The Australian Sharpie is a highly competitive yet social class with a long history of attracting and developing champion sailors

Monday, February 6, 2012

A Busy Day at Mounts Bay Sailing Club

Ants had day two of three of the state heats. Bugger me I had to be involved in mediation. Protests protests!!!!!!

25 kids sailing in pacers for Lucy Manns (niece) 8th Birthday. Carl and myself had a constant cycle of kids on the water for 2 hours.

Club Heat 3
Thanks to a few selfless yachties and a few ant parents we scraped up enough helpers to get racin underway. As Scott Glaskin described the day we had an eastely, south easterly, nothing, sou wester, nothing sou easter etc etc. A good day to be in the bar.

With the breeze as it was the result was never certain until the very end. Wise Magic held the lead for almost the entire day. Good sailing an a little luck keep her in good shape until a cruel shift allowed Impact to slip past on the approach to Anderson. Matt Jahn skippering Origami underwear was in the hunt and went for gold on the last run only to find the hole between the SE and SW at Pelican Point.

Tessa Parkinson had her first day at Mounts learning the ropes from Carl and looks ready to take over the sailing co-ordinators role.
Awesome to have an Olympic Gold Medalist on the Mounts Bay Team.

Next week is the Sharpie States, be there or be square. Racing from 1000 on Saturday, and the Sharpie Olympics to follow.
We have a boat to smash and burn, the plastic will be out, Pizzas from Broadway and of course cold beer.


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