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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Nationals Carnage and Testosterone

Testosterone was definitely building before the series with some skippers choosing not to wait to take their battle to the water.

Round 1
Round 2

The first heat was sailed today in similar conditions to yesterday - 20/25knots plus waves. If you could avoid swimming then you had a good day. The conditions have taken their toll on a handful of boats already including The lizard who had to retire from the invitation race with the preventer shearing off at deck level bending their mast beyond repair. They are onto their spare and sailied very well today to get 5th place. After today's race I have seen 4 mast that will only be good as scrap metal as you can see below.

The 2nd invitation race was called off and will be sailed in conjunction with heat 3. With only 41 boats finishing the first invitation most crews had already had a hard day on the water. The opening night event was held. The beer tasted really good after waves splashing over all day. However Mr Ivanac will need to reconsider his mode of transport after getting lost in the car park trying to find his bike.

1st Invitation
Heat One

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