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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

States Info

Hi All

The states are getting close now! We require volunteers to make this event run. If you know of anyone who can help out in some way contact Craig Mann so we can co-ordinate.

1st Warning signal is at 1000 on Saturday!


Good Luck

Monday, January 28, 2013

71st Nationals Accomodation

To All who wish to attend the Nationals seeking Accommodation

Below is a Google Map of Accommodation options near MBSC. As it is Christmas holiday it is advised to book early to avoid disappointment.

View 71st Sharpie Nationals Accomodation in a larger map

For those of you wishing to pitch a tent the Sea Scouts next door can be arranged. Please contact Craig Mann to secure your spot.

yellow boat report 27th Jan.

After waiting until about 1.30pm for another Sharpie to arrive at MBSC, we concluded that we must be off the race cancellation mailing list, and decided to go out for some capsizing practice instead, during which we discovered the "lets all hide from the forward hand" technique. (See picture). Fair enough, its Aussie day weekend and perhaps everyone was away, or maybe just still prostrated from the nationals? Hungover perhaps?
Olympian Tessa Parkinson, clearly having nothing better to do, offered to come out and give us some on water coaching and take pics - Our starter Andy also came out in Molly to keep an eye on things, so many thanks to them. I hasten to add that the pictured capsize recovery technique is entirely my own idea made up on the spot and worked a treat. Note the symmetry of our right arms...Being so good at capsizing, we thought we should get cleverer at getting upright again! It relies entirely on the fwd hand not pin-dropping through the mainsail window however (like he did last week). He scooped us up quite effectively today and off we went in a trice, so we like him again. even though it was his fault in the first place.
Tessa then came aboard for her first ever sail in a Sharpie, while Susie took a break in the RIB. When Tessa eventually took the helm, it was interesting for me to see her upwind technique (very low and fast - then building hight) rather than my "middle of the road" approach in about 22 knots. But who knows when there were no other boats to compare and she has never sailed a Sharpie... She said " shit this is complicated" more than once (probably due to the state of the yellow boats chaotic control lines)...but she was surprised at the power of the Sharpie and I definitely learnt a great deal as well. We were absolutely pegging it upwind after some tweaking that's for certain! I retired hurt however, not having hauled on a sharpie main-sheet for 15 years and the salt water stung my eyes too much...
It cleared up my Aussie Day hangover anyway - thanks again to Andy and Tessa and also the 18ft skiff boys.
Chris Bell
Cut The Mustard.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

GBYC club heat4

After the christmas break it was good to have a sail on the bay. The race started in 11 to 15 knot north westerly breeze with four sharpies on the line at the start. all boats were away clear in a near perfect start. This must have been too much for Mozz as for some reason he gybed off and restarted?? with the exception of mozz the boats were all close up the first work with only seconds seperating the first three. This continued for the next two laps when dean had a kite problem letting mozz into third. final results were as follows First Suicide Blonde Merv,Pete and Brownie Second Suburban Boys Snow, Rob and Josh Third Uninvited Mozz, Phil and Jess Forth The Asylum Dean, Paul and Dave After a few drinks under the "tree of Knowledge" plans were made for this weekends Australia day reggata and the upcoming states, just a note on the states they will definately be at Fremantle. Hope a good week is had by all cheers Pete C Busso

Thursday, January 17, 2013

GBYC australia day regatta

Hi all Good to be back in WA after the nationals in SA thanks to Kurt and Ryan for the sail too bad the results did not reflect the true endeavors of the effort put in.
 I will write a report in a few days or so, need to let the stories reach their full potential without being hampered by the truth.
 Have worked out a formula on how to win a national title as we observed the great Vern Tidy rigging next to us and in an accountant factual analyisis of the carnival I now know the secret.
 Reason for the post is to invite all sharpie sailors down to Gbyc for the australia day regatta on, yes australia day. Hopefully we can upload a flyer for more info soon Keep it in mind as it is only a week away.
 Pete C

NOR here

Friday, January 4, 2013

Nationals States Night

WA participated in the annnual states night down at the BSYC. There was a great turn out with all states entering teams in the competition. WA won the best dressed award with the tried and tested Hawaiian shirts making us stand out from the crowd. we lost in the initial round to NSW however with a few subs to the team and an entry into the lucky loser round we won against VIC. However the eventual winners TAS were too strong for WA.

The festivities kicked on later with a band starting upstairs. Congo lines and nude sliding kept some people occupied until early morning.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sharpie President considers career change

After 3 races in the Nationals series so far Craig took the time to consider a career change as a side show act. He fits in well. Thanks to BOB and Craig for putting on a great show.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bring on the new year

In the last two days of racing local knowledge seems to have favored in the results as shifty and lighter conditions caused headaches for many crews.

Heat 2:
Taking off from the beach it seemed a standard day with a good sea breeze making its way in right on queue. However half way up the second up-wind an easterly shift caught many out. From there it was a fight to salvage a result. Some boats even had kites on the upwind. Vita Brevis was the first boat home from WA in 17th Place.

Heat 3:
After the headaches from Heat 2 crews were half expecting the breeze to switch again. However the breeze settled in from the SW (10-15knots). In these conditions a short chop develops which is a struggle to keep the boats moving. The Lizzard sniffed the podium with a 4th place and Vita Brevis managed to jury rig their spinnaker halyard to complete the race finishing 12th.

Progressive Results

BSYC held its New years eve function which packed the club. A highlight of the evening was watching the fireworks on the Brighton peir and some others set off from the beach? There will be some very sore heads this morning as everyone partied well into the new year.

Lay Hangover day today then on the water for heats 4 & 5 tomorrow.

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