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Friday, February 8, 2013

The Origami Underwear Challenge

Hi All,

A few late alteration to the NOR and SI I scratched together.

All is ready for the States this weekend. The breeze will be fickle so anything could happen.

The challenge is out...heaven forbid.... could a chick win the prestigious Alan O'Grady trophy.

Olympic Gold Medalist Tessa Parkinson is steering Origami Underwear with National FX champion crew Kate and Matt Jahn on wire. Matt is self confessed as Australia's best skipper, crew and bar tiger are already boasting it is in the bag and if they do not win all heats on Saturday will sail in matching origami underwear on the Sunday.

With several chicks in the fleet claws are out, sharpened and the male ego at stake.

Bring your A game boys and Girls.



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