The Australian Sharpie is a highly competitive yet social class with a long history of attracting and developing champion sailors

Sunday, February 24, 2013

GBYC update

Hi All Just a few lines to keep up with the happenings around the club, appologies for the delay but work and all that stuff. The Australia day regatta was run with lots of boats in many classes. Weather was great and the winds ok, Unfortunatly only the local sharpies competed but the racing was tight as usual. Due to some dodgy scoring system the results were from three races with the sunday morning race not counting the overall winner was Suburban Boys on a count back well done lads.
 the tasars held their state titles over the weekend some familiar faces bobbed up
Brendon and Kate
Ash and Rube
not sure of the results but they seemed to enjoy them selves. Not wishing to depart too far from sharpies they rigged with us Also shared many beers under the tree of knowledge.
The next weekend saw the Bill Steele memorial which is an all in yardstick event, some clowns on a tornado won from more on a couple of keel boats
The sharpies had their own race within the race
First Suicide Blonde Merv Pete Brownie
2nd Suburban Boys Snow Rob Josh
3rd The Uninvited Mozz Phil Jess
4th Norma Craig Anton Andy
5th The Asylum Dean Ian Paul
at this point I would add that only about 2 minutes seperated the 5 boats well done to all
 State Heats
With all five boats attending it was looking the goods After a few phone calls I found that Merv had deserted Suicide in favour of Suburban Boys, apparently Snow was off to hospital to try to rectify a genetic defect that stops him pulling the boat up, leaning out during the race when there is no camera around and rigging. Good luck with that!!
 I doubt if a knee replacement will correct all the problems but get well soon Snow!
 Rob had promised Merv to buy 4 rolls each saturday where I could only do 1.
 Fortunatly rumours were about at the regatta and that well known international metal dealer Ash Gabrielson offered to fill in. The rest is well documented on other pages of this site. Thanks Ash and Brownie for an enjoyable series, many sleepless nights thinking of what might have been!!!! next year.
 Hope all who attended enjoyed it, even though the fickle weather was frustrating the one who whinged the most (Vern) did the best
well done to Vern Al and Matt, also to Tessa Kate and Matt J
 Well that should do for a bit
Till next time
Pete C

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Psycho Therapy Wins Bertie

February continues to be a big month for sharpie racing around Australia.
The past weekend saw the NSW states at Balmoral and Victoria's classic the
"Bertie" revived last year after Lake Wendouree filled after 8 years of

6 Sharpies turned up in Ballarat to contest the 3 race Ballarat Bertie
series. We arrived with about 30 degrees and an 8-10 knot northerly. However
during lunch on the Yacht Club deck we noticed the breeze fading a bit. Race
1 got under way just after 2.00 pm due to a short postponement. V642
Breakaway, V750 Flash as a Rat, V823 Hasta La Vista Baby, V835 Psycho
Therapy VF840 Furnace of Affliction and V852 Crews Control fronted for the
starters gun. V720 Kanga Crusher was a late withdrawal due to medical
reasons. About half way up the first work Furnace of Affliction were hit by
a massive knock and had the dubious honour of being the only Sharpie to have
a swim for the day. With quite a few lead changes during the race and a
shifty up and down breeze it was going to be a hotly contested series. Local
boat Breakaway managed the win in heat 1.
As the afternoon progressed the breeze moved more westerly. Race 2 was again
like race 1 with many a lead change. Hasta La Vista Baby was in front at the
end of the 1st triangle and Psycho Therapy was bring up the rear in 6th.
However by the top mark again it was Psycho Therapy in front with Hasta La
Vista Baby bring up the rear. Psycho Therapy went on to win heat 2 with
Break away in 2nd.
Race 3 got under way with a very soft breeze. Again every boat had their
moment of glory for a short time. With the breeze dying right out, this race
was shortened at the end of the second work, with just a run to the club
finish. Psycho Therapy hung on for the win giving Grant Nichols, ex WA
sailor Tony Aisbet and making his first appearance in a Sharpie for many a
year Craig 'Slug" Macaulay the series win.
We all enjoyed the hospitality of the club after the racing and laughed
about Lake Wendouree living up to all we had forgotten it could be. The
water level was good for Sharpies and the weed situation was the best I can
remember with only having to clear the rudder a couple of times. Many stayed
on for the BBQ and enjoyed the fellowship of Sharpie sailing.
A big thank you to Ballaarat Yacht Club for running this event.
Please have a look at the attached photos and hope to see you all in
Ballarat next February.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Nationals Campaign - Updated

Hi All,

Let's start the campaign to the 2013/14 Nationals now.

