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Monday, February 11, 2013

Butch Takes Out Title With Come From Behind Win

The SNAP WA Sharpie Association States titles were held at the prestigious Fremantle Sailing Club this weekend Feb 9 and 10. Andy Curnow and his trusty start crew from MBSC and Kev Tidy from EFSC ran a great regatta with a skeleton crew.

Day one was hot, light and variable breeze coming out of the east from around 100 degrees give or take 25.

Race One: The Lizard smashed the start did not miss a shift to have a massive lead by the top mark. The top ten battled it out with positions changing place many time. In the end it was;
1 Lizard
2 Who Let The Dogs Out
3 Vita Brevis

Race Two: Only Who Let the Dogs Out and Vita were able to hold form. The Lizard was 16. It was clear big gains and losses would be made especially down hill. Bejing Olympic Gold medallist Tessa Parkinson was finding her feet with improving from 9th to 6th.

Race Three: The Lizard again. Tessa in Origami Underwear was a close second and Ash Gayboy Gabrielson steering Busselton boat Suicide Blonde had a 6,4,3 to be looking a threat.

We headed to shore as the breeze faded and most believed we would not be out on the water again. Butch Tidy on Blatantly Obvious packed up as he had more important things to do. The Lizard was packed and were heading off to sail Eggshells at Freshie when the seabreeze showed signs of filling in.

Out we went again into a soft south westerly.

Race Four; Ash gayboy Gabrielson looked the goods all race. No Regrets was close by Impact (OCS) was wasting her time at the front end with her third turned into a 22. On the last run gayboy, no regrets and Tessa looked the goods before it all went pair shaped. The middle of the fleet sailed around the leaders and created a lot of smiles and plenty of tears.
1 Suburban Boy’s
2 Vita Brevis
3 Lizard
Going into day two it was
Suicide Blonde 19
Lizard 21
Vita Brevis 21
Vicious 22

The breeze was 12 to 18 and as shifty as hell.
Four punters were in with a real chance while Blatantly Obvious and Tessa could not be counted out to show some hot form.

Race 5
The top mark on race 5 proved critical as the Lizard had a communication issue, dipped Impact only to and be T boned by Blatantly Obvious. Butch came out with no damage while the Kevlar rocket was holed. A normal boat would have been demolished. End of regatta for the Lizard. Butch went on to win. The series was wide open. The top ten was very close in the end it was,

1 Blatantly Obvious
2 Suicide Blonde
3 Suburban Boys
4 Tessa (Origami)

Race 6
Datie lead most of the race with Keysie getting the new boat going and showed he still has a bit of talent when the breeze is on. The race was now a great tussle Suicide Blonde, Blatantly Obvious and Tessa could win.

The race was a cracker. Suicide blonde had a port and starboard, capsize and penalty turn just after the start to end their chance. Blatantly Obvious and Tess were in the top 5 with the first ten all in with a chance. Nat Males was on fire in the Pete Ivanac powered vanquish and hit the lead several times. In the end,

1 Blatantly Obvious
2 Vanquish
3 Origami Underwear (Tessa)
4 Datie
5 Vicious

In the end we headed to the bar late in the day to quench well earned thirsts.

2013 State Championship Provisional Results

Thanks to all that assisted with the regatta.

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