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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

WA685 Flat Tack rescued from the kerb

Ive just rescued "Flat Tack" (Hillys old boat wasnt it??) from the council verge rubbish pick up...couldn't believe my eyes as I drove by....she doesnt seem that bad to me, so I will try and get her ready in time for a season, not that I reckon we'll go very quick.
If anyone can help with some spars I would be mighty happy!!! Its all thats missing.
Oh, and a guerny....

Chris Bell.
Good to see Chris. I am not familiar with Flat Tack. so I am not sure who used to own it (Can anyone help with a history) Please send us through some photos so we you have got to work with.

If anyone can help with some spars please contact Chris with the email above.

Flat Tack Rescued

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