The Australian Sharpie is a highly competitive yet social class with a long history of attracting and developing champion sailors

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

1964 MBSC Nationals

Photos of the 1964 MBSC sharpie nationals have been sent in courtesy of John Pudney. His late father Cec Pudney competed at this event. A couple of distinct features in these photos still exist today. Take a look at the album

Thanks John

MBSC Club Heat One

With nearly as many EFYC as MBSC boats hitting the water we had 10 enthusiastic starters in what looked like a nice 8 knot SWer. Butch, Black Sun, The Dogs, Gordo and Swanny look the goods on the first few legs with the rest sailing around in circles getting further behind as the breeze started to die and do circles. Eventually Butch enforced the 4.30 rule and sailed for bar, a few held out hope of an easterly returning however the smell of beer was to great and the stragglers headed for the bar just in time to avoid a total glass off.
Next Sunday is the opening of PFSYC, I hope to have the courses soon and will pass them on. The forecast is a little crazy at this stage hopefully it will improve as the week progresses. I will post an alternative course on the here if the forecast stays in the NW. Windward leeward format. I see no point in playing the soldiers game.

SIs Here

Butch is showing good form early in the season and the rest of us look like a rabble. So much show Ash Gay Boy Gabrielson is making guest appearance so expect some verbal abuse both on and off shore.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

GBYC club heat one

Saturday 27 oct
Club heat one saw four combatants line up for the start, these were,
The Uninvited with Mozz, Tom and Phil.
The Asylum  with Dean, Ian and Paul
Suburban Boys with Snow, Rob and Josh
Suicide Blonde with Merv, pete and Brownie.
unfortunatley Norma was unavailable as Craig was still tied up with family commitments.

A four to six knot westerlyish breeze was present and stayed that way through out the race.
Once again Dean was good out of the blocks and crossed just behind Merv and in front of Mozz and Snow.
Round the top mark it was merv from mozz dean and snow, the first reach saw snow overtake dean and mozz. This continued on the second with merv opening up a nice gap on the others.
The second work saw the fleet cross tacks  a few times and places stayed much the same.
On the run Snow closed the gap on Merv to about ten boat lengths.
the last work saw them edge even closer in the fading air, Dean got Mozz who then went for the blinder off to the left with Dean covering slightly to minimise any damage if it came off, alas it was not to be.
with the course shortened Merv pulled out the stops and headed for the finish opening up a break on Snow with Dean not far behind and Mozz a bit further back.
On the beach a few beers were had under the shade and stories told and planing for next week.
Racing is on Sunday morning next week with the first round of the short course series.
First start is at ten am.
see you all there
Pete C

Suicide Blonde
Suburban Boys
The Asylum
The Uninvited

Monday, October 22, 2012

GBYC opening day

Saturday 20th October GBYC opening day saw sunshine and a 10 knot northwest wind greet the fleet. After the formalitys and a light lunch boats hit hte water for the first race of the season. The course was a windward leeward set up as all classes sailed int the same fleet. As the interest on these pages is for sharpies no mention of the rest of the fleet will follow. Four sharpies started with Craig Francis away on family comitments so Norm was not out. The uninvited with Mozz, Tom and Phil, Suburban boys with Snow,Rob and Josh, The asylum (woody nook wines)With Dean, Ian and unknown sheethand, Suicide Blonde with Pete, Brownie and new recruit Merv (current club mirror ace) on the helm. Dean led out of the start and crossed in the lead from Merv, Snow and Mozz. Around the top mark it was Merv with a narrow lead over Snow, Mozz and Dean. Although the three boats kept attacking Merv was able to cooly hold his nerve and stay in front. Second time round merv extended his lead and Mozz got through Snow with Dean close behind. Last lap saw the positions stay the same with Merv a comfortabl winner from Moz, Snow and Dean. After some intense contract negotiations Merv signed on for another week on Suicide Blonde and will leave the mirror in the shed for at least one more sail. A few traditional beers on the lawn and most moved inside the club for a nice dinner and more drinks. Next week sees the first club heat so rumors of new sails abound,Craig should be in the water depending on comitments but at this stage no word on Kym. See you all there Cheers Pete C Busso

Monday, October 15, 2012

MBSC Report

MBSC held its first race of the 2012/13 Season (After open day) with 9 Sharpies on the line to Contest. A Southwesterly/Westerly Breeze around 12 knots was there to meet the fleet. The starter chose a SouthWest Course. A Course very familiar to the fleet.

