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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sponsors secured for 2013/14 Nationals

Great news Gage Roads has jumped on board with a significant sponsorship package for the Perth Nationals. Some great work by class legend Peter Chappell will see us drinking the magnificent Gage Roads beer over the regatta. A full Media release will follow this week.

Last weekends action:

Vern took out First and Fastest at EFYC, with Swanny and Renners second and third. Craig will hopefully post re Busso results.

A dozen sharpies hit the line on Sunday at MBSC , many with new sails and eager crews looking for good results.
PC had a star studded line of Peter Nicholas, Mike Duffield and the boat which is in it's best shape for many years. Keysie, Perth Pathology and Wise Magic had the new 2013 Walker sails on boat and they look flash. Note all were fast on the day.
With the breeze struggling to find its legs early we would start in 5 to 10 knots from 240 to 260. The first attempt was a general so we all got to cool our heals for a bit. Start two saw a 20 degree shift to the left with 20 seconds to go and a big right hander a minute later so the fleet was spread like brown cows. As always PC wiggled up the middle, Perth Pathology did similar and Ash pulled a big left hander late to lead at Club Bouy. The rest of us were mostly out of phase and trailed by 25 seconds to a minute.
PC got past Ash by Addison, but the big mover in the fleet was Perth Pathology on the work to Deepwater. The boat was high, fast and in the groove, gaining a good 30 seconds on PC and leaving the rest of us scratching our heads. Keysie also made huge gains with his new sails.
Down hill the fleet spit right and left and those that went left or down the middle made huge gains on the three leaders that slipped down the south shore. Then out of no where PC and Perth Pathology rounded the wrong mark and headed south while the rest headed for Addision. A bugger really as having 6 or 7 boats within a minute would have been sensational.
Ash the craft devil had followed the two leaders and only gibed away when they had rounded and headed of to the south shore. Now 15 seconds separated Ash, Impact and Keysie to fight out the lead. PC and Perth Pathology were limping back to Addison to fight out for Mainie for last spot.
To cut a long story short, at the finish it was Ash who had our measure, Impact 15 seconds behind and Keyise the same to Impact. No Regrets sailed a ripper finishing 4th with Moona the wind whisper on board, there best effort for the season. Wise Magic was a close 5th. The dozen boats finished with in 8 minutes so all had a good close racing.
There was plenty of competitive banter in the bar after as crews continued to jockey for position in both sailing and drink.

Saturday we have 3 short races at EFYC as part of the state selection races. This will have the best of the metro boats on the water so make an effort to be there and test you skills in the drain pipe. Early forecast is for a moderate SW. 1400 start. Remember to Pay your association fees and enter the Nationals.

Good sailing and see you Saturday.


Craig Mann

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