The Australian Sharpie is a highly competitive yet social class with a long history of attracting and developing champion sailors

Monday, September 10, 2012

Pre-season Preparation

The weather was perfect and club was a hive of activity yesterday with 5 Sharpies making it onto the lawn and most into the water. Congratulations and welcome to Chris Bell who has purchased "Triangle Sausage Triangle". With a bit of spit and polish the yellow boat will be right into the thick of it.  Chris spent the afternoon on the lawn inspecting the boat and ensuring and tidying up the systems and rig. Chris brings with him two other bored keel boat sailors looking for a bit of excitement and will be a valuable addition to the Sharpie class and Mounts Bay SC - welcome!

"Mainiacts" and "SS" were both out on the water making pre-season adjustments and test sailing with new crew. "Loaded Dice" came out of the shed for a wash and systems check. "Vanquish" made a late arrival (with fibreglass still drying) and went out for a quick first sail to validate new systems and sails added to the boat. Too early to say, but the boat seems quick. We will see.

Greg Creeper was making sure the bar didn't fall over, and has said "his leg is good now so he will be out there". I have taken this as a promise. I trust you will all make sure Greg follows through with his promise.

Happy birthday to Andy Kurnow who had wine and cake (what a combo) upstairs, observing the activity on the lawn and water.

A set of the new carbon boom and pole were tested on "Vanquish" and were a great success, with very noticable improvement to gust response from the very very stiff boom. The spin pole and open ends were also a delight to use. To pick up your boom/pole/ends kit, please call Peter Ivanac as he would like his shed floor space back. If you would like to purchase one of two kits from the WA Sharpie association, please call Peter Ivanac. You will want to get in quick at a price of $1,034 for the pair, they will go fast. I also have 4 open pole end fittings left for sale at a price of $25 per fitting.

The MBSC fleet is looking like it will have a strong fleet of regulars sailing this year so we look forward to seeing you all out there.

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