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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

70th Nationals Video

BSYC Nationals Summary Video

And some light weather bottom mark action

Monday, April 15, 2013

GBYC club heat 6 deja-vu

Once again the sailing at busso was on for the showdown of the two main combatants for honours in the chapionship.

The day started with the second consecutive easterly but this time a scratchy 5 to 10 knots.
A wind shift 2 minutes before the start meant port/pin was the favoured option.
Snow was keen to control the line but lost sight of Pete in his endeavor to cover mozz and Dean allowing Pete to get the jump at the pin. Whilst we whinge about soldiers courses not a wimper was heard from Suicide for all but the last short leg.
In a vivid re-enactment of state heat 4 Suicide had led all race only to be run down by the fleet as the breeze faded in shore and a slight NE brought the rest down.
Snow in the renamed Suburban boys went on to win whilst Pete with Suicide Blonde managed to narrowly hold of the fast finishing Mozz in the Uninvited and Dean in The Asylum.
At the debriefing under the tree of knowledge I noticed how quick you forget all the good breezes weve had and can only relate to the last one.After a few beers the pain of two wins that slipped away diminished as Brownie explained that if I were to become a Dockers Suporter Id get used to it!
Time to refocus for next week, Need a good result as Greg takes up footy duties for the last race so I need to find a replacement, maybe Merv can be enticed from the clutches of his new love!!

well done to all
final places
Suburban boys   Snow, Rob and Josh
Suicide Blonde   Pete, Greg and "tweaker"Browne
The Uninvited     Mozz,Phil and Andy
The Asylum        Dean, Paul and ?????

Norma did not sail as it is still in the shop for repairs
Craig "hacker" hopes it will be ok for next week
as there are two races left we hope for a full turn out to finish on a good note

On last weeks report Mozz claimed he did not reply as he has only learnt how to turn on the computor unaided, so there is some one out there using his name!

Till next week
Pete C

Monday, April 8, 2013

GBYC 7th april short course series

Yesterday saw the running of the short course series, this was run in the morning in a 10 to 15 knot easterly.
As with easterlys any where this had the crews bursting with excitement. even Snow turned up before 10 am

With Craig still having repairs done to his boat he chose to baby sit to gain some points which he claims he will use one day? This left four starters for the two races. Jessy was playing soccer so Andy was poached from Norma, Merv bailed to sail on a keelboat,(which happens to belong to friend of prospective new woman), so Pete slid back to relax on the tiller having watched all those go-pro movies so how hard can it be?? Greg was enlisted to go on the wire. Dean and Snow had their normal crews.

Race one saw the lead change several times as seems to be the case in club racing of late. Being windward leeward course the pressure was kept on all race and a close finish with a bout one minute between all boats ensured all kept on their toes.

Race two was much the same as race one with again numerous lead changes and all tasting success throughout the race, once again the finish was a close affair. In the end the cream (Suicide Blonde) rose to the top only to be kept just under the surface by a layer of scum  (Suburban boys), only kidding.

Final Results were

Suburban boys 2 wins  crew Snow,Rob and Josh
Suicide Blonde 2 seconds     Pete, Greg and "tweaker"Browne
The Asylun       1 3rd 1 4th   Dean, Ian and Paul
Uninvited          1 4th 1 3rd   Mozz, Phil and "dolly" Andy.

At the end of the race Andy, keen to please Mozz leapt from the boat,raced up the beach and pushed Mozz's "dolly" into the water to retreive the boat. Trouble is Mozz only has a trailer, after much laughter and Mozz whingeing about spending spare time repacking wheel bearing the fleet adjourned to the "tree of wisdom" to reflect on the day over a few coronas and plan for next week.

Next saturday is club heat 6 at the normal start time
Rumours around the club of Craig making an appearence if his boat is ready.
see you there
Pete C

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Mainiacts Gybe manouvers

Mainiacts hits the drink during a gybe at the mark.

Thanks to Stanas Productions

Friday, April 5, 2013

71st Sharpie Nationals - NoR

Notice of Race for the upcoming 71st Sharpie Nationals hosted by Mounts Bay Sailing Club (WA) has been released.

28th December 2013 - Saturday 4th January 2014.

Download it here:
71st Nationals NoR Final with Ammendments #1#2

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