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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

GBYC club heat 5

Hi fellow sailors
apologies for my tardiness in writing for a bit but outside influences prevented me from doing so
Sailing in busso has been about the same as usual with the main combatants fighting out and sharing the silver ware
Suicide blonde attended the brisbane nats and had a ball and are looking to Adelaide
Three boats attended the states and despite Craig m highlighting the sequential finish we did not just sail in a group!!! well done to suburban boys for their first in one heat. Well done to the lizard again may be some one can dethrone him next year.
GBYC club heat was scheduled for the states weekend so despite my offer of me choosing which state heat would count it was decided to sail one here on a no race day.
In an attempt to recreate the river conditions from the states the course was set with the windward mark 20 metres off the shore, this allowed for those wonderful shifting breezes like we had in the river.
After about 100 lead changes Suicide won from Suburban boys and Uninvited a close third all under the watchful eye of retired skipper Merv from the car park.
No sailing this week as a long weekend so back to the water the following one.

As Australia day falls to create a long weekend next year the GBYC regatta is on so if you want a weekend away from the river give it some thought
Pete C

Long Weekend

Enjoy your long weekend off Sharpie sailors and we will see you on the 11th Feb. We expect a full MBSC turn out for the Sharpies. No excuses.

Friday, February 17, 2012

WA Sharpies feature in Sailing Anarchy

Check it at

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

States wrap up

A fantastic weekend of Sharpie sailing ended with fitting results.

With only three points separating the first three boats after day one, the racing was going to hotly contested. PC in the Lizard was in the driving seat with 1,1,3,15, however that 15th was a liability unusual to PC's scorecard. Impact with a 2,2,5 and 10th needed a couple of bullets to place the pressure on while Origami Underwear and Blatantly Obvious were all in with a chance having placed more consistently in the top 6 each race.

Race 5
Impact fell for sailing error 101 and was OCS mid line, after returning she was clearly last and could not finder her way back into race finishing 15th. Pete Ivanac had a blinder as did Whisky Tango Foxtrot, however they were also OCS.

Origami continued sailing consistently well and Blatantly Obvious with a "new" 1990's Sheridan headsail out of the Al Tidy locker were on fire. Vita Brevis was back at the pointy end finishing second. However PC in the Lizard nailed the first couple of shifts and was a clear leader, showing his class securing the vital bullet and control of the Championship.

Race 6
It was much the same story with PC leading the way, Blatantly Obvious and Origami in the top spots. Keysie, Poida Ivanac in SS had good finishes in the top half a dozen. Avoiding disaster PC would once again be crowned King of the Sharpies. Seven boats were now in the running for the final two podium positions. Contenders for the remaining places were Blatantly Obvious, Origami Underwear, Blacksun, SS, Vita Brevis and Impact.

Race 7
With the top spots to be won PC, Blatantly Obvious and Origami were all struggling early. Keysie the old dog had streeted the field and lead all the way for a stellar win. Pete Ivanac was having a blinder in second. Cow Rock was with the leaders early before drifting back.  In the end PC worked his way back from 15th early in the race to post a 3rd, capping of a solid series.

One of the highlights of the weekend was Eleanor Green sailing sheet hand on Whisky Tango X-ray. At the ripe old age of 7 yes seven she must rank as the youngest crew member to complete the Sharpie State Titles.

An interesting stat.
Busso boats finished 8th 9th and 10th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Association Trophy Winners

Travellers Blatantly Obvious
Viv Downing  Blatantly Obvious
Arcus Family Trophy  The Lizard
Peter Fowler Memorial Vicious
Dave Paris Trophy Suburban Boys
Country Consistency  The Uninvited
Most Improved Alex Boston
Golden Oldies Peter Chappell
Masters: Blatantly Obvious Vern Tidy, Al Tidy and Matt Jenkins
Mounts Bay Sailing Club won the inter club challenge.

Photos Thanks to Greg Hilton

Sunday, February 12, 2012

States day one report

At the half way stage of the 2012 WA Sharpie States we have had some great close racing. The North Westerly breeze of 6 to 15 knots that switched 20 degrees had every body on there toes and some mixed results.
 Race one was a clinic from the Lizard, who picked every shift both up and down hill to edge out evergreen sharpie legend Graham Keysie. Matt Jahn was the showed great down wind speed to take out fourth place steering Origamiunderwear.
 Race two was an almost complete reversal of race one. Other than Matt Jahn. The Lizard and Keysie were at the back end while Nick Heggert in Mona took first from Impact. Once again Mattie Jahn was in the hunt.
Race Three was a cracker with the fist 10 boats finishing within 30 seconds. The Lizard lead all the way improving on a disappointing 15th the race before. Matt Jahn was in the mix again. At this point all boats had recorded, one good, one average and one poor result.
 Race Four did not disappoint. An increase in wind pressure and even bigger shifts. Vita Brevis and The Lizard looked the goods most of the race until the breeze turn left on beat two leaving them on the wrong side. Impact and The Suburban Boys took the lead with The Suburban boys taking the win ahead of Impact and a fast finishing Lizard and of course Matt Jahn again.
 With out a drop the top three are:
Impact 19
Lizard 20
Origamiunderwear 21
 With a drop The Lizard looks good with, 1,1,3 (15)
Three races from 0900 tomorrow will see the 2012 Title rapped up and presented by Legend State and National Champion Jimmy O'Grady around 1500 on the lawn at Mounts Bay Sailing Club.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

WA Sharpie States 2012 Presidents Brief

WA Sharpie States
Mounts Bay Sailing Club
Feb 11th and 12th 2012

Presidents Brief

We were trying to convert the SI’s to the latest ISAF configuration but as always it is not quite so simple and access to the website downloads has been problematic etc etc.

