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Sunday, February 24, 2013

GBYC update

Hi All Just a few lines to keep up with the happenings around the club, appologies for the delay but work and all that stuff. The Australia day regatta was run with lots of boats in many classes. Weather was great and the winds ok, Unfortunatly only the local sharpies competed but the racing was tight as usual. Due to some dodgy scoring system the results were from three races with the sunday morning race not counting the overall winner was Suburban Boys on a count back well done lads.
 the tasars held their state titles over the weekend some familiar faces bobbed up
Brendon and Kate
Ash and Rube
not sure of the results but they seemed to enjoy them selves. Not wishing to depart too far from sharpies they rigged with us Also shared many beers under the tree of knowledge.
The next weekend saw the Bill Steele memorial which is an all in yardstick event, some clowns on a tornado won from more on a couple of keel boats
The sharpies had their own race within the race
First Suicide Blonde Merv Pete Brownie
2nd Suburban Boys Snow Rob Josh
3rd The Uninvited Mozz Phil Jess
4th Norma Craig Anton Andy
5th The Asylum Dean Ian Paul
at this point I would add that only about 2 minutes seperated the 5 boats well done to all
 State Heats
With all five boats attending it was looking the goods After a few phone calls I found that Merv had deserted Suicide in favour of Suburban Boys, apparently Snow was off to hospital to try to rectify a genetic defect that stops him pulling the boat up, leaning out during the race when there is no camera around and rigging. Good luck with that!!
 I doubt if a knee replacement will correct all the problems but get well soon Snow!
 Rob had promised Merv to buy 4 rolls each saturday where I could only do 1.
 Fortunatly rumours were about at the regatta and that well known international metal dealer Ash Gabrielson offered to fill in. The rest is well documented on other pages of this site. Thanks Ash and Brownie for an enjoyable series, many sleepless nights thinking of what might have been!!!! next year.
 Hope all who attended enjoyed it, even though the fickle weather was frustrating the one who whinged the most (Vern) did the best
well done to Vern Al and Matt, also to Tessa Kate and Matt J
 Well that should do for a bit
Till next time
Pete C


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