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Sunday, October 28, 2012

GBYC club heat one

Saturday 27 oct
Club heat one saw four combatants line up for the start, these were,
The Uninvited with Mozz, Tom and Phil.
The Asylum  with Dean, Ian and Paul
Suburban Boys with Snow, Rob and Josh
Suicide Blonde with Merv, pete and Brownie.
unfortunatley Norma was unavailable as Craig was still tied up with family commitments.

A four to six knot westerlyish breeze was present and stayed that way through out the race.
Once again Dean was good out of the blocks and crossed just behind Merv and in front of Mozz and Snow.
Round the top mark it was merv from mozz dean and snow, the first reach saw snow overtake dean and mozz. This continued on the second with merv opening up a nice gap on the others.
The second work saw the fleet cross tacks  a few times and places stayed much the same.
On the run Snow closed the gap on Merv to about ten boat lengths.
the last work saw them edge even closer in the fading air, Dean got Mozz who then went for the blinder off to the left with Dean covering slightly to minimise any damage if it came off, alas it was not to be.
with the course shortened Merv pulled out the stops and headed for the finish opening up a break on Snow with Dean not far behind and Mozz a bit further back.
On the beach a few beers were had under the shade and stories told and planing for next week.
Racing is on Sunday morning next week with the first round of the short course series.
First start is at ten am.
see you all there
Pete C

Suicide Blonde
Suburban Boys
The Asylum
The Uninvited

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