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Monday, October 15, 2012

MBSC Report

MBSC held its first race of the 2012/13 Season (After open day) with 9 Sharpies on the line to Contest. A Southwesterly/Westerly Breeze around 12 knots was there to meet the fleet. The starter chose a SouthWest Course. A Course very familiar to the fleet.

The fleet got off to a clean start however with places traded many times up the first work to club mark. A nice reach across to Addison with the fleet separating into two groups. Loaded Dice rounded Addisson in 4th Position and by Deepwater was in front of the fleet by 30 seconds. By the end of the race it was extended even further. Peter Ivanac managed to miss rounding Dolphin East as someone had run over it although Lady Mounts Bay was marking it with its flashing beacon aswell.  I believe there was a debate on board to keep on sailing and pull out later.

6 Boats finished the race in the end with Wise Magic bending their mast past 90 deg after snapping their preventer on a shy reach. No Regrets retired after noticing a damaged spreader (Lucky save). Three Liddle Pigs needed some help getting to shore after a Laser failed to obey Rule number 1 in the Blue Book (Port/Starboard).

Podium (Over the line)
1. Loaded Dice
2. Blacksun
3. Impact

Next week is a Short Course series at Mounts Bay. Looking forward to it!

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