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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

MBSC Opening Day

A small but eager bunch turned out for MBSC Opening Day. Six locals and and two from over the bridge enjoyed a 10 to 12 knot SE breeze and a three lap windward leeward trac.
Al Tidy Road from just shy of Rockingham just to see what was happening and scored the job sheeting for Pete Ivanac. Al then sculled a few beers the rode some 40kms home. No wonder he won a moths worlds and collectively the rest of us have won nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pete Ivanac enjoyed an early lead, Mainy was having alsoughts of trouble getting under the boom he recons it is getting lower each year. With many mixed and matched crews the level of sailing was not spectacular but remained close for most of the day. SS and the Ivanac crew lead until as with the EFYC opening he sailed to the wrong top mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In the end Impact stoll a win, SS second and Gordo an unlucky third.
Plenty of beer was consumed on the lawn after the race and a few tales told as always.
Craig Mann

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