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Thursday, March 27, 2014

GBYC update

Hi All
Just a brief update on sailing in the south

apologies for the delay but with recent events the website has been a bit overshadowed.

Hoppy was given a great farewell on friday, many thanks to those who attended or were thinking of Hoppy,
the best wishes were passed on to the family and gratefully received many thanks.
A shot of port before saturdays race was a fitting tribute organized by Mozz, which goes without saying we all experienced what is Mozz's normal rush to the start!!
In what was a good breeze Mozz was victorious over Craig and Snown well done.

In the preceeding weeks mozz took his boat to walpole to compete in the trees regatta enlisting the services of Snow and Merv to put together one of the super teams, Mozz upfront as wireman, Snow leaning his arse out on the tiller and Merv as sheet and inspirational/enthusiasm/positivity coach, apparently gave Datey a run. Word is that the monday presso was a good event though the busso boys didnt hear the end of dateys acceptance speech as the had to come home on wednesday. Hopefully a few more next year.

On the club racing the next couple of weeks saw craig have some success and snow get back into the winners circle,
the rest of us had fun enjoying some good breezes and close racing.

All looks set for saturday with back to back races.
Good breeze forecast
See you there
Pete C

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