clubs.

"Kids aren't that complicated. They basically want to have fun, give something new a go and if there's some prizes going, that's a bonus, so the promise of a few cash prizes should be a hit," Mr Stanbury said.

"This time, we gave out some sharpie t-shirts that'll no doubt get worn around the place, plus some sharpie stickers."

The try-out day comes just a week before Mounts Bay's closing day, then in the next month the club will hold a strategic meeting to talk about the best ways to strengthen junior sailing in the future.

"It's a fairly complex and multi-pronged issue.

"You've got to have the right classes, the right environment where kids want to be, have parents happy about the program and generally make it fun."

Mr Stanbury said Olympic pathway classes were not for every sailor and it was good the juniors knew the sharpie was there for them in the future.

"Not every kid's going to be an Olympic sailor so frankly ISAF classes aren't the priority for clubs like ours, even though if you want to sail a 49er or 29er there's a place for you here," he said.

"Just like a boat, you have to get your settings just right and if you look around, the clubs that have thriving junior scenes are doing that."

Sharpies have a big future in Australia, being challenging, exciting, social and an addiction to both social sailors and also those who want to be very competitive.

They are relatively low-cost and have the bonus of great state and national-level fleet sailing.

The class had its genesis at Mounts Bay in the 1960s after the Addison brothers introduced the class, it took off nationally and has never looked back.

"We're really optimistic about sharpies and their future here in WA, but we've got to invest in the juniors and get them to realise that these are boats that give so much back to you, as adults."

"There are guys here who've been sailing them for 30 or 40 years, Paul Main's still skippering a sharpie and he's in his 50th year and none of them want to give it away.

"That's gotta mean something, so it's a message we want to share."

For more information about sailing sharpies in Australia, visit the national website.

For more information about Down Under Sail contact Marc or Harry at

Reposted from Downundersail

Friday, February 6, 2015

States Photos

Hi All

Zale Horne has kindly made all the photos she took from the States available.

Photos have been posted to the WASharpies Album linked below

Please email if you have more that we could post and I can arrange to receive them.



Monday, February 2, 2015

State Championship Results

Saturday, January 31, 2015

2015 States Photos

Thursday, January 29, 2015

2014-15 State Titles SI's

Hi All,

Find attached the SI's for 31 Jan and 1 Feb 2015 State Titles.
The weather looks light and variable again so everyone is in with a chance.
Vern and his team if moth magicians must be considered favourites to take out an unprecedented three peat. Dave Meehan on Vita Brevis and Mandurah local Ash Gayboy Gabrielson skippering Bullit are strong contenders with plenty of local knowledge in the kit. Two weeks of Tasar sailing should have both of the in peak performance. Could the fickle conditions play into the Busso boy's hands as they are constantly sailing in this shifty of shore pattern? The dark horse is heavy weather specialist no turned light weather Guru Graham Keys who appears to have SBD Drilling tune perfectly in the light stuff. He and the boys put on a clinic last Sunday at MBSC with a massive win in the light and variable easterly.

One thing is certain the beer will taste great as the sun sets on Saturday evening and there will be a winner Sunday afternoon.


Craig Mann
President WASSA

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


The NOR for the upcoming State Championship is now available and can be downloaded here

A few reminders for competitors:
  • Ensure you have paid your association subscription. Entry form here
  • Ensure your boat insurance is up to date
  • Ensure yours and your crews YA membership is current

Please send us your news, photos, video, links to so we can add it to the website.