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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

GBYC Club heat 7 Suburban boys take chocolates

Saturday saw the culmination of the GBYC season with the last club heat.
Although Suburban had wraped up the title with one race to spare it was all go to go into the winter with bragging rights as the last winner. Four boats faced the starter in a 15 knot sout easterly, after last weeks race where the fleet split and those who went left came out with a not to be headed lead, the boats all stayed fairly close. The lead changed several times with all having a crack at glory.
In the end on the aproach to the last mark Norma looked the goods only to fall for 101 sailing error by not covering to the end to allow the ever slippery Suburban boys to take the lead and run to the finish.
Final placings
Suburban boys  Snow Rob and Josh
Norma              Craig, Anton and Andy
Uninivited          Mozz, Jess and Phil
Suicide Blonde  Pete, Brownie and Paul

Once again the fleet was only seperated by 50 to 100 meters
Well done to all contestants who enjoyed a few beers under the tree of knowledge.
The next event is Prize night on the 25th may hope all can attend

the winter series starts in June Format and dates will be advised later.
Word has it that Snow Rob and Josh have to return Suburban Boys to the owner
so have purchased the aptly named "Uncle Arthur and friends" from Pete Simpson
also a bit of noise from some cruiser people about a boat but only time will tell.
The need to push these people is important as it must be dull as s##t sitting on the deck of a keeler watching us go past having fun. also the right to drink under the tree of Knowledge must be enticing, if only they knew what the disscusions were like!!!

Thats it for now
Pete C

winter break last year
same again this year

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