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Sunday, December 30, 2012

WA Nationals - Promo

Start booking now!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Nationals Carnage and Testosterone

Testosterone was definitely building before the series with some skippers choosing not to wait to take their battle to the water.

Round 1
Round 2

The first heat was sailed today in similar conditions to yesterday - 20/25knots plus waves. If you could avoid swimming then you had a good day. The conditions have taken their toll on a handful of boats already including The lizard who had to retire from the invitation race with the preventer shearing off at deck level bending their mast beyond repair. They are onto their spare and sailied very well today to get 5th place. After today's race I have seen 4 mast that will only be good as scrap metal as you can see below.

The 2nd invitation race was called off and will be sailed in conjunction with heat 3. With only 41 boats finishing the first invitation most crews had already had a hard day on the water. The opening night event was held. The beer tasted really good after waves splashing over all day. However Mr Ivanac will need to reconsider his mode of transport after getting lost in the car park trying to find his bike.

1st Invitation
Heat One

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Made it , we're in Ceduna

Delay of ten hours at southern cross we chose to drive through the night,

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Eight hours delay it's to the pub

Road trip got love it

Entered: 22/12/2012 8:36:06 PM

Main Roads advises road users that the Great Eastern Highway has reopened to all traffic from Coolgardie to Southern Cross after an earlier truck rollover.

Speed restrictions are in place and motorists are advised to obey traffic management.

Entered: 22/12/2012 3:40:12 AM
Great Eastern Highway remains closed between Southern Cross and Coolgardie as emergency services clean up volatile chemicals which were spilled in a truck rollover.

The truck rolled over early on Saturday morning about 75km west of Coolgardie. Police and emergency services have been at the site since 2.30am and police say the “clean-up process is both time consuming and methodical”.
A crane has arrived at the scene, ready to remove the trailers when possible.

Stuck in southern cross

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Club Heat 3 GBYC

Heat three saw five boats and what appeared to be a consistant 15k NW wind at the start
all got away clear and the fleet soon split with Mozz and Craig going right early Snow opting for the middle while Dean and Merv banged the left.
First mark saw Mozz lead from Craig with Snow Dean and Merv not far behind. at this point the breeze started to die forcing boats to go in different directions to pick up the breeze, Merv applied all his mirror skills to hang on to the northwester and take the lead. A few minutes later Mozz and Snow slid past in the southwest, if only it could have held of till the bottom mark!!
The only excitement from here on in was Mozz doing a penalty for tangling with Snow and the beers on the lawn after (soldiers courses tend to dampen the day unless your in the lead)

Final results

Suburban boys   Snow Rob and Josh
The Uninvited     Mozz Phil and Tom
Suicide Blonde   Merv Pete and Brownie
Norma               Craig Decker and Anton
The Asylum        Dean Ian and Paul

There is no club sailing for a few weeks
good luck to those going to Adelaide
merry xmas to all

Pete C

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

MBSC Last hitout before the Nationals

With the nationals looming closer there was time for the boats heading tot the nationals to have the last hitout before the nationals at MBSC on 9th December with 10 boats hitting the start line.

Some crews choosing to piece together parts of others to hit the water including Boogs making an appearance upfront on Vicious. Ash Gabrielson made a guest skipper appearance filling in for Keysie.

See picture for Dave Wells taking a swim after his trap wire went about 3 seconds into the race. Someone didn't put the shackle pin in properly the night before while replacing the wire with Dynema...(lefty loosy, righty tighty Chris....and stay off the grog while fixing stuff) The funniest part about this is that Dave had never, ever been on a trapeze before. A great save by Susie as he went past and he also kept hold of the jibsheet too.... After a respectable few legs keeping up with, and even crossing a few respectable boats minus a trapeze things steadily deteriorated however. Otherwise a promising start for the yellow boat. Pic courtesy of Nanako on the start boat.

As you can see it was a nice day on the water. I cant remember the results if anyone could comment???

Those who are driving to the nationals chose to go for a quick sail last weekend while the rest of us were stuck on land packing the boats into the container. Thanks to all who help packing including Gordo who organised the timber and always had an opinion about how to pack it and Al In total 10 boats will be making the trek to BSYC with 6 in a 40ft container and 4 choosing to trek the nullabor. The state team has been chosen as follows:

788 Lizard
901 Blatantly Obvious
910 Vita Brevis
877 Pig Out
879 Loaded Dice
821 Impact

Other boats representing WA are:
916 SBD DRILLING (Toothless)
856 Vanquish
891 Vicious
805 Pecavvi No Regrets

There will be daily reports from the nationals posted here. Otherwise please check for official news.

Good Luck to everyone travelling to the nationals and Merry Christmas to all.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mozz Victorious GBYC 8/12/2012

With a steady nw of about 10 to 15 knots four sharpies faced off.
Suicide Blonde was a no show as Merv was busy with his fledgling catering bussiness and with the Ironman Australia happening on the foreshore brownies lycraphobia was playing up so Pete hopped on board Suburban Boys with Snow and Rob. The Asylum and Norma along with The Uninvited made up the fleet.

The start got underway with no incidents seeing Mozz at the pin take off with good speed in front of Craig.
Once again Dean showed form off the line.
First mark saw Mozz lead Snow Dean and Craig. No change at the gybe or bottom mark.
On the work Mozz held onto his lead and the rest swapped places to the top.
The run through the paddock the fleet cut slightly into Mozzs lead. At this point Deans addition of auto cleating halyard saw him carry the kite to the shore to fix the problem effectivly putting him out of the race.

At this point Mozz never missed a beat and finished the last lap a comfortable winner from Craig and bro Snow close behind.


The Uninvited   Mozz, Tom and Phil
Norma             Craig, andy and Anton
Suburban Boys Snow Rob and Pete
The Asylum      Dean, Paul and Ian

Next saturday sees the third club heat and hopefully all starters
If you are hungry before the race dont forget to buy one of Mervs gourmet rolls
Good luck with the container packing for those doing so at MBSC on sunday.

Till then
Pete C

Friday, November 30, 2012

Nationals Pre-Measurement

Dear Sharpie Sailors,

For those sailors heading to Adelaide who would like items on their boats pre-measured, there will be a Pre-Nationals Measurement Day starting 10am 16-Dec-12 at MBSC.
Items to be checked New Sails, Booms and Spinnaker poles.

