The Australian Sharpie is a highly competitive yet social class with a long history of attracting and developing champion sailors

Sunday, December 8, 2013

MBSC Sharpie Update

Hi All,
Hughie was on song over the weekend.
A good 20 knots both Saturday and Sunday afternoons on the river.
Now I preface my commentary with I had so few mates I was left on the beach Sunday with no wireman or woman.
Saturday afternoon was spent with many of the Sharpie crew at Dave and Sarah Lightfoots for a BBQ and carbo loading. I snuck of for a windsurf at Leighton late afternoon and it was smoking.
Sunday for me consisted of Nippers Surf Club, measuring sails, boat work on Impact before heading out on the slalom gear to watch the boys racing. Ash and the boys on Bullit were on fire early leading at club and stretching the lead further at Addison, Robins and Addison. Apparently at this point Lewie made several rigging errors and reset the rig to 25'9". In 20 knots this is, even with 120 kg on the wire a little less than optimal. After discussion between all three it was decided to leave the rig as it was all messed up in the boat and they could hold off PC who was a good 2 minutes behind. Ash and Grinder ranked Lewie at 4 out of ten for the day. Themselves of coarse we in the 9.5 range!@#$%^&*(.
PC was a little off his usual pace as Nick D invoked the "Im hung over as hell and not hiking rule". After a few chirps from PC he coped and elbow to the face and decided I was not worth the dental bill and let Nick cruise. In the end they pegged the lead back to about a minute.
Pete Ivanac not far behind until he mixed up Brewery and Quarry allowing Greg Creeper to squeeze by. Perth Patholgy, Don McCracken and mainie rounded out the finishes, several others 907, 916 and 800 with drew half way around.
Next weekend is the last Club scheduled racing however we plan to sail the following weekend in Melville water east with a few planning mid week training sessions in the at the bar.

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