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Monday, December 16, 2013

GBYC short course series 3

Hi all

Saturday at gbyc saw the running of the short course series
With Abbots ramped up attempts to "stop the boats" in full swing
the breeze died away just at the start allowing the fleet of five to drift towards the first mark.
before the start in 10ks of wind the length looked a tad short but in zero breeze it was a long way off.

luckily the breeze filled in to about 12k and gave some respite from the heat and took the minds off shark watch!!

The lads on Amber Dreams again lead the way to win narrowly from Uninvited, Suicide Blonde,The Asylum and Norma.

Race two was a rabbit start leaders choice, or so it appeared to us as we missed the briefing.
The Asylum was the rabbit and was the first one to a mark, this is the leaders choice part where the leader gets to choose the next mark, Amber Dreams took over the lead and threw in a new dimension by going around the opposite way,
creating so,e fast gybing and drops to get on the right side. with the breeze dropping Suicide Blonde succumbed to the call of the bar and the tree of knowledge and went ashore leaving the others to fight out the last lap,
some chaos ensued as again Amber Dreams changed the rounding procedeure, interesting to see two brothers not taking a backward step and going head to head the opposite way to each other, neither gave in or weent back and proceded to the finish,

The winner in the end was Suicide Blonde as we were two coronas up and in the shade.

On the water i think Amber dreams beat Norma The uninvited and The Asylum.

Next week sees the club heat and xmas party
till next week
Pete C

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