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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

GBYC club heat

Hi All
Just a quick update on the sailing at busso

Sat saw the running of the club heat 4
sailed in a steady westerly that was slowly building as the day went on with five boats facing the gun.

After reading his xmas book of race tactics Snow on Amber Dreams followed rule #1 as follows

1 To give yourself the best chance of winning you need to be as close to the front at the start.

Amber Dreams were clearly the first boat to start with the others in hot pursuit.
The Asylum lead at the first turn with a close pack just behind.
Amber dreams slowly cut down the lead to start the second lap in front.
At the start of the third it was Amber Dreams from The Uninvited and Norma chasing second.
Somewhere up the last work The Ununvited infringed Norma and had to do penalty turns dropping back to third,
with the fleet still close it was a square run to the finish with Amber Dreams holding on to cross the line first,albeit with no siren.
at this point Snow read from the xmas book rule #2 as follows

2 Make sure you dont cross the line before the start gun as this will require you to restart,
failure to do so will result in disqualification!! This will impede you quest to win.

Final places were

1st Norma Craig,Anton and Andy
2nd Uninvited Mozz,Phil and Jessie
3rd Suicide Blonde Pete,Greg and Jeff
4th The Asylum Dean,Paul and Will
OCS Amber Dreams Snow Roband Jamie

The final washup was carried out under the "tree of knowledge" with the traditional coronas and tales that got better as the corona numbers mounted.
This week sees the running of the Australia Day Regatta over three days
Hope to see all there
Visitors welcome
Pete C

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