Having signed sails will save you time when you get to Adelaide, also a lot of boats have new booms and spinnaker poles, so it will be worth checking that these items comply prior to them being measured in Adelaide.

If you have any other items on your boat that you would like to be checked please contact me prior to the 16th December.


David Meehan

Monday, November 26, 2012

GBYC Club heat two

Saturday 24/11/2012

A good breeze of 18 to 20 knots with gusts touching 28 knots, five sharpies what more could you ask for.
This weeks start saw all get away without breaking, although Snow ,Mozz and Craig seemed to be doing a far bit of yelling, something to do with barging, leaving Dean to get a clear start whilst Merv chose to go middle of the line out of harms way. On the first cross Merv dipped four transoms to go right as the pre start tack showed this to be favored. Showing why he is the current club mirror ace this was a winner rounding the top mark with a lead from Snow, not sure of the rest as a bit busy with kites and sailing stuff to take much notice.
On the next work and run down the middle Merv held on to a reasonable lead from Snow, A tack the wrong way saw Snow close the gap to striking distance at the top.
The first reach of the triangle was tight and with the 25+ bullets saw Snow carted and drop the kite 200m out. Merv was tantalisingly close but failed at the last metre or so and had to do a quick drop to make the mark then go wide on the gybe and reset the kite, this allowed Snow to sneak past into the lead.
Craig and Dean had a turn in the piss somewhere along the way, at the after beers session it was claimed this was the only reason Snow was able to pass?,
At the end Snow kept Merv at bay to take out his first club win for the year.

Final placings

Suburban Boys   Snow,Rob and Josh
Suicide Blonde   Merv, Pete and Brownie
The Uninvited    Mozz, Tom and Phil
Norma               Craig, Anton and Andy
The Asylum        Dean, Paul and Greg

next week is a short course series on sunday morning 10.30 ish start
Pete C

Sunday, November 25, 2012


Shake and bake all out three from three 
What a crew, what a pit crew , what a drive 
G Creeper welcome back to the big stage

Just watch the clip 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

GBYC 17th nov

Saturday saw a 10 to 15 knot nw breeze at start time with a chance of a change to the west during the afternoon.
Five boats faced the starter and in the excitement of getting going Snow and Merv were over early and had to reround. This allowed Craig, Dean and Mozz to fight out the first leg. Craig was first to the top mark with Merv, after having a week off to prepare his mirror for lease, in second followed by Dean, who continues to show early speed, Mozz and Snow not too far behind.
The gybe mark once again saw the fleet close up. at the bottom mark Merv had almost overtaken Craig when a cruiser dropped in on Merv stopping his breeze, Think the cruiser was Craigs dad.
Mozz was quick to pounce slipping into second with Merv, Snow and Dean rounding out the fleet.
Nothing changed in the next lap or so leaving Craig to gain a win.
All boats finished within a hundred metres or so ensuring that there is no room for mistakes.

First Norma               Craig, Anton and Andy
        The Uninvited     Mozz, Jesse and Decker
        Suicide Blonde   Merv, Pete and Brownie
        Suburban Boys  Snow, Rob and Greg
        The Asylum       Dean,Ian and Paul

Next week is club heat two

Three sharpies went out to Dunsborough for their opening day
a solid breeze of 20 to 30 knots over a very short course in amongst the moorings and sand bars of Quindalup made for some exciting if not challenging racing.
Snow was victorious from Mozz and Merv.
The spectators got value for money from the verandah
then were treated to the company of the sharpie lads who endevoured to empty the bar of carronas.
was a pleasent change to travel to another club but only drive for 20 minutes.

Pete C

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

GBYC 10 th November

Saturday dawned with a solid 18 to 20 knot westerly looking to stay for the day
Five sharpies lined up at the start for the first sail in a steady top end breeze for the season.
All boats were some where near the line at the gun.
Once again The Asylum had good height and speed off the line, Suicide Blonde with guest skipper kym on board had to work hard to be in the lead at the top for the first time.
At the gybe mark the fleet all closed up with the following breeze creating a bit of havoc on the gybe.
I think The Uninvited lead at the next mark from Norma , Suburban boys, Suicide Blonde and The Asylum having hit the piss a couple of times giving new crew man Paul a taste of what to avoid.
The run through the middle saw the fleet split into two with the fleet all together at the mark once again.
A tack out to sea saw Suicide Blonde take the lead for the last two reaches.
On the final work all the stops were out with all boats doing their best to lose.
All crews were spent by the top mark and a quick kite run to the finish topped off a great days sailing leaving plenty of stories to go with the beers into the night.

Final Placings
Suicide Blonde  Kym Pete and Brownie
Suburban Boys  Snow Rob and Josh
Norma               Craig Anton and Andy
The Uninvited     Mozz Tom and Phil
The Asylum        Dean Paul and Ian

Next week sees normal sailing saturday at 14.30
sunday is the Dunsborough Bay club opening day with racing at 14.00
hope to see a few boats there as we may be able to spark some interest in sharpies instead of GP14's

Till next week
Pete C

Monday, November 12, 2012

A Big weekend

The weekend saw some good close racing at EFYC on Saturday and MBSC on Sunday.

Saturday was in a festerly westerly in the drain pipe, never a lot of fun but great for the boat work. Mat Jahn and the infamous Butch were in the winners circle for each race while Vita Brevis was nipping at there heals. It must be mentioned Dave Meehan flew in from Queensland for the weekend, big effort.

On Sunday the Sou Wester kicked in nicely at around 18 knots in Matilda Bay for the Jahn Financial Services Sprint Series. The 49er were fighting it out for spots and cash for sail Melbourne while the Sharpies were carbo loading with Corona.

Almost a dozen boats ripped around the 3 short but furious races with Butch and Vita Brevis the most consistent. Many missed the first start getting carried away tuning in the wonderful breeze. Butch was all over the race from start to finish, Craig Mann failed rigging 101, when his knot on the new carbon pole bridle came undone, rather risk  breakage he stopped on the last leg to fix his f—k up going from second to near motherless.

Race Two was Butch again after a tight tussle with Impact who faded on the last run to finish 4th. Vita Brevis 2nd again Gordo third.

