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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

States - Thankyou's

Picture by -Ampon Saeoeaw
Hi All,
The States was a success thanks to all the volunteers, sailors and supporters and sponsors.

To all of the volunteers including: Greenie and Larry for providing rescue craft.
Andy Curnow, Cheryl, Jackie, Fred, Luke, Kev and Al, Naniko and Jamie Bell. Thanks to the Committee members for volunteering their time in organising the event.
Thankyou to FSC for their wonderful hosting facilities.

Snap printing have come onboard as a major
Sponsor for the States and this years Nationals.
Thanks to Pete Connor and his team.

Peccavi Wines 
Thanks to Jeremy Muller who are proud sponsors of this event.

Photos Thanks to Ampon Saeoeaw and Jamie Bell for Pictures and Video

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