The fleet got off to a clean start however with places traded many times up the first work to club mark. A nice reach across to Addison with the fleet separating into two groups. Loaded Dice rounded Addisson in 4th Position and by Deepwater was in front of the fleet by 30 seconds. By the end of the race it was extended even further. Peter Ivanac managed to miss rounding Dolphin East as someone had run over it although Lady Mounts Bay was marking it with its flashing beacon aswell.  I believe there was a debate on board to keep on sailing and pull out later.

6 Boats finished the race in the end with Wise Magic bending their mast past 90 deg after snapping their preventer on a shy reach. No Regrets retired after noticing a damaged spreader (Lucky save). Three Liddle Pigs needed some help getting to shore after a Laser failed to obey Rule number 1 in the Blue Book (Port/Starboard).

Podium (Over the line)
1. Loaded Dice
2. Blacksun
3. Impact

Next week is a Short Course series at Mounts Bay. Looking forward to it!

Historical Plans

Sharpie Vintage

MBSC Open Day Photos

Photos from Open Day

Saturday, October 13, 2012

First day gbyc

Saturday 13th October 2012 was programmed as the first day of sailing at the Geographe Bay Yacht Club.
As usual the Sharpie boys gathered on the grass in the rigging up area to prepare for the day, when the weather turned bad "apparently", and sailing was cancelled.
I seem to remember a similar situation in a television advert, where the weather turned bad, and the yachtsmen were also unable to leave.
So, as you can see from the photo attached, in true Sharpie style the boys stayed as long as they could, doing what Sharpie sailors do best... sink a few ales and share a few tales.
Next Saturday, the 20th 2012 October is Opening Day for the Geographe Bay Yacht Club, and all are welcome.
Good Sailing
Lynn L

When a 49er forgets to look

Video from Open Day

Monday, October 8, 2012

MBSC Open Day

We had a gentle 8 to 10 knots for opening day for the MBSC Opening. 11 sharpies hit the track with the new look Blatantly Obvious showing a clean set of heals leading from start to finish. Impact was near but never close enough to challenge for the lead. A minute back there was a great tussle between Vicious, the Dogs and Loaded Dice for third with the Dogs winning out in the end. Pete Ivanac missed the start when he decided to go prawning trawling. Chris Bell had a few teething problems, however had a good sail with no breakages or injury.

The beach was busy in the morning with juniors in oppies and middies. We had three pacers taking, learn to sail adults, parents and little ones for quick spins around the bay it was all action. It would be great if the sharpie sailor could assist occasionally with the juniors. Marty Sale (Middies) Alistair (Oppies) Matt Jahn (Adult Classes) and I will be on the beach from 1000 most Sundays.

EFYC is in full swing next week and we hope to see Swanny launch his new toy. MBSC is racing for the Paul Main Trophy. What will Mainy come up with. It could be a dodgy floor board?

There is a bit of interest in sailing at the Indian Ocean Classic, please email me if you intent to sail.
MBSC has a club heat scheduled on the Sunday at this stage.
FSC are keen to have us and the 505's are normally good competition.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Spring is here and it’s time to get sailing again! The carpets are clean, the windows are sparkling. A lot of work has been done to try and have all ready for the new season.
The theme for the day is “Into the Future” and we’re encouraging everyone to go over the top and get dressed up even for the sail past! There’ll be a prize for the best dressed crew! After racing dance the night away to kick off what is going to be a FUN season! The office will be open from 10.30am until 1.00pm for anyone wishing to pay fees. Yellow Books, Vouchers and Stickers will all be available for collection.
The program of events is as follows:
1100hrs Competitor Briefing – Mudlarks & Bics
Galley open
1130hrs Short Races – Mudlarks & Bics
Bar Open Upstairs
1300hrs Competitor Briefing – All other fleets
VIP’s, Invited Guests and Sponsors Arrive – Col Taylor Lounge
 Beverage service begins
Jazz Band‘Better than Chocolate’            
1340hrs Officials and Guests move to balcony
1345hrs Opening Ceremony Commences
National Anthem – Mary Ann Oliver
Commodore’s Welcome Speech
Patron to Present Flags to Flag Officers
Opening Speech by Fred Mann
Firing of the Gun
Class Captains to Raise Flags
1430hrs Open Day Sail Past
Open Day Race Begins – all Other Fleets
1500hrs Afternoon Tea Served
1700hrs Presentations
1800hrs Dinner Served
See you there for a GREAT day!

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