Race Three and the cream curdled allowing Impact to have a one second win from Vita Brevis ahead of Butch a second or two back. Great close racing from start to finish.

Butch and his less than faithful band of crew are in sparkling form, The Lizard washed out a few more spiders, however showed glimpses of pace when the mast was pointing in the correct vertical position.

Gordo continues to go quick, Kurt on Vicious is finding his feet, Keysie trialled his new boat. He must have liked it as he never stopped complaining.

The Container is fully booked for Adelaide with 6 boats locked in and four driving across.

The Lizard has 7 days of training booked off Freo while the boats are in the container. Pete is keen to get an edge on the opposition and come out firing at Brighton and Seacliff with the sharp, crash hot crew.

The forecast looks good again this weekend.


Friday, November 9, 2012

MBSC - Heavy weather sailing lessons

Some footage from last weekend

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Shit happens

Sunday was a little hairy. Impact ended up a little worse for wear. See above for results of high speed capsize. This weekend is scheduled for short courses at both EFYC and MBSC.

EFYC Saturday
EFYC racing is part of the Travellers and State selections so if you are travelling to SA it would be worth making the effort to sharpen up your boat skills. Race Start 14:00.

MBSC Sunday
MBSC racings is also part of the Travellers and State selection. Race Start 14:00.
The WA 49er/FX's would like to invite all members and classes of MBSC to Round 1 of the Grand Prix Sprint Series. The day includes;Live music by Red Alert, Gourmet Burgers $10, Swan Draught Jugs, $5 dollar can bar for coronas and premixed spirits. Live music begins at 3.30pm. Presentations at 5.30pm.
This is a great chance to have a cracking sunday session at the club and we would like all sections of the club to get involved and enjoy a great afternoon at our club. Invite friends and family down to enjoy the atmosphere! Look forward to seeing lots of club members on Sunday!

Nationals Prep
It would also be worth getting out in the Ocean a few times and get a feel for a fraction of the waves we will see at Brighton and Seacliff. So far we have three for container travel with the rest towing. The deadline for booking is fast approaching so let me know asap.


Free Sharpie Trailer

For those who have not seen the classifed ad for a free sharpie trailer it is here:

Please note Chris will be putting this on the roadside for anyone to take so this is your last chance.

Be Quick!!

120 Duke st Scarborough

As of 8/11/12 1:00 pm it is still up for grabs.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

1964 MBSC Nationals

Photos of the 1964 MBSC sharpie nationals have been sent in courtesy of John Pudney. His late father Cec Pudney competed at this event. A couple of distinct features in these photos still exist today. Take a look at the album

Thanks John

MBSC Club Heat One

With nearly as many EFYC as MBSC boats hitting the water we had 10 enthusiastic starters in what looked like a nice 8 knot SWer. Butch, Black Sun, The Dogs, Gordo and Swanny look the goods on the first few legs with the rest sailing around in circles getting further behind as the breeze started to die and do circles. Eventually Butch enforced the 4.30 rule and sailed for bar, a few held out hope of an easterly returning however the smell of beer was to great and the stragglers headed for the bar just in time to avoid a total glass off.
Next Sunday is the opening of PFSYC, I hope to have the courses soon and will pass them on. The forecast is a little crazy at this stage hopefully it will improve as the week progresses. I will post an alternative course on the here if the forecast stays in the NW. Windward leeward format. I see no point in playing the soldiers game.

SIs Here

Butch is showing good form early in the season and the rest of us look like a rabble. So much show Ash Gay Boy Gabrielson is making guest appearance so expect some verbal abuse both on and off shore.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

GBYC club heat one

Saturday 27 oct
Club heat one saw four combatants line up for the start, these were,
The Uninvited with Mozz, Tom and Phil.
The Asylum  with Dean, Ian and Paul
Suburban Boys with Snow, Rob and Josh
Suicide Blonde with Merv, pete and Brownie.
unfortunatley Norma was unavailable as Craig was still tied up with family commitments.

A four to six knot westerlyish breeze was present and stayed that way through out the race.
Once again Dean was good out of the blocks and crossed just behind Merv and in front of Mozz and Snow.
Round the top mark it was merv from mozz dean and snow, the first reach saw snow overtake dean and mozz. This continued on the second with merv opening up a nice gap on the others.
The second work saw the fleet cross tacks  a few times and places stayed much the same.
On the run Snow closed the gap on Merv to about ten boat lengths.
the last work saw them edge even closer in the fading air, Dean got Mozz who then went for the blinder off to the left with Dean covering slightly to minimise any damage if it came off, alas it was not to be.
with the course shortened Merv pulled out the stops and headed for the finish opening up a break on Snow with Dean not far behind and Mozz a bit further back.
On the beach a few beers were had under the shade and stories told and planing for next week.
Racing is on Sunday morning next week with the first round of the short course series.
First start is at ten am.
see you all there
Pete C

Suicide Blonde
Suburban Boys
The Asylum
The Uninvited

Monday, October 22, 2012

GBYC opening day

Saturday 20th October GBYC opening day saw sunshine and a 10 knot northwest wind greet the fleet. After the formalitys and a light lunch boats hit hte water for the first race of the season. The course was a windward leeward set up as all classes sailed int the same fleet. As the interest on these pages is for sharpies no mention of the rest of the fleet will follow. Four sharpies started with Craig Francis away on family comitments so Norm was not out. The uninvited with Mozz, Tom and Phil, Suburban boys with Snow,Rob and Josh, The asylum (woody nook wines)With Dean, Ian and unknown sheethand, Suicide Blonde with Pete, Brownie and new recruit Merv (current club mirror ace) on the helm. Dean led out of the start and crossed in the lead from Merv, Snow and Mozz. Around the top mark it was Merv with a narrow lead over Snow, Mozz and Dean. Although the three boats kept attacking Merv was able to cooly hold his nerve and stay in front. Second time round merv extended his lead and Mozz got through Snow with Dean close behind. Last lap saw the positions stay the same with Merv a comfortabl winner from Moz, Snow and Dean. After some intense contract negotiations Merv signed on for another week on Suicide Blonde and will leave the mirror in the shed for at least one more sail. A few traditional beers on the lawn and most moved inside the club for a nice dinner and more drinks. Next week sees the first club heat so rumors of new sails abound,Craig should be in the water depending on comitments but at this stage no word on Kym. See you all there Cheers Pete C Busso

Monday, October 15, 2012

MBSC Report

MBSC held its first race of the 2012/13 Season (After open day) with 9 Sharpies on the line to Contest. A Southwesterly/Westerly Breeze around 12 knots was there to meet the fleet. The starter chose a SouthWest Course. A Course very familiar to the fleet.

