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Monday, November 12, 2012

A Big weekend

The weekend saw some good close racing at EFYC on Saturday and MBSC on Sunday.

Saturday was in a festerly westerly in the drain pipe, never a lot of fun but great for the boat work. Mat Jahn and the infamous Butch were in the winners circle for each race while Vita Brevis was nipping at there heals. It must be mentioned Dave Meehan flew in from Queensland for the weekend, big effort.

On Sunday the Sou Wester kicked in nicely at around 18 knots in Matilda Bay for the Jahn Financial Services Sprint Series. The 49er were fighting it out for spots and cash for sail Melbourne while the Sharpies were carbo loading with Corona.

Almost a dozen boats ripped around the 3 short but furious races with Butch and Vita Brevis the most consistent. Many missed the first start getting carried away tuning in the wonderful breeze. Butch was all over the race from start to finish, Craig Mann failed rigging 101, when his knot on the new carbon pole bridle came undone, rather risk  breakage he stopped on the last leg to fix his f—k up going from second to near motherless.

Race Two was Butch again after a tight tussle with Impact who faded on the last run to finish 4th. Vita Brevis 2nd again Gordo third.

Race Three and the cream curdled allowing Impact to have a one second win from Vita Brevis ahead of Butch a second or two back. Great close racing from start to finish.

Butch and his less than faithful band of crew are in sparkling form, The Lizard washed out a few more spiders, however showed glimpses of pace when the mast was pointing in the correct vertical position.

Gordo continues to go quick, Kurt on Vicious is finding his feet, Keysie trialled his new boat. He must have liked it as he never stopped complaining.

The Container is fully booked for Adelaide with 6 boats locked in and four driving across.

The Lizard has 7 days of training booked off Freo while the boats are in the container. Pete is keen to get an edge on the opposition and come out firing at Brighton and Seacliff with the sharp, crash hot crew.

The forecast looks good again this weekend.


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