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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Club Heat 3 GBYC

Heat three saw five boats and what appeared to be a consistant 15k NW wind at the start
all got away clear and the fleet soon split with Mozz and Craig going right early Snow opting for the middle while Dean and Merv banged the left.
First mark saw Mozz lead from Craig with Snow Dean and Merv not far behind. at this point the breeze started to die forcing boats to go in different directions to pick up the breeze, Merv applied all his mirror skills to hang on to the northwester and take the lead. A few minutes later Mozz and Snow slid past in the southwest, if only it could have held of till the bottom mark!!
The only excitement from here on in was Mozz doing a penalty for tangling with Snow and the beers on the lawn after (soldiers courses tend to dampen the day unless your in the lead)

Final results

Suburban boys   Snow Rob and Josh
The Uninvited     Mozz Phil and Tom
Suicide Blonde   Merv Pete and Brownie
Norma               Craig Decker and Anton
The Asylum        Dean Ian and Paul

There is no club sailing for a few weeks
good luck to those going to Adelaide
merry xmas to all

Pete C

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