As no true sharpie sailors read it anyway I have done a condensed version with the basics for general distribution.

The Flying Ants will be sharing the start boat Saturday AM for three heats using a trapezoid course an separate finish line.

Anyone who is able to lend some assistance in the canteen or on the water please drop me a line and I will allocate yo a small and important job.

  • Send your entry and money in early or pay an extra carton.
  • Briefing 0850
  • Saturday 11th Start 1000
  • Sunday Start 12th  0900
  • Windward leeward courses Saturday racing before 1300 Number of laps will be displayed on the Start boat. 30 to 45 minute target times.
  • Post 1300 on Saturday (if required) we must use fixed marks. Intention is to stay on w/l format using a Swan River racing mark as the top mark and utilising the start finish line as the gate. Courses/Marks will be posted on the notice board at MBSC.

  • Saturday afternoon/evening will include many beverages, pizza from Broadway pizza and several Sharpie style games on the lawn.
  • Sunday 0900 start to complete remaining races W/L format.
  • Presentations in the downstairs sharpie bar. Jim O’Grady will present the Trophies.

 As we do not want protests a one turn penalty will apply.
      5 Minute start sequence.
      In back to back races boats failing to finish within 10 minutes of the first boat will          
      be recorded as DNF. 

      See you all Saturday and Sunday,
      Craig Mann

Notice of Race

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

States Weekend is upon us

The famous WA Sharpie states weekend shaping up to be a corker with 19-20 boats lined up for sailing on the weekend. So far, the list looks like this;

WA 910, Vita Brevis
WA 821, Impact
WA 862, Mainiacts
WA 872, Three Liddle Pigs
WA 805, SS
WA 908, Wise Magic
WA 879, Loaded Dice
WA 873, Black Sun
WA 800, Cowrock
WA 788, The Lizard
WA 907, Origami Underwear
WA 901, Blatantly Obvious
WA 923, Mona
WA 891, Vicious
WA 904, Who Let The Dogs Out
WA 820, Los Trios Bastardos
WA 803, Whisky Tango Foxtrot
WA 894, Suicide Blonde
WA 807, Just Suburan Boys

Possibles include;
WA 737, The Cows Are Loose
WA 861, Feral
Spiny Norman

We also have a couple of boats available for use for those who want to get into the action. We also have crew available for those who need a fill-in. Please call myself on 0411 887 308 if you need either (or both).

For those who have not submitted a form or paid fees, I would prefer that you do it via the WA Sharpie website which has an online form and payment page. Those who pay on the day will be called up for a bell ring at presentations.

See you there. First race starts 10AM Saturday.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Port Vincent Report - 3 Unusuals

Where can you walk down the main street of a town with a fully rigged Sharpie, even stop in front of the Local pub to take a photo?

Answer. Port Vincent in South Australia..

Leaving Perth on Friday morning we flew to Adelaide, hired a car and had a quick tour of the main sailing clubs along the Adelaide coast. Then set out for a 3 hour drive to Port Vincent. The one pub town was a bit daunting at first, the only thing missing upon arrival was the theme music from Deliverance.

With the first race due to start at 2pm on Saturday, we had plenty of time to calibrate our borrowed boat. "Hot and Dusty" was blessed with the 910 sail number for the weekend, and after 3 hours of playing with the rig and going over the boat we were happy. So at 12, we picked up the trolley and set off, walking down the main street with the fully rigged sharpie (we pre-walked the roads to make sure all power lines were underground, which they were). We stopped in front of the Pub for a photo opportunity and then arrived at the club.

The breeze was light, but luckily by about 1pm we had 10 knots from the south east, so we hit the water. We had a good sail around trying to familiarise ourselves with the boat, the sailing water was great, flat protected water with no other boat, just 25 Sharpies and 3 Unusuals.

