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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

3 Coronas off the beach winter series wrap up GBYC

Hi Sailors The last event of the winter series at busso on sunday For the first time in the history of the series all boats entered the finals tied on points so any one could win (this being because the other three heats were cancelled) Four boats fronted the starter in ideal conditions for a first sail 10 knot SW sunny day. Two races were scheduled being olympic course with a .5 nm windward leg. Race one saw the boats start where they left off with no one having a real edge the lead changed often but the final place saw 1st Coming out Snow, Rob and Josh 2nd Suicide Blonde Pete, Craig and the invisible man 3rd The Uninvited Mozz, Phil and Brownie 4th The Asylum Dean, Paul and Geoff Race two saw a similar contest with again many lead changes in the end bad luck prevailed allowing Coming Out to pick up an unlikely wind shift to rob Suicide Blond of victory. The Asylum turned the tables on Uninvited to nail him on the line Overall results were Coming out 1st Suicide Blonde 2nd The Asylum =3rd the Uninvited =3rd the fleet then returned to the tree of knowledge for a few coronas and to hear how good Craig was on the wire. the day was lost on him as Pete endeavored to show him how a skipper could make life easier by doing a few small things different In the words of a famous man "Such is life" Looking to the start of the season cheers Pete c Busso

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