The Australian Sharpie is a highly competitive yet social class with a long history of attracting and developing champion sailors

Monday, November 21, 2011

MBSC Ball Tearer

What a ball tearer of an afternoon for sharpie sailing.

Five of the most dedicated boats hit the water after complete and methodical pre race preparations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gordo was the early leader from Impact, Blacksun and those ring in ex i14 blokes on wisemagic. mainy and the pigs were bring up the rear.

With the breeze very south and the first mark near crawley (due to cherub states) the first rear was a ball tearer.
As we rounded addison the breeze was nudging 20 in the gusts, it built all day. Gordo had a handy 20 second lead for Blacksun, Impact and Wisemagic as we made it back to addison from deepwater, but hit the piss on the drop jibe.

From there on it was a three way tussle with impact gaining the upper hand late in the day with floss on wire and dave the wizz in the middle. Only daves third time on a dinghy so he was doing well to have not made any major stuff ups.

With the race won Impact was storming down to Quarry before the jib sheets let go (well the knot I tied) and we were stuffed.
Wisemagic edged out blacksun, Impact held off Gordo after fixing the jib leads, mainy made it and the pigs were very clean after several swims.

Well done to the wisemagic crew that is there first bullet, lets hope it is not the last.

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