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Friday, August 22, 2014

GBYC Exciting news

Hi All
Neil asked if there was any news from Busso, didnt think there was anything to tell,
that was untill I was driving and heard a radio replay of the gold medal final at the commonwealth games in the 10 metre air pistol.
As you can imagine there was suddenly plenty of exciting news!!

Having not seen too many Busso sharpies I will tell what Ive heard, some of the following may not be completely accurate.
Suicide Blonde has almost finished a major refit (washed and covers fitted)
Crew positions finalised, Jeff signed up and sent to Kalgoorlie to limit his exposure to alcohol.
Greg went on a sabattical to the desert to refocus and then on to Adelaide to watch the Eagles
Pete has been playing golf to help with mental stimulation under pressure

Not sure about the other boats as winter maintenance is under cover
So any one who wants us to know should give me a ring!

Several of the team have got Tasars for the worlds
most just want to beat Datey, Greeny, Ash and Dave
should be a good series!

Not much else ATM
keep you all posted as news comes to hand
Pete C

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