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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

GBYC 17th nov

Saturday saw a 10 to 15 knot nw breeze at start time with a chance of a change to the west during the afternoon.
Five boats faced the starter and in the excitement of getting going Snow and Merv were over early and had to reround. This allowed Craig, Dean and Mozz to fight out the first leg. Craig was first to the top mark with Merv, after having a week off to prepare his mirror for lease, in second followed by Dean, who continues to show early speed, Mozz and Snow not too far behind.
The gybe mark once again saw the fleet close up. at the bottom mark Merv had almost overtaken Craig when a cruiser dropped in on Merv stopping his breeze, Think the cruiser was Craigs dad.
Mozz was quick to pounce slipping into second with Merv, Snow and Dean rounding out the fleet.
Nothing changed in the next lap or so leaving Craig to gain a win.
All boats finished within a hundred metres or so ensuring that there is no room for mistakes.

First Norma               Craig, Anton and Andy
        The Uninvited     Mozz, Jesse and Decker
        Suicide Blonde   Merv, Pete and Brownie
        Suburban Boys  Snow, Rob and Greg
        The Asylum       Dean,Ian and Paul

Next week is club heat two

Three sharpies went out to Dunsborough for their opening day
a solid breeze of 20 to 30 knots over a very short course in amongst the moorings and sand bars of Quindalup made for some exciting if not challenging racing.
Snow was victorious from Mozz and Merv.
The spectators got value for money from the verandah
then were treated to the company of the sharpie lads who endevoured to empty the bar of carronas.
was a pleasent change to travel to another club but only drive for 20 minutes.

Pete C

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