The fleet got off to a clean start however with places traded many times up the first work to club mark. A nice reach across to Addison with the fleet separating into two groups. Loaded Dice rounded Addisson in 4th Position and by Deepwater was in front of the fleet by 30 seconds. By the end of the race it was extended even further. Peter Ivanac managed to miss rounding Dolphin East as someone had run over it although Lady Mounts Bay was marking it with its flashing beacon aswell.  I believe there was a debate on board to keep on sailing and pull out later.

6 Boats finished the race in the end with Wise Magic bending their mast past 90 deg after snapping their preventer on a shy reach. No Regrets retired after noticing a damaged spreader (Lucky save). Three Liddle Pigs needed some help getting to shore after a Laser failed to obey Rule number 1 in the Blue Book (Port/Starboard).

Podium (Over the line)
1. Loaded Dice
2. Blacksun
3. Impact

Next week is a Short Course series at Mounts Bay. Looking forward to it!

Historical Plans

Sharpie Vintage

MBSC Open Day Photos

Photos from Open Day

Saturday, October 13, 2012

First day gbyc

Saturday 13th October 2012 was programmed as the first day of sailing at the Geographe Bay Yacht Club.
As usual the Sharpie boys gathered on the grass in the rigging up area to prepare for the day, when the weather turned bad "apparently", and sailing was cancelled.
I seem to remember a similar situation in a television advert, where the weather turned bad, and the yachtsmen were also unable to leave.
So, as you can see from the photo attached, in true Sharpie style the boys stayed as long as they could, doing what Sharpie sailors do best... sink a few ales and share a few tales.
Next Saturday, the 20th 2012 October is Opening Day for the Geographe Bay Yacht Club, and all are welcome.
Good Sailing
Lynn L

When a 49er forgets to look

Video from Open Day

Monday, October 8, 2012

MBSC Open Day

We had a gentle 8 to 10 knots for opening day for the MBSC Opening. 11 sharpies hit the track with the new look Blatantly Obvious showing a clean set of heals leading from start to finish. Impact was near but never close enough to challenge for the lead. A minute back there was a great tussle between Vicious, the Dogs and Loaded Dice for third with the Dogs winning out in the end. Pete Ivanac missed the start when he decided to go prawning trawling. Chris Bell had a few teething problems, however had a good sail with no breakages or injury.

The beach was busy in the morning with juniors in oppies and middies. We had three pacers taking, learn to sail adults, parents and little ones for quick spins around the bay it was all action. It would be great if the sharpie sailor could assist occasionally with the juniors. Marty Sale (Middies) Alistair (Oppies) Matt Jahn (Adult Classes) and I will be on the beach from 1000 most Sundays.

EFYC is in full swing next week and we hope to see Swanny launch his new toy. MBSC is racing for the Paul Main Trophy. What will Mainy come up with. It could be a dodgy floor board?

There is a bit of interest in sailing at the Indian Ocean Classic, please email me if you intent to sail.
MBSC has a club heat scheduled on the Sunday at this stage.
FSC are keen to have us and the 505's are normally good competition.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Spring is here and it’s time to get sailing again! The carpets are clean, the windows are sparkling. A lot of work has been done to try and have all ready for the new season.
The theme for the day is “Into the Future” and we’re encouraging everyone to go over the top and get dressed up even for the sail past! There’ll be a prize for the best dressed crew! After racing dance the night away to kick off what is going to be a FUN season! The office will be open from 10.30am until 1.00pm for anyone wishing to pay fees. Yellow Books, Vouchers and Stickers will all be available for collection.
The program of events is as follows:
1100hrs Competitor Briefing – Mudlarks & Bics
Galley open
1130hrs Short Races – Mudlarks & Bics
Bar Open Upstairs
1300hrs Competitor Briefing – All other fleets
VIP’s, Invited Guests and Sponsors Arrive – Col Taylor Lounge
 Beverage service begins
Jazz Band‘Better than Chocolate’            
1340hrs Officials and Guests move to balcony
1345hrs Opening Ceremony Commences
National Anthem – Mary Ann Oliver
Commodore’s Welcome Speech
Patron to Present Flags to Flag Officers
Opening Speech by Fred Mann
Firing of the Gun
Class Captains to Raise Flags
1430hrs Open Day Sail Past
Open Day Race Begins – all Other Fleets
1500hrs Afternoon Tea Served
1700hrs Presentations
1800hrs Dinner Served
See you there for a GREAT day!

Monday, September 24, 2012

WA Sharpie Membership Fees

A quick reminder to pay your WA Sharpie membership fees before the season starts.
The WA Sharpie committee has voted to keep the very reasonable fees at the same price this year provided they are paid by 31st November. After that, fees go up from $175 to $250 for metro and $130 to $205 for country so be sure not to miss out. Call/email Peter Ivanac if you have any questions.
This looking like shaping up like being a great year on the water with new boats and a swag of new crew being drawing into the world of Sharpies. Get into it!
Please contact Craig Mann if you are interested in sailing of a Sharpie.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Vita Brevis Training Capsize

Thanks to Brendon for sending this in.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

EFYC Opening Day



Gold and Green are the colours for our Opening Day! Prizes for best dressed Centreboard, Keelboat and Power Yacht. Will be a fantastic day for the whole family to enjoy.
Start the day off with breakfast followed by our traditional Opening Ceremony.
Day Programme:
1pm Opening Ceremony
1.20pm Sail Past
2pm Yacht Racing
4pm Afternoon tea
6pm Presentations
Great food will be available and live entertainment will start at 6.30pm.


The Sharpie Class has been invited to the Ronstan Sail Fremantle hosted by FSC on the 27th and 28th of October 2012. This will be a good chance for the boats heading to the Nationals to get some much needed practice with swell (If the Doctor is in!). Nomination the regatta is the same as the 2 crew price ($140).

