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Monday, February 11, 2013

Vale - John Jamieson (JAMO)

John Jamieson passed away on 31 January 2013. John was a champion Sharpie sailor from Koombana Bay and moved to QLD some years ago.

Many of the old guard will remember John, as does Warren Drew:
John Jamieson was a member of Koombana Bay not GBYC. We had a very strong fleet of sharpies for many decades, I was fortunate to start in the fleet as a 15 year old in the mid eighties at the time when John "Jamo" Jamieson, Ray "Freddo" Leguire, Brett "Scrubby" Harris, Geoff Moore, Kim Jefferies, Phil Slee were the backbone of the local fleet. We sailed in most state heats, and had fierce competition in the form of the Bob Starr cup with GBYC. I see the Francis boys are still sailing, I think it's John old boat "Sandra" which one of the brothers sails.

John had "Sue", then "Entertainment Machine", and then built "Sandra" to have a tilt at the national title.

John was mentored by Colin Goodlad, one of our club custodians who is still active at the club. Colin was a revered sharpie sailor, a generation before the fleet we sailed in. The fleet back then consisted of Colin, Ray Truman, Splinter Armstrong and the like.

Johns father Andy Jamieson was also a local KBSC legend, his massive yacht "Jenny Philp" was an icon in the WA offshore sailing fleet. Andy was a sharpie sailer also.

John was your typical sharpie sailer, loved a drink, and a good after sail party. He is legend for the National title chug a lug, the wombat run (John was about 5 foot high and about 100kgs's so had a very low centre of gravity..haha). He is know locally for his nude bar sliding antics and kicking off pants off parties.

John was geared to have a huge tilt at the National title at Ceduna in the late eighties, but was hit by a car while riding his pushbike to get fit shortly before. This put an end to his title run, and he stopped sailing a couple of years after. He would be well remembered as a very good sharpie sailer by Peter Chappell, Vern Tidy, Graeme Keys, Laurie Chivers etc.
WA Sharpies has sent over the flying Kangaroo flag to be draped over his Coffin.
Famous sharpie party early eighties where they moored an old sharpie and got 12 people on board for an after sail drinking session
WA620 on a reach with John Jamieson in his heyday probably during the late seventies
...then someone moved trying to get to the esky ..
The annual sharpie windup dinner. Dress would indicate late seventies again. Check out "Scrubby" Harris in the chocolate striped number bottom left. Jamo is bottom right.
Jamo practising for the chug-a-lug late seventies, with a yard glass

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