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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Irish Rabbits

No Regrets start of as the Rabbits in the St Patrick's day MBSC Club heat. However they have to retire after spectacular gear failure. See slow motion repeat

Thanks to the NoRegrets Crew!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Irish rabbit gets chased down

The Greyhounds lined up for the start while the Irish rabbit chased its tail off to the left. When 2:30 struck the chase was on!
Unfortunately the rabbit (No regrets) was left in the dust as Loaded Dice and Black Sun overtook and scampered away from the rabbit start.  A typical SWer kicked in for the afternoon around 15knots.  Which made the reaches exciting sailing the well known SW course. Loaded dice held onto a modest lead for most of the race however that lead got slightly eaten into on the reach across the bay to university as Creeper made a comeback.
Creeper, Keysie and Craig had a fight for the podium with Craig taking many risks to try and find a winner. No Regrets ripped the clew out of their mainsail and are had to retire. Some footage of this to come!
With only a couple of races left in the season apparently the leader board is quite close. Yet to see any results though. Must be in pre-presentation lock down to keep so the bookies can make a killing

GBYC 23rd march

Hi all once again

Saturday at GBYC saw a promising westerly of around 15 knots with a few holes.
By start time it had steadied to be 15 to 18 and consistant.
Four boats faced the starter with Craig still without his boat relegated to looking on and minding his kids.
Merv called in early in the week as not available so Pete shifted to the helm of Suicide and Greg was enlisted to wire.
The race got under way and the port tack was favoured, the lead changed several times up the first work but it was Mozz in the Uninvited who rounded in front.
Into the breeze for the second time I think Dean led the way in The Asylum with the lead again changing several times. At the top Snow led for the run through the padock with the fleet closing to be separated by meters at the bottom.
The last triangle saw Suburban boys head for the finish in front of Suicide,The Uninvited and the Asylum.
Across the line it was ;
Suburban boys Snow, Rob and Josh
Suicide Blonde Pete,Greg and Brownie
The Asylum      Dean,Ian and Paul
The Uninvited    Mozz, Jess and Phil

The end distance between the four boats was about 40 seconds which makes for exciting sailing.
Followed by ample coronas under the tree of knowledge and many stories of good luck/bad luck.
Why would you sail anything else???

Word has it that Bunbury is trying to restart a fleet, we hope it goes well

Pete C

Thursday, March 21, 2013

GBYC Last few weeks

Hi all

Once again just a few lines on the last few weeks.
 Since my last post a group of Busso crew attended the walpole long weekend/regatta,
Merv took his mirror and I think Neil took his laser whilst mozz took a dingy and Snow took Lynn to do everything. Not sure what happened with the sailing as most reports were clouded by beer!
Merv came back without the mirror having lost it in a card game with the commodore of the Walpole yacht club, or so the story goes, in the interest of a good article I chose not to follow this up. But a good time was had by all.

Club racing resumed the next week in a light and shifty easterly similar to Freo and the river.
Trying to improve his performance Mainy sent Neil to sail with Craig for the day to try and refocus.
Fearing a possible spy on board Craig chose to leave Norma in the shed and refloat Psyclone for the day.
Onto the sailing and not much can be said other than each boat had a share of the lead and the Asylum was unlucky to miss out on a maiden fastest time.
Placings were
Suburban boys
The asylum
The Uninvited
Suicide Blonde.

Club heat five

The day saw good breeze of 18 to 20 knots with the occasional bullet.
Four boats greeted the starter with Craig having Norma in the shop for repairs.
Suicide blonde welcomed Merv back after having been sacked from Suburban boys for undisclosed indiscretions (loosing his mirror in a card game) this made way for Snow to return.
It was sad to see the dissapointment on Rob and Josh's faces when Snow didn't rig up, didnt help pull the boat down or lean.
On the water it was Suburban boys from the start. Suicide made some promising attacks untill a capsise at the top mark for the last time ended their chances.
With a course that had some nice angles and the wind switching a little at the right times som exciting spinaker rides were had by all.
End results were.
Suburban boys
Suicide Blonde
The Uninvited
The Asylum

Tilll next time
Pete C
please note some if not all of the preceding may not be entirely true

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