Download the NOR

Monday, September 10, 2012

Pre-season Preparation

The weather was perfect and club was a hive of activity yesterday with 5 Sharpies making it onto the lawn and most into the water. Congratulations and welcome to Chris Bell who has purchased "Triangle Sausage Triangle". With a bit of spit and polish the yellow boat will be right into the thick of it.  Chris spent the afternoon on the lawn inspecting the boat and ensuring and tidying up the systems and rig. Chris brings with him two other bored keel boat sailors looking for a bit of excitement and will be a valuable addition to the Sharpie class and Mounts Bay SC - welcome!

"Mainiacts" and "SS" were both out on the water making pre-season adjustments and test sailing with new crew. "Loaded Dice" came out of the shed for a wash and systems check. "Vanquish" made a late arrival (with fibreglass still drying) and went out for a quick first sail to validate new systems and sails added to the boat. Too early to say, but the boat seems quick. We will see.

Greg Creeper was making sure the bar didn't fall over, and has said "his leg is good now so he will be out there". I have taken this as a promise. I trust you will all make sure Greg follows through with his promise.

Happy birthday to Andy Kurnow who had wine and cake (what a combo) upstairs, observing the activity on the lawn and water.

A set of the new carbon boom and pole were tested on "Vanquish" and were a great success, with very noticable improvement to gust response from the very very stiff boom. The spin pole and open ends were also a delight to use. To pick up your boom/pole/ends kit, please call Peter Ivanac as he would like his shed floor space back. If you would like to purchase one of two kits from the WA Sharpie association, please call Peter Ivanac. You will want to get in quick at a price of $1,034 for the pair, they will go fast. I also have 4 open pole end fittings left for sale at a price of $25 per fitting.

The MBSC fleet is looking like it will have a strong fleet of regulars sailing this year so we look forward to seeing you all out there.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Nationals Accomodation - SA

If anyone is in need of accommodation see below.

From Mark Kretschmer:

Hello people,
I have a budget style cabin at the caravan park about 50m from the sailing club available which I booked but won't be using. The cabin is self contained but doesn't have a toilet or shower located inside the cabin. The facilities are only a couple of paces away. 1 double bed in main area and 2 double bunks in the other area. The cabin is available from 28th - 4th but have spoken to the caravan park and can still book either side of those dates. If anyone is interested please let me know and I will keep the booking otherwise I will get rid of it.

Contact Details
P. 08 8362 0041
F. 08 8363 1627
M. 0423 768 052

Friday, August 31, 2012

RIP - WA685 "Flat Tack"

WA685 - "Flat Tack" with its new purpose
After finding Flat tack kicked to the kerb and rescuing her from the tip it was realised that she was past her prime. Chris Bell has now laid "Flat tack" to rest in the back yard refurbished as a vegetable patch.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Carbon Porn + Busy Bee Request

 Ladies and Gents, excitement is building as the start of the sailing season draws near. Carbon poles/booms are currently at Binks ready for fit-out and will then make their way to WA.
In the mean-time, MBSC still has plenty of work to do before opening day. The usual group of volunteers have already scarified several of their valuable weekends to work tirelessly at the club and it is disappointing that others have managed to forget that the club exists, but will happy turn up on opening day and use the facilities. I urge anybody who has not attended a busy bee at the club yet to call Tessa/Cathy at MBSC on 9386 5839 and let them know when/how you can help.

Not sure about others, but Gordon, Brendon and myself will be putting in another day over the weekend to continue working on the dinghy shed beams, dinghy shed racks, front gate and painting. We will need more help to finish the club in time so your assistance is appreciated and frankly expected.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Carbon Bits Hit the Plane

Ladies and Gents,
I am assured the carbon booms/poles are currently in transit to SA. As usual WA stands for Wait Awhile, but we should have black bits by the end of the month.
In the mean-time you will just have to play with your pole ends.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Who Wants in The BOX


With the South Australian Nationals 143 days away the association is requesting number
We still have a contact within the industry and are about to get the quote
Please express your interest to Craig Mann ( or Brendon Green (
Express you interest  SIGN for the Nationals at the South Australian National web site

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Register your interest for the 2012 Nationals now!

An excellent dedicated site has been put together for the SA nationals. It's looking like being a great event. For those going to SA, or even those who who are considering going, show your support for the SA association and register your interest on the website.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

For Sale - Spinnacker Pole Ends

$25 per fitting (plus any postage/handling)
Email: Peter Ivanac with orders at if you haven't done so already.
Get in quick as they are going fast.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

WA685 Flat Tack rescued from the kerb

Ive just rescued "Flat Tack" (Hillys old boat wasnt it??) from the council verge rubbish pick up...couldn't believe my eyes as I drove by....she doesnt seem that bad to me, so I will try and get her ready in time for a season, not that I reckon we'll go very quick.
If anyone can help with some spars I would be mighty happy!!! Its all thats missing.
Oh, and a guerny....

Chris Bell.
Good to see Chris. I am not familiar with Flat Tack. so I am not sure who used to own it (Can anyone help with a history) Please send us through some photos so we you have got to work with.

If anyone can help with some spars please contact Chris with the email above.

Flat Tack Rescued

Monday, July 2, 2012

WA Sharpie AGM Report

Thanks to all that attended the AGM on Saturday. A great time was had by all including a late arriving SA Sharpie President, David Snoad. A big thanks to Gordon and Jane who hosted the event, along with all the ladies that provided the delicious dinner and desert.
The 2006? Perth Nationals video was on constant re-run causing plenty of excitement and anticipation for the upcoming year (hopefully with the return of a healthy Freo Doctor). See you at the next Sharpie social event!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rolly Tasker 1926-2012

Rolly Tasker 1926 - 2012

One of the great members and contributors to sailing has died aged 86, Rolly Tasker passed away last Friday in his Mandurah home. Rolly was a local legend in the local sailing community and a silver medalist in the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games in the 12m2 Sharpie Class . 

