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Friday, January 31, 2014

GBYC Australia day regatta

Hi all
Well the Australia day regatta went off as per usual,
slightly dissapointing to only have the local sharpies present but good close racing was the go!!

The boys in Amber Dreams had a clean sweep in all races though pushed by the rest.Well done lads!

Still get goose bumps from the fast reaches.
With the tasar fleet training for the worlds we were blessed with the company of sharpie sailors hoping to have a crack at the worlds, these were Brendon and kate, Ash and Emma, Dave and Tiffany and the ever talkative Datey and zana,
These people were all drawn to the Tasar branch of the tree of knowledge (which is on the western side and cops the arvo sun).as can be seen in the picture above

the tasar guys had some good racing with Datey victorious over brendan on monday and giving his now customary speech!
Luckily with most having to drive to perth it was cut back to four hours!

With the tree of knowledge fast achieving a cult following (one wedding already booked) it came as no suprise to see Kurt and Belinda rock up to suss out the venue. Not sure if Belinda was as excited as Kurt to have a saturday morning wedding followed by four heats of the states with a reception under the tree catered by KFC !! doesnt get much better!
The tree of knowledge can be booked as a venue from the Busso sharpie fleet for $500/10 cartons coronas, this includes the pleasant suroundings and an instant crowd of sailors to mingle with your guests whilst eating finger food (provided by you)telling heroic sailing tales and sharing the nectar of the tree (coronas again provided by you)
enquiries welcome

Good luck to Kurt if he can sell that one

Thats all for now with normal racing on saturday
hope to see the locals there
amd the rest at the states
pete C

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