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Friday, August 31, 2012

RIP - WA685 "Flat Tack"

WA685 - "Flat Tack" with its new purpose
After finding Flat tack kicked to the kerb and rescuing her from the tip it was realised that she was past her prime. Chris Bell has now laid "Flat tack" to rest in the back yard refurbished as a vegetable patch.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Carbon Porn + Busy Bee Request

 Ladies and Gents, excitement is building as the start of the sailing season draws near. Carbon poles/booms are currently at Binks ready for fit-out and will then make their way to WA.
In the mean-time, MBSC still has plenty of work to do before opening day. The usual group of volunteers have already scarified several of their valuable weekends to work tirelessly at the club and it is disappointing that others have managed to forget that the club exists, but will happy turn up on opening day and use the facilities. I urge anybody who has not attended a busy bee at the club yet to call Tessa/Cathy at MBSC on 9386 5839 and let them know when/how you can help.

Not sure about others, but Gordon, Brendon and myself will be putting in another day over the weekend to continue working on the dinghy shed beams, dinghy shed racks, front gate and painting. We will need more help to finish the club in time so your assistance is appreciated and frankly expected.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Carbon Bits Hit the Plane

Ladies and Gents,
I am assured the carbon booms/poles are currently in transit to SA. As usual WA stands for Wait Awhile, but we should have black bits by the end of the month.
In the mean-time you will just have to play with your pole ends.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Who Wants in The BOX


With the South Australian Nationals 143 days away the association is requesting number
We still have a contact within the industry and are about to get the quote
Please express your interest to Craig Mann ( or Brendon Green (
Express you interest  SIGN for the Nationals at the South Australian National web site

Please send us your news, photos, video, links to so we can add it to the website.