Rolly was inducted into WA's Hall of Champions in 1986 and the Sport Australian Hall of Fame in 1996. In 1956 he won a silver medal sailing a Sharpie at the Melbourne Games, soon after he won the first world championship in the Flying Dutchman class. Rolly went on to win many championships in his dinghy career before moving to ocean racing. Between 1969 and 1985 his yachts, all called Siska, dominated the competition on the west coast. Rolly became a Member of the Order of Australia in 2006 for his services to sailing. 

Rolly established the successful Tasker sailmaking business in North Fremantle before operating a large operation in Phuket, Thailand. In 2008 the Australian Sailing Museum was opened in Mandurah by the Taskers, the museum has since become a local tourist attraction. 

The service and Celebration of Life for Rolly will be held at 2:30 on Friday 29th June at the Christ Church Church in Claremont. The Celebration will be held at Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club in Mosman Park at 4pm. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

WA Fleet Continues to Grow
Congrats to David Littlefoot and Sarah Frame who have purchased "SS" and will be hitting the water this summer, and travelling to the SA nationals.

As a reminder, the yellow boat is still available for a junior or all female crew to use free of charge. The boat is also available for purchase for a tidy sum. With a bit of work this boat would be competitive, so please contact Craig Mann with any enquires and get your kids sailing a Sharpie this summer.

See you all at the AGM.

Monday, June 18, 2012

AGM and Winter Activity

Hi All,
For those that have not heard both Pete Ivanac and Gary Swan have purchased boats from the east and are ready and raring to go.
Busso boys are going strong and could have 6 plus boats on the water next season.
Brendon Green and crew have just returned from the SA Frostbite series in Port Lincoln. Competition was hot and partying was hard.
The AGM is just around the corner Sat June 30 at Gordon and Jane McKerchers home in Mosman Park. Curries provided bring your own Grog. RSVP if you are coming along.
Lot's to do in the lead up to the Perth Nationals in 18 months so join in and help out.
This event is so important Dave Snoad SA President is coming over to assist in the running.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

GBYC Last Race Riley Nails it

Hi all Our last race for the season was a short course series with two heats held. in what could only be described as a Collingwood act championship skipper Snow was made director of skippering on the wire in as yet to be determined role whilst sheethand Rob promoted his 30kg son of pelican fame to skipper. In the following races he held on to win both well done riley. After his role in the wire snow is to have a knee replacement which may see more fwd opportunities????? Craig had his boat in the water and looked the goods with anton and andy keen to go suicide obtained the services of scott for the day before he heads back to canada Mozz was unable to sail as he had some new wheels to fit to the hilux. next season looks good at the moment with Dean almost ready to launch (Rogered) in the winter series and Kym rumoured to make a return. cheers till next time Pete C Busso

GBYC Club heat seven

Hi all well the last heat of the championship was sailed on the 21st april in a reasonable 12 to 15 k breeze. The race was sailed in the usual manner of most of the seasons races. Suburban had the sit on uninvited at the first mark and suicide decided to hit the piss and wash away the bad things from the first work. Now refocused they quickly made up the deficit to lead around the top mark for the second time. the fleeet split and when they come back together at the bottom it was suburban from suicide and uninvited in third. the rest of the race saw a few changes but the end result was the same. 1st Suburban boys Snow Rob and Josh 2nd Suicide Blonde Craig Pete and Brownie 3rd The Uninvited Mozz Dean and Tom Congratulations to the chaps on Suburban Boys for the overall club champion award watch out next year cheers Pete C Busso

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

gbyc last six weeks

Hi all

Once again appolagies for my tardiness, usual excuses work ect!!
Racing at GBYC continues on with the same level of close racing that we have enjoyed all year with mozz and crew on the uninvited taking out the last two races.
Suicide blonde took out the four before that and suburban boys with a string of seconds and a third. What is exciting is the distance between the boats is only 50 to 100 metres at the finish.
With only one club heat to run suburban boys look to have it in the bag although a slim chance for suicide to take it out dependant on the results.

Next season is shaping up to be a cracker with six boats likely to hit the water each week so all is well.

The fleet should be made up of the current three Suicide, Suburban and Uninvited
Bullit is ready to return full time congrats to Kym and Heath on taking out the sports boats nationals in Hobart over easter

Craig F has purchased spiny norman, renamed it norma and has Anton confirmed as crew

Dean has deserted mozz and purchased Woosy nook wines and called it Rogered busy refirbishing for the start of the season

Pete simpson is talking off bringing his out of mothballs as well for odd races
hopefully with more boats enjoying close fleet racing a few cruiser blokes may have a crack as well. Also a group of juniors are looking for life after pelicans so hoefully we can entice a few to come across.

Our last race of summer season is on the 28th and is a short course series where we hope to get as many boats as we can muster and throw a few of the juniors in to give an insite into what we are about, All are welcome let me know if you are keen

thats all for the moment
will report in next week with a wrap of the club heats
good sailing
pete C

Monday, March 19, 2012

3 of a Kind

3 OF A KIND was well attended this year with the usual suspects turning up from each class.
12-15knot winds made for some good runs.
With Mustos, Moths, 14's, 49ers, Sharpies and 18's on the same start line it was a battle for clean air up the first leg. Many of the I14's and 49ers failed to get away cleanly and trailed the Sharpies early on.
At the top mark, it was SS, with Wise Magic and Mainiacts close behind for the Sharpies.
Some snappy kite work and ideal conditions saw SS pass 14's, 49ers and Mustos on the reach accompanied by much sledging to allegedly quick boats as they were passed.
Sailing in their ideal conditions, the Moths and 18's pulled away from the rest of the fleet took the silverware. The Sharpies struggled to plane upwind and didn't trouble the handicaps.
With a very pleasant afternoon over, it was to the bar for a few well earned relaxing beers among mates.
Next weekend is SHORT COURSE racing which is always a blast. Andy is back on deck for some fast and furious racing.
SS is introducing a couple of new sailors to the world of sharpies in the hope that they will join the class, so your support in getting a good fleet on the water is appreciated.
We look forward to seeing you all out on the water.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sailing Participation - Food for though

