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Friday, November 15, 2013

Weekly Sailing Update

Hi All,
Great to see the Busso boys and Mainie supporting the KBYC Opening Day.
Lets hope Warren can get the fleet started again. I have fond memories of the "old days" when 16's and Sharpies made the trip down and we camped in the caravan park. 4 decades moves fast!!!!

Renners in Who Let the Dogs out made it home in front of Swanny, I think the others were elsewhere.

The first round of state selections at MBSC fielded 15 starters, notable non starters The Lizard and Blatantly Obvious deciding to keep there powder dry and give the rabble some false hope.

Race one had Blind date putting on a clinic with a great start off the pin, blistering speed and first to a big left hander to lead from start to finish. Who let the Dogs out Be Bop and Bullet were in the mix rounding out the top Four.

Race two once again had a blanket over the fleet around the top mark. This short course racing is great for boat skills and mark rounding's. Miss your opening and you loose several places. The Dogs lead early before Impact took the lead on the bottom mark rounding and made good gains on the windward work.

The breeze had rotated right creating some interest for race three as each race had seen quite different shift patterns.

The fleet was spread heading up the first leg of the third and final race and all converged on the top mark at once. Bullet, and the Dogs lead from Impact and Keysie. The rest were on this groups hammer. At the bottom mark with bows touching dudgeons it was Bullet, Dogs, Impact and Keysie. Impact was first to get on to port a move that proved a race winner. Impact, Bullet the Dogs and Keysie took the top spots.

With Heath Marshall pumping out the tunes and 5 buck coronas, there was a fair bit of carnage at the Sharpie Bar. Rumours (photos) of female pants down action at bar later in the night and a dozen cars left in the car park shows the locals are in training for the off water festivities.

Provisional Placing where;
  1. Impact                          8
  2. Dogs                            8
  3. Blind Date                   14
  4. SBD                            15
  5. BeBop                         15
  6. No Regrets                  17
  7. Vanquish                     17
  8. Bullet                          21
  9. Shake n Bake              25
  10. Mainiacts                     30
  11. Meat n Two Vege          31
  12. Mona                           34
  13. Cut the Mustard            40

This weekend has MBSC, Club Heat 2.

Nov 23 is the next round of State selections at EFYC.
With 3 short courses planned this is a great opportunity to test the boat skills in the drain pipe.

Craig Mann

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