The Australian Sharpie is a highly competitive yet social class with a long history of attracting and developing champion sailors

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


4 boats hit the water for a start postponed slightly due to an issue finding the key for the rescue boat, but once the rescue boat was on the course the fleet got underway. A short upwind leg to the first turning mark in front of the club, then a flying reach to a wing mark, all boats apart from Vita Brevis carried kites for this leg.

Johnny Hilton on the Bastards hit the piss on the gybe, and damaged their rudder, so that was their day done, the other 3 boats negotiated the next mark and headed to Blackwall, all in close contact for the leg across to PC's. Swanny on Vicous hit the piss approaching PC's letting Vern and VB through. A beat up to north point walter then a flying 2 sail across to Dome. Vern (Blatantly Obvious) was leading coming into Dome with VB chasing them down fast, then a VB got hit by a bullet gust, hit the piss and damaged their main.

A long 1 sail (jib only) back to east freo up the drainpipe. Couldnt get a tow as the rescue boat was busy looking after the 125's that were swimming. Vern (Blatantly Obvious) maintained his lead to win, and Swanny (Vicous) survived to finish 2nd. VB got a buzzer for 3rd, but missed a couple of marks on their long slog back to the club. Anyway, it was good to see 4 sharpies on the water for an eventful day.

D Meehan

Monday, November 21, 2011

MBSC Ball Tearer

What a ball tearer of an afternoon for sharpie sailing.

Five of the most dedicated boats hit the water after complete and methodical pre race preparations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gordo was the early leader from Impact, Blacksun and those ring in ex i14 blokes on wisemagic. mainy and the pigs were bring up the rear.

With the breeze very south and the first mark near crawley (due to cherub states) the first rear was a ball tearer.
As we rounded addison the breeze was nudging 20 in the gusts, it built all day. Gordo had a handy 20 second lead for Blacksun, Impact and Wisemagic as we made it back to addison from deepwater, but hit the piss on the drop jibe.

From there on it was a three way tussle with impact gaining the upper hand late in the day with floss on wire and dave the wizz in the middle. Only daves third time on a dinghy so he was doing well to have not made any major stuff ups.

With the race won Impact was storming down to Quarry before the jib sheets let go (well the knot I tied) and we were stuffed.
Wisemagic edged out blacksun, Impact held off Gordo after fixing the jib leads, mainy made it and the pigs were very clean after several swims.

Well done to the wisemagic crew that is there first bullet, lets hope it is not the last.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Close Racing

A Video From the 2011 SA Sharpies WestLakes Regatta. Good practice for practicing sailing in a tight area.
Many things to avoid:
  1. Other Boats
  2. Edge of canal
  3. Wind Holes
  4. Parked boats
  5. Many floats (do they catch crab there?)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

PFSYC open day

Perth Flying squadron was opened with all the normal traditions. A smoking gun, White dress pants, sail past and Sharpies in attendance. A 10 to 15 knot Westerly Breeze kept the fleet moving around the course.

5 Sharpies sailed in the open day race with 2 rigging up at PFSYC and 3 sailing up from MBSC. The course was simple 1 board up breeze and reach back in front of the club for as long as possible with a kite up.

Impact burnt the fleet off at the start choosing the pin which was on the layline. SS followed closely behind. Impact managed to hold their lead on the reach until a little communication error between the skipper and crew nearly caused a swim after the bottom mark. SS quickly sneaked by however a quick gust and impact took the lead.

SS took the lead again between the top mark and separation buoy. It was then a battle of weight on the wire with Moona on SS and C.Mann on Impact.  Impact reeled in the lead held by SS close to the finish but were unlucky with pressure.

This weekend is 3 state selection heats on Saturday at EFYC.  Please contact Gary Swan if you are going to sail.

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