Interesting excerpt from Sailing Anarchy.
It’s what we all have for sailing, right?
Well, not compared to walking, or dancing, or playing cricket, or even bushwalking. Yes, I said bushwalking. In fact, according to one of the most comprehensive research studies on recreational sailing ever conducted, sailing ranks 37th out of 46 sports tracked, with only 5% of its participants calling themselves fanatics. Three and a half times as many bushwalkers (hikers, in Aussie) are fanatics about what they do.
Credit Yachting Australia (YA), the Australian version of US Sailing, for investing in the future of sailing by listening to sailors and aspiring sailors of all ages. The organization commissioned a massive study, talked to thousands of people, and are using what they’ve learned to develop new ideas to grow sailing and make it better in the down under.
The report is a treasure-trove of terrific insights and ideas. Since the Australian recreational sailing experience and Australia’s population and economic development essentially parallel the rest of the developed world, sailing advocates everywhere should thank the folks at YA for putting it out there and then grab all of YA’s good ideas for their own use.As a researcher and bit of a data geek, I’ve read and digested every word and every number. Here are a few of the biggest surprises.
Sailing seems unable to elicit or inspire passion from the general public, much less the people who say they love it. Among thousands of people who have tried it, 83% are not interested and don’t do it anymore. But even self-described sailing fanatics (the aforementioned 5%) don’t sail much, with only 24% of them having “played at least once in the last 12 months.” It’s as if they say they love it in order to say it, but not enough to actually do it.
So that begs the question, why not? What does bushwalking have that sailing doesn’t?The researchers don’t mince words. Their data show that “no other sport is seen as ‘exclusive’ as sailing, and the biggest difference to the top sports is that [sailing is the least] ‘accessible’ and ‘community involved.’” Most people reject exclusivity outright, and aspire to something that will be fun for all, and that matters to neighbors and friends. Beyond image, there are structural barriers to participation, so few get the chance to understand how sailing might do these things. The research shows that sailing can be too expensive for families, the focus on racing prevents new entrants, the time commitment is too severe, it’s hard to see where sailing can lead, first timers are much older than in other sports, and clubs often don’t help and sometimes hinder.
At the same time, the research finds high interest in sailing among children and young families, and the researchers offer solid recommendations to help parents and kids have substantial sailing experiences. Since YA is a club-supported organization, clubs are viewed as a key element of the solution, but at the same time, the authors are not afraid to take on entrenched club paradigms.For example, in order to work better for young families, the report recommends that clubs should make great sailing experiences their primary mission and goal and should be designed to welcome and not intimidate. The duty of club member-volunteers and staffs should be to answer questions and allay concerns, help people find rides, friends and mentors, make social connections, coordinate schedules, lowers costs, and learn to be safe.
At the program level, there are few surprises. YA has built wide curricula for primary school and secondary school children and is using the research to strengthen their lesson plans. I’m especially excited that families with children under ten are seen as vital to the future of the sport.This is how the researchers frame the needs of this new group:
- Young families are particularly crucial since young parents are still making decisions for their young children.
- Young parents don’t just bring themselves, they bring their kids (and they seek activities that can be done by the entire family.)
- Fitness (the outdoor experience) is a key motivator, but competition and achievement are rather uninteresting to this group.
- Young mothers are particularly interested in sailing as a family activity, even more interested than their husbands.
- To address large time, cost, and fear barriers, new programs must be active and productive, must not be linked to a strict membership commitment, must be activities for the whole family, and must be experiential, that is, with the theory taught on the water, not on shore or in a classroom.
- Families can’t afford boats, so boats should be provided. But families are willing to pay for the experience, so it’s not a hand-out.
I’ve been in close contact with Ross Kilborn, the Sport Development Director at YA, and he sees a place for everyone in sailing. For example, the report finds that families with older children also want to be in intergenerational programs, sometimes as team-mates, and optionally, as cordial competitors on a race course. They want to go fast and play games with and against each other. Programs should flex to accommodate such things. Ross adds that sometimes kids will just want to hang with kids, so he suggests that clubs should offer many choices.
I don’t much like the idea of “selling” sailing. Sailing is something you do and when done, it sometimes inspires more doing. Perhaps I’m slicing it a bit fine, but I don’t believe it needs to be sold, favoring sharing and direct relationships, as this report recommends. It is notable that there is no discussion about sailing on TV or by celebrities or as a spectator sport to attempt to popularize it. Why? It’s not what people want. They want to do, not to watch.
To be sure, when an advocacy organization asks marketing folks to collect data and devise strategies, there will be some “branding” and “positioning” jargon, and there is some here too. But these are clearly smart people, and they’ve done an amazing job of asking questions, listening, and putting ideas on the table that meet actual needs of people.
I was at a regional summit of sailing clubs in the southeast last month in Nashville. Another group of smart people, all volunteers at their respective clubs, took a long weekend off to talk about how to help others find sailing. It’s not a coincidence that the big themes at the summit were ‘accessibility’ and ‘community involvement.’ There was a strong desire to listen to young families and find ways to help them find sailing. So look for open gates, Facebook groups, shared fleets, on the water teaching, and family fun and games at clubs from Atlanta to New Orleans to Denver. Likewise, look for similar ideas unveiled in Perth and Brisbane and Sydney and Melbourne. Because no matter where you find sailors, you will find a passion for sailing. Despite the data.
--- By Nicholas Hayes, author of the book Saving Sailing, and the story Why the Mac Race Matters, in the upcoming book Sailing and Philosophy, due to hit shelves in May of 2012. He is currently working on a series of sailing children’s books and reporting progress at Contact Yachting Australia for questions about their December 2011 report, Product Positioning & Brand Strategy by Gemba Group.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

GBYC club heat 5

Hi fellow sailors
apologies for my tardiness in writing for a bit but outside influences prevented me from doing so
Sailing in busso has been about the same as usual with the main combatants fighting out and sharing the silver ware
Suicide blonde attended the brisbane nats and had a ball and are looking to Adelaide
Three boats attended the states and despite Craig m highlighting the sequential finish we did not just sail in a group!!! well done to suburban boys for their first in one heat. Well done to the lizard again may be some one can dethrone him next year.
GBYC club heat was scheduled for the states weekend so despite my offer of me choosing which state heat would count it was decided to sail one here on a no race day.
In an attempt to recreate the river conditions from the states the course was set with the windward mark 20 metres off the shore, this allowed for those wonderful shifting breezes like we had in the river.
After about 100 lead changes Suicide won from Suburban boys and Uninvited a close third all under the watchful eye of retired skipper Merv from the car park.
No sailing this week as a long weekend so back to the water the following one.