Tessa Parkinson will kick us off next with her thoughts on sailing and sharpies.

Thursday 21st  6.30 pm

Venue: EFYC Juniour Room Freo area if numbers allow so RSVP by Saturday the 16th Feb. MBSC will be the fall back.

As a fleet we need to find about 5 minutes around the race course to be competitive the South Aussies. We won't find that in October and November.

Get in or get left behind.


Craig Mann

Japanese meals will be available from 6pm - 9pm at EFYC. Bookings are essential on 9339 8111.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

States - Thankyou's

Picture by -Ampon Saeoeaw
Hi All,
The States was a success thanks to all the volunteers, sailors and supporters and sponsors.

To all of the volunteers including: Greenie and Larry for providing rescue craft.
Andy Curnow, Cheryl, Jackie, Fred, Luke, Kev and Al, Naniko and Jamie Bell. Thanks to the Committee members for volunteering their time in organising the event.
Thankyou to FSC for their wonderful hosting facilities.

Snap printing have come onboard as a major
Sponsor for the States and this years Nationals.
Thanks to Pete Connor and his team.

Peccavi Wines 
Thanks to Jeremy Muller who are proud sponsors of this event.

Photos Thanks to Ampon Saeoeaw and Jamie Bell for Pictures and Video

Start - Race 6 (2013 States)

Footage of the start of of race 6 from the upper deck.

Thanks to Jamie

Monday, February 11, 2013

Butch Takes Out Title With Come From Behind Win

The SNAP WA Sharpie Association States titles were held at the prestigious Fremantle Sailing Club this weekend Feb 9 and 10. Andy Curnow and his trusty start crew from MBSC and Kev Tidy from EFSC ran a great regatta with a skeleton crew.

Day one was hot, light and variable breeze coming out of the east from around 100 degrees give or take 25.

Race One: The Lizard smashed the start did not miss a shift to have a massive lead by the top mark. The top ten battled it out with positions changing place many time. In the end it was;
1 Lizard
2 Who Let The Dogs Out
3 Vita Brevis

Race Two: Only Who Let the Dogs Out and Vita were able to hold form. The Lizard was 16. It was clear big gains and losses would be made especially down hill. Bejing Olympic Gold medallist Tessa Parkinson was finding her feet with improving from 9th to 6th.

Race Three: The Lizard again. Tessa in Origami Underwear was a close second and Ash Gayboy Gabrielson steering Busselton boat Suicide Blonde had a 6,4,3 to be looking a threat.

We headed to shore as the breeze faded and most believed we would not be out on the water again. Butch Tidy on Blatantly Obvious packed up as he had more important things to do. The Lizard was packed and were heading off to sail Eggshells at Freshie when the seabreeze showed signs of filling in.

Out we went again into a soft south westerly.

Race Four; Ash gayboy Gabrielson looked the goods all race. No Regrets was close by Impact (OCS) was wasting her time at the front end with her third turned into a 22. On the last run gayboy, no regrets and Tessa looked the goods before it all went pair shaped. The middle of the fleet sailed around the leaders and created a lot of smiles and plenty of tears.
1 Suburban Boy’s
2 Vita Brevis
3 Lizard
Going into day two it was
Suicide Blonde 19
Lizard 21
Vita Brevis 21
Vicious 22

The breeze was 12 to 18 and as shifty as hell.
Four punters were in with a real chance while Blatantly Obvious and Tessa could not be counted out to show some hot form.

Race 5
The top mark on race 5 proved critical as the Lizard had a communication issue, dipped Impact only to and be T boned by Blatantly Obvious. Butch came out with no damage while the Kevlar rocket was holed. A normal boat would have been demolished. End of regatta for the Lizard. Butch went on to win. The series was wide open. The top ten was very close in the end it was,

1 Blatantly Obvious
2 Suicide Blonde
3 Suburban Boys
4 Tessa (Origami)

Race 6
Datie lead most of the race with Keysie getting the new boat going and showed he still has a bit of talent when the breeze is on. The race was now a great tussle Suicide Blonde, Blatantly Obvious and Tessa could win.

