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Friday, November 30, 2012

Nationals Pre-Measurement

Dear Sharpie Sailors,

For those sailors heading to Adelaide who would like items on their boats pre-measured, there will be a Pre-Nationals Measurement Day starting 10am 16-Dec-12 at MBSC.
Items to be checked New Sails, Booms and Spinnaker poles.

Having signed sails will save you time when you get to Adelaide, also a lot of boats have new booms and spinnaker poles, so it will be worth checking that these items comply prior to them being measured in Adelaide.

If you have any other items on your boat that you would like to be checked please contact me prior to the 16th December.


David Meehan

Monday, November 26, 2012

GBYC Club heat two

Saturday 24/11/2012

A good breeze of 18 to 20 knots with gusts touching 28 knots, five sharpies what more could you ask for.
This weeks start saw all get away without breaking, although Snow ,Mozz and Craig seemed to be doing a far bit of yelling, something to do with barging, leaving Dean to get a clear start whilst Merv chose to go middle of the line out of harms way. On the first cross Merv dipped four transoms to go right as the pre start tack showed this to be favored. Showing why he is the current club mirror ace this was a winner rounding the top mark with a lead from Snow, not sure of the rest as a bit busy with kites and sailing stuff to take much notice.
On the next work and run down the middle Merv held on to a reasonable lead from Snow, A tack the wrong way saw Snow close the gap to striking distance at the top.
The first reach of the triangle was tight and with the 25+ bullets saw Snow carted and drop the kite 200m out. Merv was tantalisingly close but failed at the last metre or so and had to do a quick drop to make the mark then go wide on the gybe and reset the kite, this allowed Snow to sneak past into the lead.
Craig and Dean had a turn in the piss somewhere along the way, at the after beers session it was claimed this was the only reason Snow was able to pass?,
At the end Snow kept Merv at bay to take out his first club win for the year.

Final placings

Suburban Boys   Snow,Rob and Josh
Suicide Blonde   Merv, Pete and Brownie
The Uninvited    Mozz, Tom and Phil
Norma               Craig, Anton and Andy
The Asylum        Dean, Paul and Greg

next week is a short course series on sunday morning 10.30 ish start
Pete C

Sunday, November 25, 2012


Shake and bake all out three from three 
What a crew, what a pit crew , what a drive 
G Creeper welcome back to the big stage

Just watch the clip 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

GBYC 17th nov

Saturday saw a 10 to 15 knot nw breeze at start time with a chance of a change to the west during the afternoon.
Five boats faced the starter and in the excitement of getting going Snow and Merv were over early and had to reround. This allowed Craig, Dean and Mozz to fight out the first leg. Craig was first to the top mark with Merv, after having a week off to prepare his mirror for lease, in second followed by Dean, who continues to show early speed, Mozz and Snow not too far behind.
The gybe mark once again saw the fleet close up. at the bottom mark Merv had almost overtaken Craig when a cruiser dropped in on Merv stopping his breeze, Think the cruiser was Craigs dad.
Mozz was quick to pounce slipping into second with Merv, Snow and Dean rounding out the fleet.
Nothing changed in the next lap or so leaving Craig to gain a win.
All boats finished within a hundred metres or so ensuring that there is no room for mistakes.

First Norma               Craig, Anton and Andy
        The Uninvited     Mozz, Jesse and Decker
        Suicide Blonde   Merv, Pete and Brownie
        Suburban Boys  Snow, Rob and Greg
        The Asylum       Dean,Ian and Paul

Next week is club heat two

Three sharpies went out to Dunsborough for their opening day
a solid breeze of 20 to 30 knots over a very short course in amongst the moorings and sand bars of Quindalup made for some exciting if not challenging racing.
Snow was victorious from Mozz and Merv.
The spectators got value for money from the verandah
then were treated to the company of the sharpie lads who endevoured to empty the bar of carronas.
was a pleasent change to travel to another club but only drive for 20 minutes.

Pete C

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

GBYC 10 th November

Saturday dawned with a solid 18 to 20 knot westerly looking to stay for the day
Five sharpies lined up at the start for the first sail in a steady top end breeze for the season.
All boats were some where near the line at the gun.
Once again The Asylum had good height and speed off the line, Suicide Blonde with guest skipper kym on board had to work hard to be in the lead at the top for the first time.
At the gybe mark the fleet all closed up with the following breeze creating a bit of havoc on the gybe.
I think The Uninvited lead at the next mark from Norma , Suburban boys, Suicide Blonde and The Asylum having hit the piss a couple of times giving new crew man Paul a taste of what to avoid.
The run through the middle saw the fleet split into two with the fleet all together at the mark once again.
A tack out to sea saw Suicide Blonde take the lead for the last two reaches.
On the final work all the stops were out with all boats doing their best to lose.
All crews were spent by the top mark and a quick kite run to the finish topped off a great days sailing leaving plenty of stories to go with the beers into the night.