As Australia day falls to create a long weekend next year the GBYC regatta is on so if you want a weekend away from the river give it some thought
Pete C

Long Weekend

Enjoy your long weekend off Sharpie sailors and we will see you on the 11th Feb. We expect a full MBSC turn out for the Sharpies. No excuses.

Friday, February 17, 2012

WA Sharpies feature in Sailing Anarchy

Check it at

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

States wrap up

A fantastic weekend of Sharpie sailing ended with fitting results.

With only three points separating the first three boats after day one, the racing was going to hotly contested. PC in the Lizard was in the driving seat with 1,1,3,15, however that 15th was a liability unusual to PC's scorecard. Impact with a 2,2,5 and 10th needed a couple of bullets to place the pressure on while Origami Underwear and Blatantly Obvious were all in with a chance having placed more consistently in the top 6 each race.

Race 5
Impact fell for sailing error 101 and was OCS mid line, after returning she was clearly last and could not finder her way back into race finishing 15th. Pete Ivanac had a blinder as did Whisky Tango Foxtrot, however they were also OCS.

Origami continued sailing consistently well and Blatantly Obvious with a "new" 1990's Sheridan headsail out of the Al Tidy locker were on fire. Vita Brevis was back at the pointy end finishing second. However PC in the Lizard nailed the first couple of shifts and was a clear leader, showing his class securing the vital bullet and control of the Championship.

Race 6
It was much the same story with PC leading the way, Blatantly Obvious and Origami in the top spots. Keysie, Poida Ivanac in SS had good finishes in the top half a dozen. Avoiding disaster PC would once again be crowned King of the Sharpies. Seven boats were now in the running for the final two podium positions. Contenders for the remaining places were Blatantly Obvious, Origami Underwear, Blacksun, SS, Vita Brevis and Impact.

Race 7
With the top spots to be won PC, Blatantly Obvious and Origami were all struggling early. Keysie the old dog had streeted the field and lead all the way for a stellar win. Pete Ivanac was having a blinder in second. Cow Rock was with the leaders early before drifting back.  In the end PC worked his way back from 15th early in the race to post a 3rd, capping of a solid series.

One of the highlights of the weekend was Eleanor Green sailing sheet hand on Whisky Tango X-ray. At the ripe old age of 7 yes seven she must rank as the youngest crew member to complete the Sharpie State Titles.

An interesting stat.
Busso boats finished 8th 9th and 10th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Association Trophy Winners

Travellers Blatantly Obvious
Viv Downing  Blatantly Obvious
Arcus Family Trophy  The Lizard
Peter Fowler Memorial Vicious
Dave Paris Trophy Suburban Boys
Country Consistency  The Uninvited
Most Improved Alex Boston
Golden Oldies Peter Chappell
Masters: Blatantly Obvious Vern Tidy, Al Tidy and Matt Jenkins
Mounts Bay Sailing Club won the inter club challenge.

Photos Thanks to Greg Hilton

Sunday, February 12, 2012

States day one report

At the half way stage of the 2012 WA Sharpie States we have had some great close racing. The North Westerly breeze of 6 to 15 knots that switched 20 degrees had every body on there toes and some mixed results.
 Race one was a clinic from the Lizard, who picked every shift both up and down hill to edge out evergreen sharpie legend Graham Keysie. Matt Jahn was the showed great down wind speed to take out fourth place steering Origamiunderwear.
 Race two was an almost complete reversal of race one. Other than Matt Jahn. The Lizard and Keysie were at the back end while Nick Heggert in Mona took first from Impact. Once again Mattie Jahn was in the hunt.
Race Three was a cracker with the fist 10 boats finishing within 30 seconds. The Lizard lead all the way improving on a disappointing 15th the race before. Matt Jahn was in the mix again. At this point all boats had recorded, one good, one average and one poor result.
 Race Four did not disappoint. An increase in wind pressure and even bigger shifts. Vita Brevis and The Lizard looked the goods most of the race until the breeze turn left on beat two leaving them on the wrong side. Impact and The Suburban Boys took the lead with The Suburban boys taking the win ahead of Impact and a fast finishing Lizard and of course Matt Jahn again.
 With out a drop the top three are:
Impact 19
Lizard 20
Origamiunderwear 21
 With a drop The Lizard looks good with, 1,1,3 (15)
Three races from 0900 tomorrow will see the 2012 Title rapped up and presented by Legend State and National Champion Jimmy O'Grady around 1500 on the lawn at Mounts Bay Sailing Club.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

WA Sharpie States 2012 Presidents Brief

WA Sharpie States
Mounts Bay Sailing Club
Feb 11th and 12th 2012

Presidents Brief

We were trying to convert the SI’s to the latest ISAF configuration but as always it is not quite so simple and access to the website downloads has been problematic etc etc.

As no true sharpie sailors read it anyway I have done a condensed version with the basics for general distribution.

The Flying Ants will be sharing the start boat Saturday AM for three heats using a trapezoid course an separate finish line.

Anyone who is able to lend some assistance in the canteen or on the water please drop me a line and I will allocate yo a small and important job.

  • Send your entry and money in early or pay an extra carton.
  • Briefing 0850
  • Saturday 11th Start 1000
  • Sunday Start 12th  0900
  • Windward leeward courses Saturday racing before 1300 Number of laps will be displayed on the Start boat. 30 to 45 minute target times.
  • Post 1300 on Saturday (if required) we must use fixed marks. Intention is to stay on w/l format using a Swan River racing mark as the top mark and utilising the start finish line as the gate. Courses/Marks will be posted on the notice board at MBSC.

  • Saturday afternoon/evening will include many beverages, pizza from Broadway pizza and several Sharpie style games on the lawn.
  • Sunday 0900 start to complete remaining races W/L format.
  • Presentations in the downstairs sharpie bar. Jim O’Grady will present the Trophies.

 As we do not want protests a one turn penalty will apply.
      5 Minute start sequence.
      In back to back races boats failing to finish within 10 minutes of the first boat will          
      be recorded as DNF. 

      See you all Saturday and Sunday,
      Craig Mann

Notice of Race

Please send us your news, photos, video, links to so we can add it to the website.