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Friday, November 29, 2013

Gage Roads brewing co

Gage Roads Brewery is one of Western Australia's most refreshing exports. Born in 2002 in the West by brewmasters Bill Hoedemaker and Peter Nolin, this pair had the experience and the runs on the board to come through with some exciting beers. They had brewed the beers that had put Fremantle's Sail and Anchor back on the map and were leaders in craft brewing in Australia.Their goal with Gage Roads Brewery was to create natural beers to world class standard using original recipes designed for the Australian lifestyle and climate.

Premises were found on the edge of Fremantle and, in 2005, Gage Roads' first brew - Pure Malt Lager - hit the shelves in WA. A PILS and the famed Pale Ale came not long after.

Gage Roads - the shipping channel off Fremantle - is the source of the great breezes that will power the 2012-13 Australian Sharpie Nationals and Gage Road Brewery will be there too, as one of our major sponsors. The Australian Sharpie Association (WA) is grateful and proud of the brewery's support of the sharpie fleet, who's sailors will quench their thirsts with Gage Road beers this summer.

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