The Australian Sharpie is a highly competitive yet social class with a long history of attracting and developing champion sailors

Saturday, October 13, 2012

First day gbyc

Saturday 13th October 2012 was programmed as the first day of sailing at the Geographe Bay Yacht Club.
As usual the Sharpie boys gathered on the grass in the rigging up area to prepare for the day, when the weather turned bad "apparently", and sailing was cancelled.
I seem to remember a similar situation in a television advert, where the weather turned bad, and the yachtsmen were also unable to leave.
So, as you can see from the photo attached, in true Sharpie style the boys stayed as long as they could, doing what Sharpie sailors do best... sink a few ales and share a few tales.
Next Saturday, the 20th 2012 October is Opening Day for the Geographe Bay Yacht Club, and all are welcome.
Good Sailing
Lynn L

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