There were 2 races programmed for the afternoon on Saturday and 1 on Sunday in the South Australian State titles, so it was on. The first two starts showed this with 2 generals, then the PRO threw the black flag up, and everyone seemed to settle down. The starting practice was excellent though, 4 starts amongst 25 top boats all vying for the best spot on the line. The racing was just as close. Throw a blanket over the first 15 boats. With at least 6 boats having won nationals or been close or very capable of winning nationals the competition was hot. We had a great couple of races pushing ourselves around the course, our goal was to sail against the best with our sails, and hold our own, and we did. Two top ten finishes, battling out for a top 5 finish to be pipped by All Scooped out, and Moes Tavern. It was awesome. Such a great challenge and opportunity to sail against these guys. Thanks to the SA Sharpie association for being so welcoming, we had a great time on and off the water and appreciate the stories and incite we get from everyone we talk to, and also appreciate that you allowed us to sail in your state heats.
As for Port Vincent, put 60 sharpie sailors in a small town for the night and they make it their own, the pub was hammered, and laughing all the way to the bank, but everyone had a great time and some thumping headaches the next day. The atmosphere the sharpies create made us realise why they chose a place in the middle of nowhere to host their states heats. Maybe we will be back next year.

Team Vita Brevis
(Brendon, Miriam and David)

Monday, February 6, 2012

A Busy Day at Mounts Bay Sailing Club

Ants had day two of three of the state heats. Bugger me I had to be involved in mediation. Protests protests!!!!!!

25 kids sailing in pacers for Lucy Manns (niece) 8th Birthday. Carl and myself had a constant cycle of kids on the water for 2 hours.

Club Heat 3
Thanks to a few selfless yachties and a few ant parents we scraped up enough helpers to get racin underway. As Scott Glaskin described the day we had an eastely, south easterly, nothing, sou wester, nothing sou easter etc etc. A good day to be in the bar.

With the breeze as it was the result was never certain until the very end. Wise Magic held the lead for almost the entire day. Good sailing an a little luck keep her in good shape until a cruel shift allowed Impact to slip past on the approach to Anderson. Matt Jahn skippering Origami underwear was in the hunt and went for gold on the last run only to find the hole between the SE and SW at Pelican Point.

Tessa Parkinson had her first day at Mounts learning the ropes from Carl and looks ready to take over the sailing co-ordinators role.
Awesome to have an Olympic Gold Medalist on the Mounts Bay Team.

Next week is the Sharpie States, be there or be square. Racing from 1000 on Saturday, and the Sharpie Olympics to follow.
We have a boat to smash and burn, the plastic will be out, Pizzas from Broadway and of course cold beer.


Friday, February 3, 2012

An average sailor looks at sailing the sharpie nationals…

When the opportunity came up to sail the nationals with Pete Cuthbert on Suicide Blonde I was
quite excited and thought it was a great opportunity to sail on a good boat in a national fleet
competition. I had never sailed in Queensland before so was looking forward to the warm winds and
waters. We have family living in NSW so my wife and kids came over and stayed in Ballina whilst the
sailing was on and I met up with them after the titles.

Whilst I was in Ballina I was stoked when we went down to the river for a swim to see a heavy
weight sharpie sailing up the river. I later got to meet the owner and was going to go for a sail with
him but the weather turned. Anyhow I stole the brother in laws 20 year old non air conditioned Hilux
and headed up the coast towards Brisbane, getting hopelessly lost but finally arriving - making a 2
hour trip a 4 hour trip.

The boat was completely set up and ready to go, but of course I did pick a few rigging mistakes. Our
normal sheethand Pete Browne could not make it due to family commitments and so we took on
Derrick Milligan - his knowledge on sharpie sailing was unbelievable. The first invitation was started
in around 20 knots of breeze, gusting to up around 37 knots with a growing swell. We had a bad
start but slowly moved up through the fleet getting into 13th place and holding that place until the
finish - capsizing so many times I lost count!! Due to the wind the second heat was postponed to
be sailed at a later date. Back on the rigging area it became obvious that we had in fact finished last
- over half of the fleet had retired. There was a lot of damage done to boats; but it was really great
the way the sharpie crews all chipped in with advice, sails, mast, general gear and labour to get
boats back on the water.

The rest of the sailing went on in good breezes, the courses had been set well and the race
organisation was very good. It was very close sailing and we always seemed to have the same boats
racing against us. Off the water the club was sensational - I didn’t get to see the chugalug comp but
did hear quite a few stories of a well-run event, and maybe a late evening rescue boat run!!

I could go into the sailing - heat by heat - as I see it - but we all know who won and who didn’t.

I did have a sensational time sailing the Nationals, meeting such great people and memories that will
last forever… especially that invitation race!!! I would highly recommend it to anybody thinking of
doing the South Australian titles next year.

Looking forward to the states…

Craig Francis

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

States around the Corner

Hi Boys and Girls,

The 2011/12 Sharpie States are just around the corner.

Sat Feb 11 1000 start.
Sunday Feb 12 from 0900

Most of you are still to pay your association fees. To assist please complete the form or at least email myself you will attend.

For those entering on the day a surcharge of a box of Corona will apply.

Short course racing at MBSC this Sunday from 01400 all welcome to join in.

I have a couple of 505 rockstars keen to prove how good they are if suitable boats are available.
So if you are struggling for crew or a skipper let me know.



2011-2012 Sharpie Membership Entry Form

Please send us your news, photos, video, links to so we can add it to the website.