The race was a cracker. Suicide blonde had a port and starboard, capsize and penalty turn just after the start to end their chance. Blatantly Obvious and Tess were in the top 5 with the first ten all in with a chance. Nat Males was on fire in the Pete Ivanac powered vanquish and hit the lead several times. In the end,

1 Blatantly Obvious
2 Vanquish
3 Origami Underwear (Tessa)
4 Datie
5 Vicious

In the end we headed to the bar late in the day to quench well earned thirsts.

2013 State Championship Provisional Results

Thanks to all that assisted with the regatta.

Vale - John Jamieson (JAMO)

John Jamieson passed away on 31 January 2013. John was a champion Sharpie sailor from Koombana Bay and moved to QLD some years ago.

Many of the old guard will remember John, as does Warren Drew:
John Jamieson was a member of Koombana Bay not GBYC. We had a very strong fleet of sharpies for many decades, I was fortunate to start in the fleet as a 15 year old in the mid eighties at the time when John "Jamo" Jamieson, Ray "Freddo" Leguire, Brett "Scrubby" Harris, Geoff Moore, Kim Jefferies, Phil Slee were the backbone of the local fleet. We sailed in most state heats, and had fierce competition in the form of the Bob Starr cup with GBYC. I see the Francis boys are still sailing, I think it's John old boat "Sandra" which one of the brothers sails.

John had "Sue", then "Entertainment Machine", and then built "Sandra" to have a tilt at the national title.

John was mentored by Colin Goodlad, one of our club custodians who is still active at the club. Colin was a revered sharpie sailor, a generation before the fleet we sailed in. The fleet back then consisted of Colin, Ray Truman, Splinter Armstrong and the like.

Johns father Andy Jamieson was also a local KBSC legend, his massive yacht "Jenny Philp" was an icon in the WA offshore sailing fleet. Andy was a sharpie sailer also.

John was your typical sharpie sailer, loved a drink, and a good after sail party. He is legend for the National title chug a lug, the wombat run (John was about 5 foot high and about 100kgs's so had a very low centre of gravity..haha). He is know locally for his nude bar sliding antics and kicking off pants off parties.

John was geared to have a huge tilt at the National title at Ceduna in the late eighties, but was hit by a car while riding his pushbike to get fit shortly before. This put an end to his title run, and he stopped sailing a couple of years after. He would be well remembered as a very good sharpie sailer by Peter Chappell, Vern Tidy, Graeme Keys, Laurie Chivers etc.
WA Sharpies has sent over the flying Kangaroo flag to be draped over his Coffin.
Famous sharpie party early eighties where they moored an old sharpie and got 12 people on board for an after sail drinking session
WA620 on a reach with John Jamieson in his heyday probably during the late seventies
...then someone moved trying to get to the esky ..
The annual sharpie windup dinner. Dress would indicate late seventies again. Check out "Scrubby" Harris in the chocolate striped number bottom left. Jamo is bottom right.
Jamo practising for the chug-a-lug late seventies, with a yard glass

Friday, February 8, 2013

The Origami Underwear Challenge

Hi All,

A few late alteration to the NOR and SI I scratched together.

All is ready for the States this weekend. The breeze will be fickle so anything could happen.

The challenge is out...heaven forbid.... could a chick win the prestigious Alan O'Grady trophy.

Olympic Gold Medalist Tessa Parkinson is steering Origami Underwear with National FX champion crew Kate and Matt Jahn on wire. Matt is self confessed as Australia's best skipper, crew and bar tiger are already boasting it is in the bag and if they do not win all heats on Saturday will sail in matching origami underwear on the Sunday.

With several chicks in the fleet claws are out, sharpened and the male ego at stake.

Bring your A game boys and Girls.



Thursday, February 7, 2013

2013 States Ammendments

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Shake and Bake shorten their Odds for State Titles with another class performance

One slight mistake at the top mark with Craig Mann on Impact taking the wrong mark.
Shake and Bake were off and never headed, with a polished display to take the chocolates.
SO Greg , Shake and Bake!!!

Impact was second and Gordo slipped through on the battle of the day with a tight tussle with Vanquish, and the ever improving No Regrets.

Paul Main lost the mast over the side , bending between the spinnaker clip and the spreaders on a tight reach.

Great to see there was ten boats out and great racing within the fleet.

Will see you all on Saturday at Freo for the states.

Cheers Brendon and Kate
Vita Brevis / Rescue Boat duties

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