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Monday, January 30, 2012

MBSC Back on the Water

3 short races were on order for a moderate WSW (12 to 18knots). 6 Sharpies hit the water for some
close racing in the bay. International race officer Andy got us underway with a shortened 3 minute
sequence to get the races moving quick. All boats got away well for the first start except Impact,
who was a bit eager. Impact went back when the individual recall flag went up however they slowly
worked back to the pack. The short 2 lap windward Leeward races were a challenge. The breeze was
not a true seabreeze, and it was shifty. Vita Brevis got a jump on the pack with some nice pressure
and was first to the top mark, closely followed by Black Sun and Impact. The downwind legs were as
tricky as the upwind legs. The positions on the runs were changing rapidly with a few boats picking
some good gusts and sailing good angles to quickly make up the gap. Eventually Vita Brevis managed
to hold off a storming Impact on the final run to the finish. Unfortunately a little tangle in this race
saw Cow Rock retire back to the Bar, contemplating how Maniacs bullet proof rudder box managed
to dent their bow.

Race 2. This time impact got off the line clean, VB just above with Pigs, Black Sun close by. This race
panned out in similar fashion to the previous race except Black Sun sailed well downwind, getting
ahead on the first run holding position up the final work to lead into the finish. Vita Brevis Closed
in on Black Sun and gybed to the finish looking in a favourable position, but Keysie found his form
and picked the better angle to the boat and finished race 2 with the win, followed by Vita Brevis and

Race 3.

A big shift on the line at the start of race 3 saw the boats battling to clear the pin. The fleet split,
some boat heading into the Southerly shift, but a few heading west, banking the almost sea breeze
would kick back in, which it did. However, by the time we got to the top mark all boats were back
together. The Liddle Pigs had an excellent downwind leg to put them in contention, with all boats
rounding the mark close together. Back to the top mark for the last time, Vita Brevis was in the lead,
with Pigs, Impact and Black Sun close behind. Once again picking the best lay into the finish was
crucial. Vita Brevis gybed first, then Pigs and the others. The Pigs came flying into the finish heading
for the boat with a nice gust, and got within a Flying Ant* of beating Vita Brevis over the line. 1st Vita
Brevis, 2nd The Liddle Pigs, 3rd Impact.

Overall after the 3 races the places were.

1. Vita Brevis
2. Impact
3. Black Sun

* Flying Ant - A measure used by a sharpie sailor to define the 3 boat length circle at a mark.

D. Meehan

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