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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

MBSC Last hitout before the Nationals

With the nationals looming closer there was time for the boats heading tot the nationals to have the last hitout before the nationals at MBSC on 9th December with 10 boats hitting the start line.

Some crews choosing to piece together parts of others to hit the water including Boogs making an appearance upfront on Vicious. Ash Gabrielson made a guest skipper appearance filling in for Keysie.

See picture for Dave Wells taking a swim after his trap wire went about 3 seconds into the race. Someone didn't put the shackle pin in properly the night before while replacing the wire with Dynema...(lefty loosy, righty tighty Chris....and stay off the grog while fixing stuff) The funniest part about this is that Dave had never, ever been on a trapeze before. A great save by Susie as he went past and he also kept hold of the jibsheet too.... After a respectable few legs keeping up with, and even crossing a few respectable boats minus a trapeze things steadily deteriorated however. Otherwise a promising start for the yellow boat. Pic courtesy of Nanako on the start boat.

As you can see it was a nice day on the water. I cant remember the results if anyone could comment???

Those who are driving to the nationals chose to go for a quick sail last weekend while the rest of us were stuck on land packing the boats into the container. Thanks to all who help packing including Gordo who organised the timber and always had an opinion about how to pack it and Al In total 10 boats will be making the trek to BSYC with 6 in a 40ft container and 4 choosing to trek the nullabor. The state team has been chosen as follows:

788 Lizard
901 Blatantly Obvious
910 Vita Brevis
877 Pig Out
879 Loaded Dice
821 Impact

Other boats representing WA are:
916 SBD DRILLING (Toothless)
856 Vanquish
891 Vicious
805 Pecavvi No Regrets

There will be daily reports from the nationals posted here. Otherwise please check for official news.

Good Luck to everyone travelling to the nationals and Merry Christmas to all.

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