The Australian Sharpie is a highly competitive yet social class with a long history of attracting and developing champion sailors

Monday, October 8, 2012

MBSC Open Day

We had a gentle 8 to 10 knots for opening day for the MBSC Opening. 11 sharpies hit the track with the new look Blatantly Obvious showing a clean set of heals leading from start to finish. Impact was near but never close enough to challenge for the lead. A minute back there was a great tussle between Vicious, the Dogs and Loaded Dice for third with the Dogs winning out in the end. Pete Ivanac missed the start when he decided to go prawning trawling. Chris Bell had a few teething problems, however had a good sail with no breakages or injury.

The beach was busy in the morning with juniors in oppies and middies. We had three pacers taking, learn to sail adults, parents and little ones for quick spins around the bay it was all action. It would be great if the sharpie sailor could assist occasionally with the juniors. Marty Sale (Middies) Alistair (Oppies) Matt Jahn (Adult Classes) and I will be on the beach from 1000 most Sundays.

EFYC is in full swing next week and we hope to see Swanny launch his new toy. MBSC is racing for the Paul Main Trophy. What will Mainy come up with. It could be a dodgy floor board?

There is a bit of interest in sailing at the Indian Ocean Classic, please email me if you intent to sail.
MBSC has a club heat scheduled on the Sunday at this stage.
FSC are keen to have us and the 505's are normally good competition.

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