Final Placings
Suicide Blonde  Kym Pete and Brownie
Suburban Boys  Snow Rob and Josh
Norma               Craig Anton and Andy
The Uninvited     Mozz Tom and Phil
The Asylum        Dean Paul and Ian

Next week sees normal sailing saturday at 14.30
sunday is the Dunsborough Bay club opening day with racing at 14.00
hope to see a few boats there as we may be able to spark some interest in sharpies instead of GP14's

Till next week
Pete C

Monday, November 12, 2012

A Big weekend

The weekend saw some good close racing at EFYC on Saturday and MBSC on Sunday.

Saturday was in a festerly westerly in the drain pipe, never a lot of fun but great for the boat work. Mat Jahn and the infamous Butch were in the winners circle for each race while Vita Brevis was nipping at there heals. It must be mentioned Dave Meehan flew in from Queensland for the weekend, big effort.

On Sunday the Sou Wester kicked in nicely at around 18 knots in Matilda Bay for the Jahn Financial Services Sprint Series. The 49er were fighting it out for spots and cash for sail Melbourne while the Sharpies were carbo loading with Corona.

Almost a dozen boats ripped around the 3 short but furious races with Butch and Vita Brevis the most consistent. Many missed the first start getting carried away tuning in the wonderful breeze. Butch was all over the race from start to finish, Craig Mann failed rigging 101, when his knot on the new carbon pole bridle came undone, rather risk  breakage he stopped on the last leg to fix his f—k up going from second to near motherless.

Race Two was Butch again after a tight tussle with Impact who faded on the last run to finish 4th. Vita Brevis 2nd again Gordo third.

Race Three and the cream curdled allowing Impact to have a one second win from Vita Brevis ahead of Butch a second or two back. Great close racing from start to finish.

Butch and his less than faithful band of crew are in sparkling form, The Lizard washed out a few more spiders, however showed glimpses of pace when the mast was pointing in the correct vertical position.

Gordo continues to go quick, Kurt on Vicious is finding his feet, Keysie trialled his new boat. He must have liked it as he never stopped complaining.

The Container is fully booked for Adelaide with 6 boats locked in and four driving across.

The Lizard has 7 days of training booked off Freo while the boats are in the container. Pete is keen to get an edge on the opposition and come out firing at Brighton and Seacliff with the sharp, crash hot crew.

The forecast looks good again this weekend.


Friday, November 9, 2012

MBSC - Heavy weather sailing lessons

Some footage from last weekend

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Shit happens

Sunday was a little hairy. Impact ended up a little worse for wear. See above for results of high speed capsize. This weekend is scheduled for short courses at both EFYC and MBSC.

EFYC Saturday
EFYC racing is part of the Travellers and State selections so if you are travelling to SA it would be worth making the effort to sharpen up your boat skills. Race Start 14:00.

MBSC Sunday
MBSC racings is also part of the Travellers and State selection. Race Start 14:00.
The WA 49er/FX's would like to invite all members and classes of MBSC to Round 1 of the Grand Prix Sprint Series. The day includes;Live music by Red Alert, Gourmet Burgers $10, Swan Draught Jugs, $5 dollar can bar for coronas and premixed spirits. Live music begins at 3.30pm. Presentations at 5.30pm.
This is a great chance to have a cracking sunday session at the club and we would like all sections of the club to get involved and enjoy a great afternoon at our club. Invite friends and family down to enjoy the atmosphere! Look forward to seeing lots of club members on Sunday!

Nationals Prep
It would also be worth getting out in the Ocean a few times and get a feel for a fraction of the waves we will see at Brighton and Seacliff. So far we have three for container travel with the rest towing. The deadline for booking is fast approaching so let me know asap.


Free Sharpie Trailer

For those who have not seen the classifed ad for a free sharpie trailer it is here:

Please note Chris will be putting this on the roadside for anyone to take so this is your last chance.

Be Quick!!

120 Duke st Scarborough

As of 8/11/12 1:00 pm it is still up for grabs.

Please send us your news, photos, video, links to so we can add it to the website.